Love, Loss, Death, with Video by Lola Jones

Love, Loss, and Death--with Video
by Lola Jones

This video from a recent Divine Openings 5 Day Retreat in Santa Barbara is a compassionate and powerful perspective on Love, Loss, Death, and dealing with it in an empowering way that expands you rather than contracting you.

The Meaning of My Dream? Dream Meanings Simplified

Dream Meanings Simplified

by Lola Jones, author, teacher, creator of Divine Openings

Life has led you to a portal that has changed lives in 140 countries. Or perhaps you're a regular reader and this topic intrigued you.

Navigating By Our Own Stars: A Guide's Amazing Story

I was cleaning up some piles of paper on my desk, and I ran across an old copy of an instrument panel I used to use. It's crinkled, stained, torn, has chunks missing and has all kinds of notes and scribbles. I felt such a rush of affection as I gazed at this well-used piece of paper.

Der Wert unseres menschlichen Selbst (aus der Nicht-Physischen Perspektive betrachtet)

(Artikel von Lola, in deutscher Übersetzung)

Während ich gerade die Energien für das fünftägige Schweigeretreat in Santa Barbara vorbereite, spüre ich die köstliche Vorfreude. Es ist etwas, bei dem ich mich darauf verlassen kann, dass es jedes Mal wirkt, dass es jedes Mal großartig ist und jedes Mal erholsam ist, für mich und alle Teilnehmer.

The Value of our Human Selves (from Non-Physical Perspective)

As I prepare the energy for the 5 Day Silent Retreat in Santa Barbara, I feel the delicious anticipation. It's something I can count on to always work, always be great, always be restorative, for me, and all there.

Hördatei und Artikel: Neue Klarheit in Bezug auf innere Widerstände; Webinar; Schweigeretreats

Neue Methode innere Widerstände zu lösen (Übersetzung von Lolas Blogartikel)
Außerdem: Neuigkeiten zu Webinaren und Schweigeretreats
Wenn wir Dinge in unserem Körper spüren können, so können wir diese Informationen greifbarer und direkter nutzen, als wenn wir nur "darüber nachdenken." Nimm beispielsweise das Wort "Widerstand."

Free Audio (for limited time), Article: New Clarity on Resistance; Webinar; Retreats

New Method to Release Resistance
And News on Webinar, Retreats
When we can feel things in our bodies, we can use the information in a more practical way than if we just "think about it." For example, take the word "resistance." What does it really mean, and how can we get a tangible handle on it instead of having it be a nebulous, abstract concept?