Wähle dich NICHT terrorisieren zu lassen

Wähle, dich NICHT terrorisieren zu lassen
Ihr Lieben,
diejenigen von Euch, die schon länger bei Divine Openings dabei sind, werden diese Worte ganz klar so annehmen, HÖREN und NUTZEN können, wie sie gemeint sind.

Choose NOT to Be Terrorized

Choose NOT To Be Terrorized
Dear Ones,
Those of you who've been around Divine Openings for a while will definitely be able to receive,  HEAR, and USE this in the spirit it is offered.
If you can't hear it or use it, you may even get angry, but anger is highe

New video from The Art of Love and Sex, a life-changer for women.

How to Get Men to Listen to You More

This video is a life-changer for women, and men, you're going to love it too (the guys at the retreat did.) It came about when someone asked a question in the closing talk at the end of the UK retreat a couple months ago.

It's funny and oh so effective.
Enjoy, and share it with friends!
Can't wait to hear your experiences with this one.....

Pause and Thaw

I choked.  I stumbled.  I fell down and people saw. 

It happened because, in a moment of blessed opportunity, I focused on saying the right things instead of simply speaking what was true for me.  I focused on proving myself rather than simply being myself.  Instead of dropping anchor and showing up even more fully, I left my body and sought refuge in my head, thinking its calculated wisdom would serve me better than the authentic truth of conscious, vulnerable, embodied human experience.  I was wrong.

What if your job is really exactly like mine?

What if your job is really exactly like mine?

I have the best job in the world.
I do!
And I love it.

My job is? To keep my vibration high, and be happy as I can be, so I can hold that vibration for thousands of you until you can hold it yourself.

Know what?

How to Tame Your Monkey Mind

How to Tame Your Monkey Mind

by Lola Jones

We all occasionally feel like our mind is a monkey jumping around and making a mess inside our heads.

This short video, recorded live at a retreat in Germany, gives practical strategies to tame that monkey and take back control of your own mind.

New Empowerment Tools, New Instruments for Your Dashboard!

New Empowerment Tools, New Instruments for Your Dashboard!

Hello Beautiful Beings!

At the March 2015 Santa Barbara Retreat, I had an inspired vision of some empowering new tools....
new instruments for your Dashboard, and drew them on a flipchart.