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The Mantras Videos!

We include the Mantras Videos FREE in the Portal 2 Online Course: Ease and Flow. We do not sell them separately.

The Mantras Videos are a classic video set guaranteed to raise your vibration, train your mind to remember your Divine Openings tools, and to enjoy for the pleasure of it! The Mantras Videos are just a fraction of the voluminous multi-media resources you get in Portal 2 Online.

Below is a sample video for you to enjoy as a preview of Portal 2 Online: Ease and Flow.
This is video #1 of the set of 3 Mantrassvideos found in Portal 2 Online. Enjoy this video as a preview of what's to come for you!

Learn about Portal 2 Online here after you view the video.
Then join Portal 2 Online: Ease and Flow from your main page of Portal 1 Online.

If you've been in Portal 1 for a while, it's time to graduate yourself to Ease and Flow!


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