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Love Webinar Details

No more longing for love

Discover the Love you ARE

We long for love. The mind tries to get love. But it's only beyond the mind that you can experience the love you are made of. When you know yourself AS love, abundant love is yours, inside and out.

Lola Jones spiritual online study attract love

You're looking for what you already have!

Love is right there inside of you, but the mind is in the way. In this webinar, Lola won't just talk about it, she'll give you direct experiences of who you really are - deep fulfilling love beyond measure. You'll be more attractive to love once you know yourself AS love. 

Lola will give you personal attention if you need it, but this series is so powerful, you could also just soak up the energy and learn and expand without talking.

Anna-Marie shared on a recent Mentoring Webinar about how she attended the Love Webinar Series in 2020 and this year created her ideal relationship. She's been practicing Divine Openings for over a decade, is an experienced manifester, so she created him in vivid detail. 

Lola invokes powerful energies that cause stuck energies to move. You vibrate higher and radiate the Large Love that you truly are.

You get to download and keep the audios, and review the videos for limited time, then it all becomes part of Portal 5.

Return to the Webinars page to see dates and tuition, or register.
Register early while space is available.

Love so large you cannot now imagine! 

You'll go deep and be astounded at how quickly love surrounds you, without effort. You don't need to try to be more loving, love yourself more, or get more love... NO! Experience yourself as love!

  • Oddly, humans are seeking love outside themselves when we already ARE LOVE. 
  • When we are attuned to the love that we already ARE, life transforms from the inside out. 
  • We transform from poor starved beggars asking for love crumbs - to love generators, fountains of love, and love magnets.
  • Don't seek love anymore. Join us and dive deeper and deeper into the love you ARE.
  • You'll learn what is in the way of being the love you are, and it will dissolve if you allow it to.
  • I call it a Love Explosion, because you can't learn it with the mind -- the mind must step aside so that you can EXPERIENCE LOVE DIRECTLY. 
  • The vortex of Grace will sweep your mind aside and lay bare the stunningly beautiful LOVE you already ARE.
  • Love is not always puppies and rainbows, but it is real, everlasting, and deeply fulfilling. Experience the difference firsthand in this webinar.

Everyone should take this webinar. It opens up everything else. 
Join Lola and go deep!

Prerequisites and Logistics: 

  • You MUST be enrolled in Portal 1 Online or beyond, so you have the basics and the group is not held back.
  • We limit the group size so Lola can coach you.
  • Get support from Lola on the Forum between meetings to increase results.
  • The audios and videos are posted for you to enjoy again for 6 weeks only. You should download the audios while you can. Review videos for a limited time -  then they go into Portal 5.

Experience yourself as love.

See dates and register!

Why webinars instead of sessions?

These small intimate webinars work so well--even for big issues--that now Lola rarely needs to give sessions. (Portals 1 through 3 are required before Lola allows sessions, then most people don't need sessions!)

In the webinars Lola downloads fresh new ideas, methods and meditations that aren't in any course or book. Lola intuits just what you need. Having the spotlight off you allows you to relax and get out of the way. Often you'll feel movement on the spot. Much of the magic happens between meetings, and on the Forum.

The tuition is the same as ONE session with Lola, but in this series you get three longer group meetings. Sign up early before this series fills!

See dates and register!

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