Dive In with Non-Habitual Movement

Easy New Way to Dive In with Non-Habitual Movement!

Lola Jones

Read the whole article and you MUST see the video. It will take your vibration higher right now.

New Map through Portals

New Map Through the Portals
Lola Jones
A growing number of people in the Divine Openings community are deepening into unim

A NEW Video of Lola's Retreat Heaven

NEW Video of Lola's Retreat Heaven

Scott has beautified his and Lola's Heavenly retreat home in Alpine so much since the first video. A friend said, "Wow, the house has gotten lighter, and I didn't think that was possible!!!" So it was time for a new video to usher you in for a look around, and invite you to a blissful retreat! And it is so much fun to make videos to share with you.

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This rave article is written by Marlene Geschke, a recent attendee of Lola's 5 Day Silent Retreat in California! 
She shares her experience since a live webinar with Lola.