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  • 5-Portal Lifetime of Spiritual Evolution Package

    Spiritual and Personal Growth for Life

    5-Portal Lifetime of Spiritual Evolution Package

    Keeps you focused on the path from awakening through mastery, so you get the big results you read about. You get all 5 Portals, all essentials, bonuses, plus LIVE Portal webinars with Lola FREE (if purchased separately would cost $6500 in just five years.)

    Total value over $8000


Lola Jones Healer Training web

Lola Jones helps you get everything your heart desires.

We know how distracting life is, and how challenging it can be to stick to things, even when you know it's the most important thing in your life!  Lola created this package to keep you engaged, entertained, and expanding till you see all of those transformations happen in your life, and master the tools to maintain them permanently.

Each Portal includes LIVE webinars with Lola Jones. The energy you'll feel in Lola's presence is off the charts.

For less than the cost of a few months of old-school therapy, you get everything you need for a lifetime of joyful evolution! The LIVE Portal webinars alone are worth many thousands of dollars over the years. 

You get the entire main course track, all 5 Portals. Plus all the essentials and practical tools that work. Over 700 videos, 4000+ audios on every subject where you might need help. Fresh, new leading-edge material is added to the Portals weekly. 

You don't have to keep on searching through more and more books, seminars, therapy, and workshops.

It's all here.

If you already own some Portals, you can still save.

Upgrade to the Lifetime Package if you already have a few Portals, and you're set. Your tuition is locked in for life. Portal tuitions rose 450% since 2006 because the Portals grew more powerful and effective. 

If you don't yet have any Portals, definitely lock in your tuition now with the 5 Portal Lifetime Package. Portal 5 tuition just rose $100, but when you get all 5 Portals now the tuition can't go up for you. Lola generously adds NEW life-changing, leading-edge developments all the time, but you get all the updates FREE. Your investment is paid for upfront, but the Portals media just keeps growing.


Lifetime Package Divine Openings



What Does this Lifetime Package Include?

All the essential, ground-breaking tools!

  • All five Portals 1 through Portal 5 Online Courses. See what each of the 5 Portals does for you below. 
  • BONUS: Lola gives one or more Portal webinars FREE each month to share her latest methods, meditation, and insights with you!  (See below for which webinars are not included.)
  • If you purchased these webinars separately they would cost over $6500 in the first 5 years alone.
  • You can ask questions, and tell Lola your intentions.
  • BONUS: Lola will answer email questions from Lifetime members, because you've made the commitment, and she matches it!
  • Audio-video-based modules give you delicious, pleasurable immersive learning that sticks with you for life.
  • BONUS: Lola constantly adds leading-edge teachings, audios, and videos to each Portal. Your exciting, stimulating, pleasurable evolution NEVER stops!
  • BONUS: We mail you the required foundational books in English paperback: Things Are Going Great In My Absence; and Living Large, and shipping is free. Books + shipping value $68.
    (Only Arkana can sell the German hardback books: Alles läuft super während ich weg bin and Du bist so viel Größer als du denkst! so please get them from your locally-owned bookstore if you live in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. Get them online if you live elsewhere.)
  • BONUS: The Audiobooks appear in your Account: Things Are Going Great in English; and Alles läuft super in German. Value each $47.
  • BONUS: The Diving In Audio Video Set leads you through moving any emotion to free up your energy. German and English! Value $76. 

Live Attendance to the Special Topic Webinar Series' (the ones on the Webinars page) are NOT included.


  • Because those are group sessions Participants register for those separately, to get personal coaching and live energy from Lola. The group sizes are limited so Lola can make sure each person gets what they want. 
  • You DO get the MEDIA from most of those Special Topic Webinar Series'. (It's in Portal 5.) It's hundreds of hours. You'll never absorb all of it - no one has so far!

You DO get the powerful monthly Portal webinars. Each of the Portals 1 through 5 gets its own webinars.

  • You could attend a FREE Portal webinar every month! 

This comprehensive package keeps you happily expanding for decades.

You'll feel the power immediately, but go slowly and get the most from every single step of every single Portal. Be sure to get it grounded in your daily life at each step before moving on. You'll soon know deep within that the goal is not to "finish" your human evolution, or the Portals, or get somewhere; it's to enjoy the ride more each day.

And what a ride this is! Anticipate it like a delicious "road trip," an adventure that never ends.

People always wish the Portals would never end -- and they won't ever end as long as Lola's alive and posting new material! 

Value, well over $8000 in just the first 5 years.  Total lifetime tuition: Only $1600.00  (You'd pay that for a couple of months of therapy. THIS is personal and spiritual growth for life!)

Portal 1

Portal 1


Even spiritually advanced people get enormous value from Portal 1 because Divine Openings is different. It’s a revolutionary vortex of light and intelligence you haven’t experienced anywhere else. End suffering and seeking, or raise a high vibration to new heights.

Learn more

Portal 2

Portal 2


Now it really gets fun. Enter the new paradigm beyond “problem focus.” Contrast? We surf on it! Bliss occurs naturally, without cause. Completely new material than Portal 1. Onward and upward!

Learn more

Portal 3

Portal 3


Twenty one short modules for quick and easy daily tuneups. Do it over months if you prefer, or soar on it for 21 straight days. Integrate, expand, evolve easier than ever before, and get primed for a powerful quantum leap to Portal 4: Jumping the Matrix.

Learn more

Portal 4

Portal 4


27 modules to keep you evolving for years. Few people who have finished JTM, because it’s so rich and deep you tend to savor small sections as you apply it in your life. At this level, you never want it to end anyway. And it won't! We add more leading-edge material, to go back and enjoy again at a deeper level. Portals 4 & 5 may be enjoyed simultaneously. If Portal 4 gets too intense, go to Portal 5 for a while and come back to 4 later.

Learn more

Portal 5

Portal 5


You don’t have to finish Jumping the Matrix to register--you can do them simultaneously as you're guided. JTM is more text, Mastery is all audios and videos. There's always more, and more, and more as your pipes expand to let more in.

Learn more

5 Portals Lifetime Package

5 Portals Lifetime Package


Includes all 5 Portals of Awakening (English and German.) It's literally a lifetime journey of spiritual evolution and practical life results. You'll enjoy every delicious step.

Simply enjoy being in Lola's powerful field of resonance. Keep expanding. Soak up the live webinars with Lola, or the audio and video recordings, and text till you reach mastery of mind, emotions, and spirit.

Learn more


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