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You're ALWAYS Manifesting


People often say to me, "I want to learn to manifest." That always gets a mischievous smile from me, along with the comment, "But you already do that, every second." You are the essence of creativity to your core, made in the image of the Great Creator. If you're often mystified by what you create, you must not be aware of how you're creating it - like the very young Harry Potter waving his new wand around and creating havoc as well as magic.

You are always manifesting.

You manifest every bit of your experience. You couldn't stop creating if you wanted to. What I think you're telling me you want is to do it on purpose, and have more mastery of it. 

Most people just create the same thing over and over,

by their attention to it and emotional charge on it,

which gives it renewed reality every day. 

Recently at the 5 Day Silent Retreat a man got very clear on what he wanted in a relationship, and shifted his vibration accordingly. In that powerful field of resonance of the 5 Day, the hurricane within him that had been creating what he didn't want stilled. The desperate void aching for love filled up. His marriage transformed without doing or saying anything. Here's what happened within a week after he returned home:

Hear Bradley - easy 3 minute streaming audio It's a new year, fresh as ion-charged air after a thunderstorm. Life offers up millions of opportunities to create your life as new as we'll allow it to be. Divine Openings helps you create what you want. Just do it and stick with it.

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When a physicist's observation causes a wave to become a particle, a doctor's attitude causes a placebo to cure someone, and your emotions affect your computer, we can no longer pretend we are separate from it all.

Lola Jones