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Ready for Unlimited Expansion on the Leading Edge?

Explore Portal 5: The Mastery Retreat

Your Mastery Journey is guided by audios and videos for direct vibrational attunement. You'll love the ease of it. Jetzt! Englisch und Deutsch!

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Four In-Depth Sections for Your Mastery Journey


1. Meditation Series

This exciting and popular new meditation module included 57 meditations (as of the last count on July 2020.) Short and long meditations that fit into even the busiest life. From 8 to 35 minutes, some with music, some without. Listen anytime you wish, to go deeper, or for ways to keep your meditation fresh and expansive. Even the short meditations go deep. Lola says, "I enjoy my own meditations before I sleep."

spiritual witnessing

2. Witnessing Series

New witnessing module guides you on an exciting adventure in deepened self-awareness, intuition, and Direct Knowing. Long and short audios and videos wipe out blind spots, deepen awareness, soften and clarify for a brighter, more sparkling life.  English/Deutsch!

Lola Jones teaching

3. Audio and Video Sessions

Full-length audios and videos from Lola's newest leading-edge sessions, webinars, and retreats. You can mix these in with the witnessing audios, and the meditations as you need or want.  Below you can see some of the topics. English/Deutsch!

English/Deutsch! There's not much text in Mastery--it's mostly audios and videos for direct vibrational attunement. You'll love the ease of it. You may join while you're still in Portal 4! They work well together. Register above.

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discover your hidden treasures

4. Generous Bonus Feature

  • There's so much more here in the Mastery Treasure Chest, because when you get to Portal 5 you deserve a lifetime of expansive material that just keeps growing as Lola creates. 
  • You get more of Lola's newest, leading-edge material from these Special Topic Webinars: Ease & Lightness; Large Love; Passion Power Purpose; Opening Blind Spots; the Goddess Series... with more coming all the time. (Money Plenty webinars are not included as they go into the Money Course.)
  • Let your Large Self guide you, and pick what calls to you in Portal 5. It is not a linear course.

"Thank you so much! I feel like we melted an iceberg and an energy I needed to move is in a great motion now, expanding my pipes for more wonderful "magical bubbles of experience. THANK YOU."

"Hi Lola, What a powerful experience it was for me, watching and listening to the ‘Intention Circle, Money and Bigger Pipes’ webinar last night. During the intention circle, I experienced Kriyas for the first time since being in Divine Openings. I was in the inner circle, although the lines became blurred. My head and neck were gently rotating in a circular movement throughout. It felt so soothing. Then I woke up feeling some pretty strong contrast this morning. Wow energy is moving!"

"It's amazing how just moving through the Portals has done the work for me. I just stay awake, put one foot in front of the other, and it has worked. Thank you thank you thank you."

"The meditations have improved my sleep. I go deeper than ever in my own meditations. I am somehow allowing more good things in my life. It's a constant rave for me that my consciousness, my awareness just keeps expanding although I'm not working on it or chasing it or trying really. I'm often surprised that some new wonder has sneaked up on me."

Welcome to Endless Expansion


You must be in Portal 4, Jumping the Matrix, but you don't need to have completed it (that takes forever!) Mastery augments and deepens JTM and goes well simultaneously with it, because JTM is more text, while Mastery is more audios and videos.

Brings you to the forefront of human spiritual development!

Register at top of this page, or on the main page of Portal 5: Jumping the Matrix.

Welcome to this Mastery preview.

Lola says, "Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate creating so many courses, but people wanted fresh input and uplift for mind and soul. Each course naturally unfolded at a distinct new level of vibration."

Those who move through the courses and stay immersed (with breaks of course) tell us they evolved with more steadiness, ease, and flow. Many say it was the online courses that kept them afloat and on track during their rise out of suffering and struggle.

You can always go back and review Portals 1 through 4 and pick up any Keys to the Portals that you missed by simply watching the new videos there.

The Mastery Retreat is now taking you beyond the Instrument Panel!

Lola offers: "Think about it: your Large Self doesn't operate on the Instrument Panel, it lives in almost-no-contrast-land! And soon you will too, more and more of the time. Thank you for co-creating on this leading edge with me! It's your needs and questions that call the insights and downloads forth, and Divine Openings has already soared far above what I ever expected already! It's your support for Divine Openings that allows me to be here for you."

After you join you'll listen to these five audios first:

1. NEW!!! How to Let The Presence Take Over

2. NEW!!! Reach the Tipping Point -- THE KEY to the Instrument Panel. Once you reach the Tipping Point you have momentum and Grace takes over.

3. Set the Stage for Ease and Flow - This is an excerpt from one of Lola's interactive webinar series. Aligning yourself in possibility and creativity rather than slipping back into fixing is the ideal way to begin this new phase in your life.... yes, a new phase.

4. From a Going Deeper Webinar series 1, meeting 4 - Lola - The movement that happened in this interactive webinar series was comparable to what people get in sessions. Being in a group takes the spotlight off of you, thus reduces tension, and lets you relax and let it in.

5. Easy Ways to Shift Into Large Self -  Lola - Enjoy a yummy sample from the Going Deeper webinar series as we practice easy ways to shift into Large Self, and discover how expansive we always already are. It's a matter of focus. To join us in a series, see the webinar page.

Join now to get all the videos and audios!
Log in and register on the main page of Portal 4.

Browse a sample list of the video and audio sessions you'll get in Mastery...

Here are just a few of the topics covered in the sessions module:

Lola is always adding new audios and videos.

In this session we explore some new methods to intend and manifest as a community, and help you expand your pipes to allow in more money, and more of all things good.

Kordula lives in three beautiful places and has a wonderful love life. In this session with Lola in the Mentoring Program, she increases allowing for even more freedom.

The 18 minute meditation you hear in this session is found in the Meditation Series in this course, and the shortened audio is called Deep Into Source with Laughter at End.

English/Deutsch! Enjoy the smooth post-retreat-vibes and laughter in this video!

The audio

Grace has come a long way from a terrifying childhood. She'll tell you how she did it! Now we go for breaking free of food sensitivities. This is breakthrough material about how we become sensitized to things accidentally during trauma or upsets.

The audio

Guide having her 5th Discovery session with Lola. Those in the Certified Guide/Mentoring Program get to be Mentored by Lola and have these expansive conversations that range over many topics.

Tune into the high vibration as Verena expands her relationship with her father, and demonstrates profound liberation. This is from a Discovery 2 in the Guide Program (which you can also take to be mentored by Lola.) Note that Verena has been in deep immersion this past year, although she's been in Divine Openings for some years.

Audio: Verena is only completing Discovery Step 2 in the Guide Program, but she's been immersed in Divine Openings, attending regular, Guide, and Enlightened Business webinars, translating for Lola and more. She is experiencing profound signs of liberation. Enjoy this preview of what's to come for you.

Verena has expanded so rapidly, we take some time to breathe it all in and adjust perspective. After all, perception is reality to us!

The audio Make Perfectionism Your Servant
There's an audio of Verena's 4th discovery below! She's zooming along.

At Discovery 5 Christine is recovering from stress and feeling into her true direction.

The audio

Explore new methods to intend and manifest as a community, and expand your pipes to allow in more money, and more of all things good.

Audio only: Intention Circle, Money, Bigger Pipes - Participants reported expanded pipes when we next met. One woman's son received money and gifts from many strange and unexpected sources. Others experienced just what they needed to take the next steps.

Audio only: Grace Leaves Old Energy Behind, Guided Meditation

It takes courage to face the things Lynda takes on here. Being real and honest with ourselves is a key to expansion.

Just the audio

From a mentoring/certification Discovery.

Intention Circle, Money, Bigger Pipes - Participants reported expanded pipes when we next met. One woman's son received money and gifts from many strange and unexpected sources. Others experienced just what they needed to take the next steps.

Helping a Family Member - Lola - This session she paid extra to have kept private had such good things in it I spent hours editing her voice and details out so I could share it with you! Don't ask for this--I don't do such incognito sessions anymore, but she's been with me for 12 years!

The 9 minute Allowing Meditation - Lola - From an Enlightened Business Webinar. This group has come so far there is often nothing to say, nothing to do, and a deep stillness comes over us.  So we dive in and enjoy! Goes well with the video.

Less Flapping, More Finding the Frequency -  Lola - From a live advanced webinar with a very lit up group. They're getting how hawks soar rather than flapping. You'll catch the vibration! See the video in Portal 2, Module 6.

Less Flapping, More Soaring, Thanks for Nothing! - Lola - In the very next meeting, the group does a lot of the teaching! Delicious silence. See the video in Portal 2, Module 7.

Expanding into Asking for More - Lola - This manifested dramatically within days, and Camille wrote, "It's voodoo, I tell you. I'm in an alternate universe at work.  All because I came back to myself and shifted my focus and my vibration. I had slipped into my small perspective in some ways. Thank you." The video is in the JTM Vault.

Beyond the Instrument Panel  -Lola - From Beth's Certification Discovery 5, some of this  serves as a preview of the Certification program. If you like long audios for immersion, this one's an hour and a half!

Loving Work, Rave About Tiny Things - Lola - What a love fest this audio is. It's from a Going Deeper Webinar, and the energy had already primed them before the first meeting!

The Deeper Story  - Lola -- From Going Deeper webinar series 4.  Completely new and deeper awareness of stories that run so deep throughout all human experience that they are invisible to us. And we'll go even deeper as we go....

Melting the Tundra - This was Lydia's "step 5 Discovery" from the Guide Certification, and it has good tidbits about healing, etc. Then it goes deep, deep, deep into the roots of an anxiety that hadn't completely dissolved, although Lydia has come a long way, and her life is good. I felt it was time to go for it in a big way. Allow your own frozen energy to move upward in this swirling vortex in the latter part of this audio.

Some followup. At first Lydia thought the tundra would take a long time to melt, but I told her it wouldn't. She wrote after listening to it again: " took me about an hour to wind down from cracking up at your “Melting the Tundra” title, LOL!!!! I was literally in tears laughing so hard!! When I could see straight, I realized it was wisdom disguised as humor — what a brilliant way to remind me that this is no…big…deal. I’m declining to worry that I still can’t actually feel what you could feel in my torso— because there’s nothing for me to do besides my 10 percent — right?"

Then in a week: Hello dear Lola, Oh my, amazing.... hard to believe... but you were right, the tundra did not take long to melt! A week and a half after our call, I was at my desk on the job, working away on some project, when this incredible waterfall of peace just washed over me. I became aware of me observing me working. (She was witnessing at a high level!) I stopped to feel the peacefulness, and spontaneously, quietly said aloud, “I feel so free.” That’s all I’ve ever wanted since I started Divine Openings five years ago! Before that, I didn’t even know freedom was what I longed for...

I even created a fender-bender yesterday but by the time I finished the phone call with the insurance rep, I had her laughing! Back at work, I had to call the state about what turned out to be misinformation it had disseminated. I connected with a world-weary government worker as the thousandth caller she’d spoken with about it, and by the end, my high vibration had her laughing, too, including wishing me a great day! I figured the fender-bender was a last vestige of the Tundra’s patented victim vibration - it just doesn’t align with my usual stomping ground on the Instrument Panel and had to go. A big rave laced with such love and appreciation for you and your gifts. I’m beyond grateful for your guidance and energy, Lola! I can’t imagine what my life would be like had you not written that 11:11 article, wow (that's how I found you on the Internet.)

Why Am I Still So Anxious??? The Melting the Tundra audio helped so many, and this one is on a similar but different theme: pre-verbal vibrations we don't know we have--we only experience the manifestations of them. Grace was freed to move onward and upward.

Deep Rumblings -  Lola -  From Going Deeper Webinar series 3, meeting 3. The deep rumblings I've been feeling this week literally manifested in a couple of mild earthquakes that shook the house. All is well. We dive deep into what's next for all of us who want to expand in a big way (whatever that means for you.) Everyone, listen to this one!

New Topics, Very Expanding, from a Take Flight Webinar, meeting 3  -Lola - This audio begins with some funny stories that raise vibration, then we share, celebrate, and co-create. Although they're in the so-called "beginner webinar" these folks are already quite tapped in! A few of these topics I've never addressed before: Weather energy, the power of "I don't know," thyroid issues, medical help, and a healing and Divine Opening at the end. Enjoy the audio!

Be the Actor AND Director - Lola - This Take Flight group (meeting 4) that is "supposedly" at Level 1 or 2 literally took flight so much so that I did a double take at one point, and for a moment thought this was the more "advanced" webinar. We're moving more into a phase where it takes less time than ever to light up and lift off. Several people had a spontaneous return to childlike fun and ease, and we always pause for everyone to soak up any yummy vibration. We're so often hearing the others and saying, "I want that too!" or "Ditto!"

How to Talk to Yourself - Lola - Flow with us in this one to one session, through an expansive, freeing journey about relationship fears, worthiness, and how to talk to yourself like Lola talks to you.

That Energy is Not Mine! - Lola - Breiny counsels people and is naturally sensitive, so it's all too easy to pick up energy along the way and not let it move on once the usefulness of the information has past. Sometimes we pick up energy from the collective, and Diving In just will not work for energy that is simply not "yours."

Opening the Pipes Even More  - Lola - Enjoy the high, light vibration Rina brings to this session from the start, having attended a retreat earlier this year, and soar with us as she truly gets that it's okay to let in more.

Stop Over-Empathing, Deutsch and English  -  Lola - I find it very relaxing when I'm leading retreats in Germany to slow down and let my mind rest during the translations. I've had new experiences and resulting downloads about over-empathing lately, and this short audio sums it up well!

How to Help a Friend in Need - Lola - Audrey has come so far, and now wants to know how to help some friends without lowering her vibration! She is a generous, caring, person with no counseling skills, and I was able to give her some fun, easy, step-by-step strategies to guide her friends to higher vibrations, and show her how to avoid over-empathing. Plus how to switch out of guilt for not having been the perfect parent.

Some Energy Came to You From Your Ancestors, Deutsch and English   - Lola - Some energy has been with us and our ancestral line for so long that we can't feel or see it--it's a big blind spot. Sensitizing to it, so you can witness it, brings huge relief and freedom. Set your intention to free yourself of generational energy, and listen to this.

Soft to Tough, Your Power Range  - Lola - From a webinar December 1, 2017 - We had a great dialog about our range of choices and how to tell which works when; one super easy raising of some old, old vibration; lots of raving about results; some great laughs, and a great new, never-before-discussed practice to have fun learning to "sweet talk" yourself. Oh, and a reminder about how to use a computer password as a mantra. And this was just meeting two!

Brett ISN'T Resistant! She Just Needs to Thaw Out More  - Lola - After all these years in Divine Openings, Brett is really ready to let in more. She gets sweet relief from fear about resistance, and thaws out some core feelings that had been literally "hiding." There can be so many gems in one session, and this one is a treasure chest for anyone.

***A new development on Brett's journey: Lola - Six months after that session, Brett's life has opened up. Audio: Brett's Bright Bridge of Anger

Verity - Unmasked and Unshamable  - Lola - In this 3rd session in a series, Verity, a Divine Openings Guide who lives an amazingly utopian life, witnesses an old, core vibration. Lola had seen it for a long time, but it can create more resistance to mention something before the student is ready for it. It's more empowering when you are gently assisted to get it for yourself, in your timing. There's no rush to the finish, and unfolding is so delicious!

Audrey Reclaims Power from Old Injury  - Lola - Audrey wanted to heal a 30 year old injury, and unresolved emotion behind it turns out to be the key to reclaiming that treasure. We heal so much more easily when emotion (energy + motion) moves. There are so many gems in one session like this. Often the best part has happened by 38 minutes, but it's so delicious we keep going. *You may also wish to see of some of the sessions on video: videos in JTM. There's big energy in the eye contact with Lola, and she uses her hands to entrain, move energy, generate energy, and emphasize points. Donna finds audio-only to be more powerful and less distracting for herself. Your choice!

Lola - A few weeks later, the pain had gone away entirely for a time, which showed her she was on the right track and demonstrated to her just how powerful emotions are. But then the pain came back just a bit to nudge her on, because there was more.... and she's ready to go much deeper.  Audrey Reclaims More Energy

Update on Big Magic, Bursting in on Donna's Business - Donna - So... shortly after the JTM "Big Magic" Group Call, energy started to really build around me... you know how the air feels before a storm? LIKE THAT. It took a few days buiding, then the clouds burst and sweet rain, in the form of Big Magic, landed square in my lap. This audio seems to be about business, but really it's about so much more.

Yonatan Expands -  Lola -  The quintessential Instrument Panel audio. At this level you may get it in a way you've never gotten it before. Revisiting the basics is super important!

You'll enjoy the audios and videos of Lola's Hypnotic Rave Webinars back in JTM.
Deeply powerful leading edge energy.

Kelly Comes Back to Divine Openings  -  Lola - Kelly's life has been steadily unfolding for almost a decade with Divine Openings, and it's been a pleasure to watch. In this session I get to celebrate with her that she's come back, and what she's created since we last spoke quite some years ago. We create more expansion, worthiness, and ability to let things in without fear of losing it.

Amy sends things back to the Void in her 4th session - Lola. Once you've come to value, honor, and FEEL feelings, and aren't tempted to spiritual bypass anymore, you can send beliefs, patterns, and habits back to the void before the feeling ever gets started the next time.

Goldy Escapes the Secret Service  - Lola - A mental strategy that's been going on for a long time can be like the air we breathe: undetectable. A hard, mental, right/wrong energy was in the way of Goldy having the relationship she wants, but she couldn't see or feel it in the previous session. But something melts between sessions, now she's ready, and all she wants to do is listen. So many of us had this energy, but as our collective witnesses it, it transforms, and it gets easier for others.

Leann Lightens  - Lola - Leann's intention was to connect with her Large Self more, and first we reframed how it's impossible to separate from it! Then we played with super easy ways to shift focus, turn a dial, and feel it. And we celebrated her relaxed body and mind, and a bubbling up of humor, in spite of having just narrowly escaped her home being flooded during a hurricane. It's such a privilege to get to participate as lovely people find their way back to lightness, humor, and ease.

Lynda Creates Health, Witnesses Mortality  -  Lola - Lynda has created so much since her first retreat in Toronto in 2008. This audio sums up the latter part of her Divine Openings journey about balancing her health, and having a child (a powerful example of "Thank God for unanswered prayers.") The Presence is so wise. Then she goes deeper.

Those Deep Vibrations You're Now Ready For  - Lola - N. had been through retreats and several Divine Openings courses, and felt severe shame for still sometimes feeling such low vibrations. It takes what it takes, and deep buried treasures can emerge later in our journey--it's happened for me too! You'll feel your own lower vibrations floating up the Instrument Panel.

Shame is Gone, Now on to Freedom and Pleasure   - Lola - In this second session you'll feel the enormous movement she made since the first session. Her voice is so quiet, but I could see her smiles and gestures of "aha" and "yes!!!" Then we go into fun areas: how Divine Openings changes your past, which changes your present and future, and pleasure practices. Bring this into your own life!

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