Venting Anger and Acting Out Emotions Doesn't Work

Why Venting Is a Bad Idea (#1, It Doesn't Work)

by Lola Jones

The main reason trying to get relief by venting, crying, getting it off your chest, telling them off, or expressing anger is a bad idea... is that it usually doesn't work.

Long term studies from Harvard, Vassar, UC San Diego and others have backed up what I've known spiritually and intuitively: that venting negativity was a bad idea. Divine Openings has never used venting to move emotion.

Lola Performs Here In My Heart in Germany with Sabine Faast

Lola Performs Here In My Heart in Germany with Sabine Faast

Sabine persuaded me to sing my original song live although I'd only recorded it, and had never sang it live. It was a sweet opportunity to move through fear and give a gift to the group.

Enjoy it in all its beautiful heartfelt imperfection. The vibration is wonderful. You can use it as a Divine Opening or Divine Mother Hug.


A Soothing Message about Scary Politics

After last night's election results, I lay awake most of the night feeling through the rush of fear coming from our collective consciousness.

It's SUCH a delicate balance - living and playing in this collective reality, while breathing and allowing all the feelings... at times like this, it's soooo easy to "buy into" the collective consciousness and ancient mind. When this kind of fear is triggered, it's always ancient mind fear: fearful for survival, fear of the unknown, fear of the future. 

Fear and Loathing in Politics

Fear and Loathing in Politics -- a Vibrational, Non-Partisan Perspective

by Lola Jones

Enjoy the hour-long video of the recent community webinar Lola gave to soothe and inspire people who are concerned about political issues. Then read the additional thoughts in this article. Lola gave the webinar

Or just read on below if you have less time....

Do You Have What-Is-Itis?

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Do You Have What-Is-Itis? Kick It!

Article by Lola Jones

We all catch this sneaky, pervasive virus from time to time: