Your New Reality: Some DIS-Assembly Required

REALITY: Some DIS-Assembly Required

by Lola Jones


In the sixties and seventies we shouted, "Question Authority!"

Now I tell people, "Disrespect Reality!"

"The Most Amazing Experiences"

Hi Ya'll, You have no idea how much we all celebrate what is going on for you. We get about 5 thank you emails a day detailing people's experiences, but the ones I'm sharing here are some of the most amazing. There's a lot of light and humor in two of them, which I love most of all. You've got to understand that since it's my (and your) Divine Larger Aspect doing all this, it still amazes human me, Lola Jones. It's like I'm just a cowgirl along for the ride. It sure is fun, though.

Freedom and Love

Occassionally, a share in the member forum is so beautifully simple, so clearly expressed, that I want non-members to be able to read it too. I'll take her name out since she didn't post this in the public area. This is fabulous:

Dances With Horses

Hi folks,
Michael and I just had a touching experience that will bring you a great blessing too. You may know that in January my fiery little steed Royal bucked, tossed his head back, and broke my nose. I didn’t ride for awhile! But what was worse was that Royal and I were a little alienated from each other. If you know horses at all, you know that their eyes reveal how soft and affectionate they’re feeling. They reveal pain or fear. They’re very expressive. His eyes were not soft and open. They looked distant.

Divine Guidance Meets John Deere

Divine Guidance Meets John Deere

Another day of silence today. Oh, yes, lots of time was spent “not-doing”. But after that I was inspired, enthusiastic, actually, to tackle a big challenge. Friday I accidentally ran over some fine gauge plastic coated wire in the tall grass with my John Deere mower, and the blades jammed up and stopped.

Now, riding my John Deere is one of my favorite meditations... This was serious.

How Can I Make This Great Feeling Last...?

People just starting Divine Openings sometimes ask, "Does this great feeling fade? Does it last?"

No, it doesn't fade.

Yes, it does last.

You will get used to feeling that good, and it will be less of big deal. Then you'll go higher if you choose to keep going. Then you'll acclimate to that and want more. There's no upper limit.

Now, it is possible to use your free will to move away from the high vibrations, and of course your good feelings will not be available while you're down there.

Letting Go Of 60 Years Of Hate

This is a long one, but a powerful one, so dive in when you have 5 or 10 minutes.....

You Came Here To Get Your Hands Dirty

Before you read this week's wonderful message, remember to let us know your experiences with the new website, whether it was a breakthrough you had, or a technical problem (yes, we all have them!)

And that is a great lead-in to this article!....

You Came Here To Get Your Hands Dirty

When Your Snowball Gets Rolling, and New Podcast Show

Thank you for your emails about the wonderful things that are happening for you as a result of Divine Openings. Thank you for being in our community.... it’s about to get a LOT bigger.

Something magical and wonderful is happening. A woman in a very small town had a fabulous Divine experience while reading my book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. She felt led to tell others about Divine Openings, and she contacted me. We became phone friends.