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How's Your Life Progress? / Coronavirus

How's Your Life Progress? / Coronavirus

03/14/2020 - 01:31 Submitted by Cara Goldsworthy

Divine Openings awakening

How's your life progress?

by the Divine Openings Team

Over the past 14 years, Lola and our team have gotten to know many thousands of you personally, and we've enjoyed celebrating your life progress.

We see firsthand what works, and what doesn't.

Focus works.

Not long hours of study.

Just light, enjoyable focus and immersion in the books and the NEW audios and videos in the 5 Portals.

Just often enough to keep your vibration always on the rise.

People are still having quantum leaps after 14 years!

We also see people get distracted by shiny baubles, not completing the 5 Portals, not getting the big life progress. (They often return.)

Successful people in any endeavor, business, arts, or personal relationships, have developed focus, and a longer attention span.

Nothing distracts them.

Focused is Lola's middle name. 

It shows in how Divine Openings keeps getting deeper, more effective, more enjoyable, but never scattered.
So many people offer Lola money to promote this or that.
She's not interested.
She declines tons of invitations to scatter her energy and attention.

All successful people choose their focus deliberately.

They treat it like treasure.

So what's happened to our ability to focus?

  • The mental-junk-food addiction. TV, Social media, and YouTube are the main pushers. (That's why you rarely see Divine Openings on social media anymore.)
  • Shorter attention spans. Cell phones train your mind to be scattered and have a 1 minute attention span. The eye fatigue and neck strain makes it hard to focus deeply or long. 

The mind seizes on anything to avoid taking a back seat to the stillness and bliss of your Large Self! Look around. People are glued to their phones. Lola rarely looks at her phone.

Wanna know what your real priorities are?
Try using your phone only for calls and rare texts.

We all need a complete patha total experience, not a collection of tips and techniques, especially not those gathered from social media. 

We don't see that working. 

The Divine Openings books with the online 5 Portals lead you all the way to mastery step-by-step. Just keep enjoying. We've added lots more videos and audios for those who don't love reading. 

Sometimes you need a detox week.

Do you need a tech, digital, and social media detox, to escape the old rut and clean out the mind? To re-focus? Kick the addictions? Change direction powerfully? 

Many people get the huge Grace boost they need from being in Lola's vortex. It's easier than going it alone. 

The retreats give you that and so much more. The activities and contrasting silences effortlessly bring your mind to a stop -- maybe for the first time ever.

What a powerful state that is when you're empty -- open to all possibility.

Stillness. Bliss.

Learn more about the retreats that change lives.

PS -- 

Please use a pad or a laptop for your spiritual immersion. 
A deep spiritual path that brings life progress won't fit on a phone screen. 

Not all modern trends are helpful--choose wisely.

We work passionately to give you the best experience, so let it all in! 

PPS from Lola --

Sure, we all have dips in focus, and contrasts. 
The question is: do we focus, and use what we know to bring it back up?
Divine Openings offers a million ways to bounce.

I listen to the 40+ meditations in Portal 5!

I listen if I'm feeling low, or if Sophie the pup wakes me up too early and I can't get back to sleep, or before bed just for pleasure. I keep my iPad beside my bed with headphones.


Coronavirus - Anything to Do?

by Lola Jones

The virus is real, but media is out of proportion in its focus on disasters and crises.

Let's get it in perspective. 

Thank your smaller, survival-focused self for its wonderful desire to warn you, protect you, and keep you alive. That's its job -- but not to run your mind, or your life.

Now expand into your Large Self, where the small self's fears shrink to one tiny piece in the magnificent, colorful tapestry of your life. 

A new virus is "news," and it's super sensational. Of course far more people die from guns, alcoholism, drinking or texting while driving, disease caused by junk food, sodas, vaping, smoking, and no exercise. 

But those are "old news." 

Few people spend their days worrying about that old news, although any one of them is hundreds of times more likely to touch them than the Coronavirus.

If you worry a lot, detox on news and increase your Large Self focus, meditation, and Divine Openings immersion, and all fears calm, along with all the mind's chatter.

Then reintroduce news in moderation, while witnessing your vibration. 

I'll be taking a 12-hour flight to Germany in May for the retreat, not worrying at all about the virus.

If I got it, which is unlikely, I'd treat it like I treat all viruses. I'd take fresh garlic, oregano oil, zinc, and other natural anti-viral herbs I keep around, so my immune system is neither overstimulated nor overwhelmed. Jon Barrons's SuperViraGon has all that in it and more. You can google it, and if you're interested he explains in detail how the virus works. 

With love, Grace, and great care,

Lola Jones

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