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  • Portal 5: The Mastery Retreat is Endless!

    Ready for Unlimited Expansion on the Leading Edge?

    Portal 5: The Mastery Retreat is Endless!

    You'll love the ease and abundance of audio and video. So much new material is regularly added to this course, you will never run out of inspiration. And now you get free live Portal 4 webinars with Lola Jones!


Five HUGE In-Depth Sections for Your Mastery Journey

Mastery is mostly audios, videos, activities, and meditations, for direct energy attunement (with very little reading.) You'll never finish it because it never stops growing. You may join while you're still in Portal 4 - they work well together. Plus now you get LIVE Portal 4 webinars with Lola. Enjoy the newest leading-edge energies and processes.


1. Meditation Series

80 meditations (as of the last count on in 2022.) Short and long meditations that fit into even the busiest life. From 8 to 35 minutes, some with music, some without. Listen anytime you wish, to go deeper, or for ways to keep your meditation fresh and expansive. Even the short meditations go deep. Lola says, "I enjoy my own meditations before I sleep."



2. Witnessing Series

Guides you on an exciting adventure in deepened self-awareness, clearer intuition, and Direct Knowing. Long and short audios and videos wipe out blind spots, deepen awareness, soften and clarify for a brighter, more sparkling life.  English/Deutsch!


3. Audio and Video Sessions

Full-length audios and videos from Lola's newest leading-edge sessions, webinars, and retreats. You can mix these in with the witnessing audios, and the meditations as you need or want.  Below you can see some of the topics. English-only and English/Deutsch!


There's More....

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4. The Mastery Treasure Chest

Portals 1 through 4 are full, and now most of the excess media goes into the Treasure Chest. There's so much bonus material in Portal 5, because when you get to Portal 5 you deserve a lifetime of expansive material. You'll never run out of inspiring videos and audios.

Let your Large Self guide you, and pick what calls to you in Portal 5. It is not a linear course.

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 5. You Get Most Special Topic Webinars Media

Imagine any topic, and it's covered in Mastery.

While people pay extra to get live coaching from Lola in the Special Topic Webinars (they're like group sessions) you get the recorded media to freely enjoy. (Exceptions: Money Webinars go in the Money Course, and Healing Webinars go in the Healing Course.)

Lola's newest, leading-edge material comes from these Webinars. Here are some of the Special Topics: Ease & Lightness; Large Love; Passion Power Purpose; Opening Blind Spots; the Goddess Series... with more coming all the time. 

Welcome to Endless Expansion


You must be in Portal 4, Jumping the Matrix, but you don't need to have completed Portal 4 (that takes forever!) Mastery augments and deepens JTM and goes well simultaneously with it, because JTM is more text, while Mastery is more audios and videos.

Brings you to the forefront of human spiritual development!

Welcome to this Mastery preview.

Lola says, "Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate creating so many courses, but people wanted fresh input and uplift for mind and soul. Each course naturally unfolded at a distinct new level of vibration."

Those who move through the courses and stay immersed (with breaks of course) tell us they evolved with more steadiness, ease, and flow. Many say it was the online courses that kept them afloat and on track during their rise out of suffering and struggle.

You can always go back and review Portals 1 through 4 and pick up any Keys to the Portals that you missed by simply enjoying the newly added audios and videos.

The Mastery Retreat is now taking you beyond the Instrument Panel!

Lola says: "Think about it: your Large Self doesn't operate on the Instrument Panel, it lives in almost-no-contrast-land! And soon you will too, more and more of the time. Thank you for co-creating on this leading edge with me! It's your needs and questions that call the insights and downloads forth, and Divine Openings has already soared far above what I ever expected already! It's your support for Divine Openings that allows me to be here for you."

Join now to get all the fresh, new, videos and audios that are constantly added.


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