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Mastery Videos

Mastery Videos

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Remember, you can LISTEN to videos too! The visuals are powerful, though, and we recommend you watch videos sometimes for balance.) Some have separate audios.

Dec 2020 Portal 5 Members Webinar

High vibration community, Q&A, and a powerful audio: Be Energy Meditation.

Fron the chat...

09:56:53     From iPad : congratulations on your upcoming ending!  I am so excited for you and Scott
10:00:59     From iPad : oh crap!  that was supposed to read:  upcoming wedding!
10:03:25     From annapili : I’ve been working on a book and it’s been sooo wonderful because i have found balance with it and it just seems easier to get the right words to flow. xoxo
10:08:08     From Sophia Hutter : this Song is beautiful Sabine ❤️
10:08:52     From Angelika Lukoschek : So schön Sabine
10:09:02     From Tanja Witthaus : Wonderful Sabine!
10:11:05     From Louise Price : Beautiful Sabine -your voice is like sunshine xx 
10:12:01     From Sabine Faast : thank you so much !!!
10:12:09     From Sophia Hutter : i am soooo excited and cant wait until the next retreat in January 💕 this is my xmas present for myself
10:16:01     From iPad : have to share that I am 15 months cancer free!
10:16:27     From Angelika Lukoschek : Wow this is wonderful
10:16:52     From Daniela : Hi Lola, there are lots of changes at work currently. I am having a hard time keeping up with all the changes. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. Can you please offer help with staying in the flow and staying high vibrational? Many Thanks!
10:17:14     From Stephi Fritzsche : Welche schwingung hat portal 5? Was ist die zugrundeliegende Energie?
10:17:36     From Sophia Hutter : Rave about the New energies so Many old feelings are Moving. wish to Discover and live out my true Self. i feel some collective or ancestors Vibration of Envy and competitiom
10:18:13     From Sabine Wieser : my daughter is doing such wonderful progress in her development
10:18:38     From Tanja Witthaus : I rave about the Closer Connection to the non physical….there is so much space around me
10:18:39     From Sophia Hutter : are there Energy Areas to Open the Love pipes / to Discover my super Powers ?
10:18:44     From Nina : The closer I get to the Divine, the more I lightly think about what I want and it comes. Also, knowing no matter what's going on, it's working out for me. And allowing me to more easily shift my thoughts and vibration. 
10:18:57     From susanvoitier : Meditation about opening to letting Good in is my favorite
10:19:16     From Sophia Hutter : Thank you Lola ❤️
10:19:53     From Clare : I’d love to rave about creativity…Sabine’s beautiful music and my playing with colour in a lovely little art group. In particular today I’ve painted a Winter picture which I shall make into some Christmas cards and I’m thrilled!
10:20:23     From Rho : from Rho:  I know in my bones that Divine Openings carried me through.
10:20:46     From Stephi Fritzsche : I want to open my lovepipes more.
10:21:17     From Daniela : We are all happy for you Lola and your upcoming wedding. Congratualtions and all the best for you and your partner!!!!
10:22:05     From Tanja Wildfeuer : YES!
10:22:36     From juneduncan : I want to rave about you, Lola. You look younger now than when I first got ‘Things Are Going Great’ in 2011!!
Lola: It's better lighting, ha ha.... no really it's softness and femininity, an inner glow from the new energies.

10:23:44     From Tanja Witthaus : and more feminine
10:24:45     From Sophia Hutter : i Rave about DO and Lola - you Are a Part of my life everyday and I am that grateful that I allowed myself to let you in my life. and thanks to all of you in the Community!
10:27:43     From Tanja Witthaus : The Statement, ok that doesn`t work, what will? gives me a lot of support to be more flexible, thank you so much for that, Lola.
10:32:06     From Sophia Hutter : i Saw myself yesterday from my Large Self perspective Creating myself in my physikal Body. this was really weird for my mind.
10:34:31     From Nina : Hee,hee!
10:40:17     From Daniela : Thanks!
10:41:42     From Sophia Hutter : Thank you Lola and Bettina for the wonderful Translation! And thanks to the whole Community!
10:44:47     From Marija : Lola, what does it mean, when you appear in dreams? Is it Transformation?
10:45:22     From Daniela : Thank you, that helps!
10:48:01     From Clare : Thank you Lola and everyone…I have to leave now x
10:49:39     From Sophia Hutter : my kids and I did an anger Dance yesterday and laughed a lot After it. then we Laid down listening om kumara which was so Great
10:51:16     From Rho : from Rhoda:  I talked to a family member that had just lost his son, I felt the devastation and I was totally engulfed in his pain.  that later about ten minutes and then my vibration was right back up to where it had been before the conversation

Lola says she'll observe the vaccinations, and if she takes it it will be in a high vibration of appreciation.
10:58:49     From susanvoitier : that you for mentioning the vaccine!!!

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Moving Multi-Dimensional Energy

This is one of the most profoundly powerful sessions Lola has done to date (Oct 28, 2020.) You can intuitively tailor it to your own needs as you watch and feel. Just let the energy go where it wants to go, or focus it where you feel or know it's needed. 

Sophie Blasts Off at Discovery 3

I wanted you to get a big taste of the Mentoring Program, live with Lola. With the new energies, it's working faster than ever. Sophie has now blasted off into a new life at Discovery 3. Gone is timidity and stopping herself. I'm calling it a second Tipping Point. Enjoy it, soak it up, be inspired. Especially great for moms and business people, but super for all of you.  The audio works well too.

More Videos

Now in her 70's, Kordula lives a charmed life and has a new love for 3 years, but sometimes contrast alerts her there is an old vibration wanting her attention.

The audio

Jill has everything in her life in ease and flow, and wants to let go of that very human fear that change would mess it up. Your small self's job is survival, which often means fear of change.

Kordula lives in three beautiful places and has a wonderful love life. In this session with Lola in the Mentoring Program, she increases allowing for even more freedom.

The 18 minute meditation you hear in this session is found in the Meditation Series in this course, and the shortened audio is called Deep Into Source with Laughter at End.

English/Deutsch! Enjoy the smooth post-retreat-vibes and laughter in this video!

The audio

Grace has come a long way from a terrifying childhood. She'll tell you how she did it! Now we go for breaking free of food sensitivities. This is breakthrough material about how we become sensitized to things accidentally during trauma or upsets.

The audio

***NEW This video is a Guide having her 5th Discovery session with Lola. Those in the Certified Guide/Mentoring Program get to be Mentored by Lola and have these expansive conversations that range over many topics:

Tune into the high vibration as Verena expands her relationship with her father, and demonstrates profound liberation. This is from a Discovery 2 in the Guide Program (which you can also take to be mentored by Lola.) Note that Verena has been in deep immersion this past year, although she's been in Divine Openings for some years.

Audio: Verena is only completing Discovery Step 2 in the Guide Program, but she's been immersed in Divine Openings, attending regular, Guide, and Enlightened Business webinars, translating for Lola and more. She is experiencing profound signs of liberation. Enjoy this preview of what's to come for you.

Verena has expanded so rapidly, we take some time to breathe it all in and adjust perspective. After all, perception is reality to us!

The audio Make Perfectionism Your Servant
There's an audio of Verena's 4th discovery below! She's zooming along.

At Discovery 5 Christine is recovering from stress and feeling into her true direction.

The audio

Explore new methods to intend and manifest as a community, and expand your pipes to allow in more money, and more of all things good.

Audio only: Intention Circle, Money, Bigger Pipes - Participants reported expanded pipes when we next met. One woman's son received money and gifts from many strange and unexpected sources. Others experienced just what they needed to take the next steps.

Audio only: Grace Leaves Old Energy Behind, Guided Meditation

It takes courage to face the things Lynda takes on here. Being real and honest with ourselves is a key to expansion.

Just the audio

***NEW - From a mentoring/certification Discovery. Learn more about this in depth 1 year program. The immersion is powerful.

The audio

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