Our Favorite Videos Made By Other People 

This is just a bonus page. It's not part of the course, but I hope it encourages you to seek out funny books and videos.

If some get taken down by the owner who posted it, we can't control that!
Enjoy another one and let us know to take it off this page. Thanks.

I laugh out LOUD at this guy and his dog every time I watch it! Brilliant! I subscribed to the channel, too. Animals show us how to have more fun, or just BE!

Donnalou Stevens heard Lola say, "Stop chasing enlightenment" when Lola lived in Austin, Texas. Donna is a brilliant creator and a very entertaining performer and you'll enjoy this!

Now get Donnalou Stevens' take on Inner Beauty!

Two year old boy knows how to boogey.


The song is as good as the video. Boy raises baby hummingbird.


Man as creator in training.


This one about an existential cat will crack you up with it's irony.


A beautifully filmed rave about our Earth.


Happy 4th of July!


Teamwork To The Max, and if you love music and guitar, it's a treat!


Glenn Marshall's luscious animated meditations are awesome.

It's interesting that Glenn says, "I wish my meditations went as well as my animations!" You'll probably find that after Divine Openings, you have the inner experience he's still seeking when you watch, and meditate.

Ever wanted to fly like a bird at 100 mph? These guys are actually doing it, without machinery. You could too if you wanted to ...... just watch.....


For us older folks:

Older Ladies, by Donnalou Stevens

"Looking For My Wallet" Anyone over 40 will laugh at this:

How to Solve The Rubik's Cube in Less Than 3 Seconds


See a free movie: What's Right With The World from a National Geographic photographer. Beautiful!


Marriage Trainer- This pastor/comedian/teacher is funny and wise about relationships. His work is called Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage. You will laugh!