Lola Jones, Spiritual Teacher,
Creator of Divine Openings

Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

There's a new wave of powerful teachers on the planet who can initiate awakening to who you are, deepen your enlightenment, and usher you to personal liberation very quickly with the boost of Grace.

Just being in the powerful energy vortex or field of resonance that Lola Jones creates is life transforming.

It's intensified by listening to the vibration of her voice, watching her speak on video, her touch, and most powerful: gazing into her eyes.

All teachers are unique, but in terms of sheer, practical ability to transform lives, those who have experienced Lola's gift of spiritual awakening through Grace say it is more tangible and practical than what they've experienced anywhere else.

You might try to compare Lola's gift to darshan, lighting of the bliss body, spiritual ecstasy, bringing in of the Holy Spirit, or shaktipat, but it's usually more permanent than any of these, and people say more powerful.

You cannot compare it to any type of "energy work." With stunning power of intention and focus Lola holds a pure vibrational vortex for others until they become entrained to it. You don't have to go to Sedona--she creates this vortex instantly whereever she is, and even "in her absence" in the books and online courses.

Beyond spiritual healing is spiritual awakening, where you discover you no longer need spiritual healing. During spiritual awakening your issues melt away and eventually you can hardly believe you ever had those issues.

Finally you can stop spiritual seeking and relax into the vortex, enjoying the flow of life.

People have profound spiritual awakenings in spiritual teacher Lola Jones's presence. Hearing her speak, even on a recording, can cause deep transformation, spiritual awakening experiences, or deepening of spiritual enlightenment. It happens by Grace, and without hard work, difficult practices, or austerities.

Lives routinely transform within weeks or months, with no "working on yourself" or "processing." The definition of Grace is that it does for you what you simply cannot do for yourself. All you do is let it in. Lola Jones doesn't just talk about helping you let in more Grace, but actually gives you immediate experiences of it.

We know--there's a lot of stuff out there that doesn't work.

Divine Openings does.


 Lola's Traditional Biography

Upbringing, education, professional history, and "previous lives in this body" before Divine Openings.

Born in Texas in 1954, her Tennessee-born mom named her Bobbie Sue, but from the start they called her Susie. Her family started out in a tiny two bedroom frame house on a dirt road, but her hard-working dad somehow managed to get her a pony, Star Baby, for her ninth birthday. About that time their street was paved.

Four horses later, at sixteen, she traded the horse for a Ford Mustang, and by age eighteen, the day after high school graduation, she moved to Austin to be on her own, because it was all happenin' in Austin.

Putting herself through college working part time and going to school full time, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Texas in 1977. Over the next thirty years she evolved into a creative but sensible, practical person, starting several successful businesses from scratch with zero capital. The focus on giving service that she developed early on, starting with trying to be the best grocery checker at the Safeway, would help in her many careers. Sometimes she calls those diverse careers "my many lives in this body."

As a Jazzercise franchise owner for eleven years from age twenty eight to thirty nine, Lola discovered a natural gift for motivating and changing people's lives--without even trying. Her Large Self was preparing her slowly for what would come into fruition decades later. She quickly rose to leadership in that organization, and was among the top ten instructors out of 4000 franchisees worldwide. Six nights a week she led a crowd of a hundred happy people per class in dance exercise and celebration. 

She added something to fill her abundant free time: hairstyling provided variety, artistic expression, creativity, closer contact with people, and provided something to do during the day. Hair stylists are known for being informal counselors, and she learned that customer care, soothing, and uplifting was as important as the art of hairstyling.

As a child, she told her mom she'd have animals everywhere when she grew up. By 2001, that dream came true when she purchased her ten-acre City View Ranch in Austin, Texas where horses, ponies, dogs, exotic ducks, chickens, and the barn cats roamed.

Motivational speaking and corporate training came next. For fifteen years she was a successful full time consultant, speaker, and contract trainer for such clients as IBM, the State of Texas, and GMAC Finance. There were always powerful spiritual principles imbedded in the courses, and people's lives transformed without their quite knowing why. She also taught spiritual and personal development courses for the public. Lola has always made her living doing her passions, and she's been self-employed and inner guided most of her life.

Here's Lola in her full time corporate consulting days. Wow, that was another life in this body! (She still owns that suit--exactly why, she's not sure.)

Lola Jones artShe used to say, "Oh, I'll be an artist when I'm an old lady." But as The Presence began flowing more freely through her, Lola's creativity exploded. So many kinds of creativity wanted expression.

When the economic disruption of September 11, 2001 dipped the corporate training market, Lola was "tired of talking" anyway, told The Presence she was done with teaching until she was given a way to do it without so many words, and took a year and a half off to paint in silence. That marked the beginning of the most powerful, intuitive, and feminine stage of her life. She dived deep and painted large canvases, often not leaving her beloved City View Ranch for a week at a time (until she ran out of food). Painting and writing prolifically got her very happy and refreshed. A lot of the art you see on this site was done back then.

At age 51, in 2005, she began signing paintings "Lola", wanting to embody more of her feminine side, and the nickname stuck, because "what Lola wants, Lola gets." The painting you see here (the original is seven feet tall) foreshadowed the creation of Divine Openings. She wondered why no one was buying her art, not realizing the works would all one day be in her book, become very valuable, and that she'd be very glad she kept the originals in her home. The art is now all over the world through that book, and many people have purchased large prints. Lola occasionally creates commissioned works of art for clients who want the stunning beauty and Divine Energy of her art in their homes or workplaces.

In a deeper dive into the Mystery, Lola spent 21 days in blessed silence in India, speaking to no human, only to The Divine Presence within, totally changing her life from there forward. "The most difficult part was talking again!" she says. During that 21 days something many lifetimes old activated within her, and her ability to initiate enlightenment, heal, resolve practical life issues, and end suffering flowered. Her world instantly shifted to an entirely new dimension of service, power, joy, and creativity, and soon after that she wrote the book that changed not only her life but thousands of lives all over the world.

She named her work Divine Openings. Simply being in her presence is to be splashed with a shower of Grace and tangible energy. Lola possesses an extraordinary ability to wake people up, opening them to the Divine Presence in themselves and other people, triggering the unfolding of enlightenment. This still amuses her, since she is an ordinary, fallible human being who mowed fields, fixed fences, and still does her own yardwork and cleans her own house, and stays out of the spotlight to stay grounded and normal--and is a powerful worldwide force in another aspect of her life.

Divine Openings took center stage around 2006, as Lola matured into a much more powerful spiritual teacher. A company that is willing to present Divine Openings at full potency could perhaps persuade her to come in, but she can no longer hold back or dilute her teachings. She left the corporate world behind to awaken individual people all over the world through retreats, online courses, and webinars.

Lola Jones biographyLola moved in 2011 to a home overlooking the Ojai Valley at "hawk's eye level", and gave retreats there and in beautiful international locations.

At 55, Lola began taking singing lessons, and within a year and a half wrote (and co-wrote) and recorded her own original music. She wrote the theme song for the documentary film, Beautiful Faces, by Russell Martin.

By 2017 Lola and her love Scott moved to Alpine, in the mountains outside San Diego. They'll live in their home perched on a mountainside overlooking a beautiful little valley until they are called to the next home.

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Most people begin with Things Are Going Great In My Absence, the spiritual awakening book that spread to 139 countries by word of mouth before ever being sold on Amazon or in stores. Just reading it changes lives.


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This is City View Ranch, Lola's previous home and retreat center in Austin, TX.

Lola's next home in Ojai, California.