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Conscious Lifestyles ~ Live Happy, Healthy, and Fun

Living a Conscious Lifestyle

What Do We Do Now That We’re “There”?

For years we've helped people all over the world awaken to a new reality in which they begin to actually live the things they used to hope for, dream of, and work hard for. When the working on ourselves ends, and a natural, flowing evolution begins, we ask ourselves the question: “What is my life about now?”

More and more of you are free, prosperous, and having fun, or well on your way.... so now what? Once you don't need to seek anymore, and life isn't about the next seminar or meditation meeting, you're free to go play, create, expand, and contribute your joy to the world.

It is best to choose "input" that supports your new reality, and resonates with your new consciousness. You wouldn't want to lower your vibration with junk entertainment or too much media that's all "bad news."

So we added a Lifestyle section to the site, where we share with you ideas for full out living, fun things to do, and creating to our heart’s desires. There’ll be resources, links, and ideas for conscious living and enjoyment, but there's one thing it won't include -- there will be no "working on yourself".

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A friend Penny inspired me to try container gardening – it was easy – and you can do it even on an apartment balcony. At City View Ranch I tried it and grew lettuce, spinach, radishes, and sprouts on the front porch.

Then with confidence bolstered by the success at container gardening, when I lived in Texas I planted a six by eight foot raised bed, bordered by pavers, with buried soaker hoses in the piled up rows, and mulch between the rows to start. No maintenance, maximum yield, and minimal water use.

It was amazingly easy and fast to start with bags of organic garden soil from the home improvement warehouse. Four days later radish and okra sprouts are up! I found it needed a shade cloth in hot sun. Wow! I'll post pictures as my experiment goes along. There’s nothing more grounding and balancing than getting your hands in the dirt.

PEST CONTROL SANS CHEMICALS: A 50-pound bag of food grade diatomaceous earth has just about eliminated all the fire ants, scorpions, fleas, carpenter ants, and even the internal parasites in our animals and ourselves, without pesticides and chemicals. (If you lay down a bed of it before you pour a house foundation, you'll never have termites.) It's tiny skeletons of microscopic creatures, and it's already millions of years old, so it doesn't degrade. It's cheap in large bags at progressive garden stores, about $26/50 lb. but expensive in small bags on the internet. Read the cautions.

“Living on ten acres for ten years reminded me that food grows in dirt, not grocery stores; and water just falls from the sky, and doesn’t just come from a pipe.”Lola



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