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5-Portal Lifetime of Spiritual Evolution Package

Spiritual and Personal Growth for Life

5-Portal Lifetime Spiritual Evolution Package

Includes all 5 Portals, and live webinars with Lola for the newest energies -- plus a treasure trove of leading-edge media. Keeps you focused on the path from awakening through mastery, so you get the big results you read about. The value over five years is over $6500. Get a lifetime of evolution, only $1600.00, or upgrade if you have some Portals already. 

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Lifetime spiritual growth course

Go All the Way to Life Mastery

You know how distracting life is, and how challenging it can be to stick to things, even if you know your very life depends on it!

This package helps you stay focused, 
maintain long-term momentum,
and get maximum permanent results.

You get the entire main course track of all 5 Portals: everything you need for a lifetime of joyful evolution, from awakening to mastery. Each Portal includes live webinars with Lola. Plus the recordings: over 700 videos, 4000+ audios to re-experience the live sessions and webinars. Fresh, new leading-edge material is added to the Portals weekly. A lifetime of learning and evolution, all for less than the cost of a few months of old-school therapy! 

If you already own some Portals, you can still save.
Upgrade to the Lifetime Package!

The Lifetime Package Includes this and more: 

  • You get all five Portals 1 through 5 Online Courses (both the English and German versions.)
  • Each Portal has several "live with Lola" webinars each year. If you could purchase them separately, they would cost over $6500 for just the first 5 years. You can ask questions, and some will get personal coaching from Lola. (See below for what webinars are not included.)
  • Audio-video-based modules, with text.
  • Lola constantly adds leading-edge teachings, audios, and videos, so you will NEVER run out of exciting, stimulating, pleasurable evolutionary juice!
  • Learn what each of the 5 Portals does for you below.
  • BONUS: We mail you the required foundational books in English paperback: Things Are Going Great In My Absence; and Living Large, and shipping is free. Books + shipping value $68.
    (Only Arkana can sell the German hardback books: Alles läuft super während ich weg bin and Du bist so viel Größer als du denkst! so please get them from your locally-owned bookstore if you live in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. Get them online if you live elsewhere.)
  • BONUS: Audio books appear in your Account: Things Are Going Great in English; and Alles läuft super in German. Value each $47.
  • BONUS: The Diving In Audio Video Set, German and English! Value $76. Now only available with the Portals.

Live Attendance to the Special Topic Webinar Series' (the ones on the Webinars page) are NOT included:

  • Why? Because those are group sessions, and participants pay to get personal attention from Lola. The group sizes are limited so they get that personal coaching they paid extra for. 
  • You DO get all of the MEDIA from those Special Topic Webinar Series'. It goes into Portal 5 (except Money and Healing Webinar media goes into the Money and the Health Courses.) So you DO get 90% of the media (audios, videos, and text pages) from the many, many Special Topic Webinar Series' Lola gives each year. It's hundreds of hours. You'll never absorb all that media - no one has so far!
  • Appreciate the powerful monthly Portals 1 through 5  webinars you get with this package. 

This comprehensive package keeps you happily expanding for decades.

You'll feel the power immediately, but go slowly and get the most from every single step. Be sure to get it grounded in your daily life at each Portal before moving on. You'll soon know deep within that the goal is not to "finish" your human evolution, or the Portals, or get somewhere; it's to enjoy the ride more each day.

And what a ride this is! Anticipate it like a delicious "road trip," an adventure that never ends.

People always wish the Portals would never end -- and they won't ever end as long as Lola's alive and posting new material! 

Value, well over $6500 in the first 5 years.  Total lifetime tuition: Only $1600.00  (You'd pay that for a couple of months of therapy. THIS is personal and spiritual growth for life!)

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Includes All 5 Portals of Awakening

spiritual online course book Divine Openings

Portal 1: The Foundation

Revolutionary life-changing foundational principles begin to change you from the inside out, without heavy processing, work, or therapy. As your vibration rises, your outer life transforms to match it.

spiritual ease and flow

Portal 2: Living in Ease and Flow

Ever marvel at how for some people things just turn out great? They're in the flow and out of the way, so Grace can carry them more easily.

Portals of awakening

Portal 3: 21 Days of Deepening

It's time to enjoy, assimilate more deeply, and stabilize before we boogie on to the really rich and deep Portal 4. Experience velvety magic in just 15 minutes or so a day for 21 days, or savor it over a much longer time. You decide!

Jumping the matrix, portal 4

Portal 4: Jumping the Matrix

Experience for yourself that there is no one set reality--you create yours. It's powerful, and that's why you prepare with Portals 1 to 3 first, so it can be fun, exhilarating, and smooth even though your reality is morphing in sometimes wild ways.

spiritual online mastery transformation

Portal 5: Mastery

You may have started the Portals as a complete beginner on the path, but you will get to Mastery if you stay the course. Mastery is beyond what one can now imagine from the old reality, and it keeps getting better, forever. Lola never stops adding leading-edge material to this course!

Relax and Enjoy Your Lifetime of "Happy Now and Open for More"

Register, and your spiritual and personal growth is covered for life. On this pleasurable path, exciting new developments await you around every corner.

No more endless seeking.

No more getting off track.

No more disappointing seminars, therapy, books, e
motional processing, healers, working on yourself... you're free!

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