How Can I Make This Great Feeling Last...?

People just starting Divine Openings sometimes ask, "Does this great feeling fade? Does it last?"

No, it doesn't fade.

Yes, it does last.

You will get used to feeling that good, and it will be less of big deal. Then you'll go higher if you choose to keep going. Then you'll acclimate to that and want more. There's no upper limit.

Now, it is possible to use your free will to move away from the high vibrations, and of course your good feelings will not be available while you're down there.

Letting Go Of 60 Years Of Hate

This is a long one, but a powerful one, so dive in when you have 5 or 10 minutes.....

You Came Here To Get Your Hands Dirty

Before you read this week's wonderful message, remember to let us know your experiences with the new website, whether it was a breakthrough you had, or a technical problem (yes, we all have them!)

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You Came Here To Get Your Hands Dirty

When Your Snowball Gets Rolling, and New Podcast Show

Thank you for your emails about the wonderful things that are happening for you as a result of Divine Openings. Thank you for being in our community.... it’s about to get a LOT bigger.

Something magical and wonderful is happening. A woman in a very small town had a fabulous Divine experience while reading my book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. She felt led to tell others about Divine Openings, and she contacted me. We became phone friends.

Is It "Good" or "Bad"?

Is It "Good" or "Bad"?

It's amazing how death can bring new appreciation of life. That has happened for me. City View Ranch's beloved little white, spotted dog, Milk, is dead. She was two years old.

Earlier in the day she was twisting in the air leaping at a passing butterfly, earnestly trying to catch flying buzzards, and barking at me for attention, rivetting me with her piercing blue eyes.

"I want my xxxxxxx NOW!!!"

"I want my ______ NOW!"
by Lola Jones

Fill in the blank with whatever it is that's driving you crazy because it's not here yet, despite all your efforts: your enlightenment, your million, your lover, your peace of mind … your patience (smile).

Just this week I talked with several clients about how to soothe themselves when they feel it's just taking too darn long for "it" to show up.

Noticing Your REAL Life

"The Weather Is Always Fine Inside Your Heart"

The mind is a "wrong-seeking missile"

The Wrong-Seeking Missile
Ever notice that the mind is a wrong-seeking missile? It looks for what is wrong, what is NOT yet here, what is lacking.

It does this funny thing (not so funny actually) I call "yebut".

You say, "I am doing so much better with money."
It says, "Yebut you're still in debt."

You say, "My sweetie brought me lunch."
It says, "Yebut he/she isn't into the spiritual life."