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Make A Difference

Teaching people to fish is usually more empowering than giving them fish.

Light up someone's life by sharing Divine Openings with them.

Make a Difference

Making A Difference Is Easy As 1, 2, 3:

  1. Don't get caught up in the problem. See the solution, as your Large Self does.
  2. Do what you can while still keeping your vibration high. Budget even an hour a week to make a difference. Small consistent efforts add up tremendously.
  3. Keep it feeling good rather than letting it get sad, burdensome, or hard. Line up the energy first, THEN take inspired action. It's more effective, and you want to spread ease, not hardship.

Heifer International sends a farm animal to a family and gives them livestock training to feed them and their children for years.


Lola's Favorites: The Prem Rawat Foundation - Donate to Japan Tsunami Relief and other good causes


Prem Rawat, also known to his students by the affectionate name of Maharaji, has been dear to my heart since 1985 when I received an initiation from one of his instructors, and practiced his meditation an hour a day for 11 years. Anything this man does is in the highest integrity and power. You can donate knowing your money will go to relief, clean food and water, and education--not a bureacracy. The staff is almost entirely volunteer.

Discover Hope Microlending - Another program that provides loans that empower third world women to own their own businesses rather than working for nothing--the difference between poverty and self-sufficiency for her and her family. I believe in microlending, because people don't remain powerless or dependent upon charity. The success rate and loan payback rate in these programs is unbelievably high, 97%--much higher than regular bank loans. You're letting them use your money and you can get it back if you want it. I've just left my $500 in there for many years and let it be reinvested each term.

Charity Water - Provides clean, safe drinking water for third world countries. One Divine Openings friend asked for donations to be sent to this great organization in lieu of birthday gifts to him. 

Amnesty International - Has peacefully freed thousands of political prisoners. Give the gift of freedom.




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