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Magic and Mundane

Magic and Mundane

02/18/2020 - 14:39 Submitted by Cara Goldsworthy

Magic and Mundane

by Lola Jones
Scott was practically jumping up and down like a kid when I came into the kitchen a couple of mornings ago.
He enthused, 'Something amazing, incredible, magical happened!"
Then he dramatically dragged out the pause to drive me crazy with curiosity!
I'd never seen him like this.
"What, what, WHAT???" I'm imploring.

Finally he said, "Remember that gym equipment handle we've been looking for everywhere for this past year, since we moved?"

Of course I remembered that lost handle! We couldn't find it anywhere. We tried to replace it and nothing fit. We'd been using gloves to grip the bare screw to adjust the height.
With bright eyes he continued, "This morning it appeared on my office window sill."
"I've sat at that desk every day for the past year. The window sill is always empty, uncluttered, nothing there.... till today."
My mouth was hanging open, then I started laughing.
I shared with him a miraculous event in my book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.
During my 21 days of silence 14 years ago, the tiny wire handle of my miniature flashlight broke off, and part of the handle was gone.
I sat the flashlight on my nightstand, and in the morning, the handle was back on it, in one piece.
Impossible, right?
Mind you I never chase flashy metaphysical experiences.
I think of magical metaphysical experiences as candy--they're a nice treat, but they're not the daily diet of a spiritually mature person.
Spending time deep in the empty Void is more impactful and profound.
As is changing someone's life forever.
"If you love the sacred and despise the ordinary,
you are still bobbing in the ocean of delusion." Lin-Chi
Scott and I agreed that we always want to cherish those magical, reality-defying gifts and let them be a sign that we are far more powerful than we know.
To never forget that we're so much more than these physical, limited, human bodies.

But we live here, now. Mundane experiences are what life is mostly made of.

I do take time to focus on the Non-Physical aspect of life a little each day, to keep that awareness afloat in the swift current of life.
When we do those simple but important things it tends to open us to magical experiences without trying.
Living in the flow, it doesn't seem like magic that our lives go so great, that things are so easy--it just seems normal.
It looks like magic to people who don't live in that state.
Scott and I have spent the past two weeks planting flowers and moving giant rocks. (Plants love a ring of rocks around them.)
We love it.
It grounds you and stills the mind.
It's a powerful state.
We're doing it for us, AND to make our little Heaven even more stunning for the September retreat.
To prepare for the retreats I do grounding things like that.
There's no need to do anything to call up the magical retreat energy--it will just be there--it always is.
Ease and flow,
"Don't get attached to the flashy.
Stay grounded; learn to appreciate the mundane with the sublime.
Don't chase the highs, and you'll have more of them." Lola Jones

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