"Take Time to Align" - An Excerpt from the new Divine Openings Playbook

I am delighted to announce imminent arrival of "The Divine Openings Playbook: A Companion Guide and Journal for Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting by Lola Jones." I am anticipating a mid-November release date!

In the meantime, I wanted to share the following excerpt, from the chapter "Take Time to Align." I've been particularly grateful for this reminder today! 

Enjoy, and stay tuned for the release of The Playbook!

Wisdom + Fun = Chet the Dog

I've read every novel Spencer Quinn writes because it's always inspiring, suspenseful, and fun. I love light reading, and this is some of the best. Quinn's ongoing tales of the adventures and misadventures of Bernie, a private eye, are told through the inner voice of his dog Chet.

Sounds corny, but it's not, and Quinn is getting really good reviews. Thanks to Divine Openings fan Lynda Collins of Toronto for turning me on to Chet the Dog some years ago.

Intuition, Direct Knowing, and Science

Intuition, Direct Knowing, and Science
by Lola Jones
"Some are scientists, some are sages."
Sounds like a Bob Dylan

Abschied von mir im Körper eines Hundes

Abschied von mir im Körper eines Hundes

von Lola Jones, Begründerin von Divine Openings


Honey war ich, im Körper eines Hundes.

Sex, Silence, and Spirit - FEEL How They Relate

Sex, Silence, and Spirit - FEEL How They Relate, and Enjoy an Experience of It

by Lola Jones

It's not sex, drugs, and rock n' roll.

It's better.

My Creative Expansion

How expanded my life can become? 
How easily I can step