Life is for Living! How Grooves Become Ruts...

Time to Reboot!

by Lola Jones

I share this personal update with you as an energetic invitation for you to move and flex in whatever way life is urging you to.

Hawk Takes a Rain Shower in Lola's Back Yard

Hawk Takes a Rain Shower in Lola's Back Yard

You'll enjoy this magic moment even though the video had a hard time focusing in the rain and tree branches.

Focus on Why You Want It and How You Want to Feel

Manifesting: Focus on Why You Want It
and How You Want to Feel

By Lola Jones, creator and steward of Divine Openings

Throughout life, there is always some end result we want. We often get too hung up on that material result. Then we get gripped over the how-to's and the specifics of how we think it has to be done. Let's break it down to the basic essence of what you really want to make creating it easier.

Does it Work For Anxiety and Depression?

anxiety stress depression relief remedyHere's an expanded version of an email I recently replied to with great excitement after a man asked if my book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, would relieve his severe anxiety, for which he's been on maximum doses of anxiety medication for years. It was hard for him to meditate and "be with The Presence."

Venting Anger and Acting Out Emotions Doesn't Work

Why Venting Is a Bad Idea (#1, It Doesn't Work)

by Lola Jones

The main reason trying to get relief by venting, crying, getting it off your chest, telling them off, or expressing anger is a bad idea... is that it usually doesn't work.

Long term studies from Harvard, Vassar, UC San Diego and others have backed up what I've known spiritually and intuitively: that venting negativity was a bad idea. Divine Openings has never used venting to move emotion.