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Not just for the new year. fresh starts happen every day!

This webinar gave us all a powerful fresh start on a new year, but think of it like this: every day begins a new year - every week begins a new year. This video and meditation are powerful for any time in your life.
The audio of the video

Fresh Start Creation Meditation, Breathe Compassion In & Out, EN - This includes that powerful Breathe In Compassion method.

  • The Chat

    Lola: What do you want or intend for this year?

    10:26:20 From Julie to Everyone:
        What’s the name of the app again?
    10:26:28 From Lola Jones to Everyone:
    10:26:40 From Ulrike Fechner to Everyone:
        i did the noom app too and lost 18pounds so far… thanks for your advice… it was the funniest way to diet

    11:02:14 From Lola Jones to Everyone:  How do you feel after that meditation? What’s possible NOW?
    11:02:27 From Angelika Lukoschek to Everyone: everything
    11:02:30 From Andrea to Everyone: EVERYTHING
    11:02:35 From Evelyn Quednau to Everyone: Amazing
    11:02:36 From brettvancott to Everyone:  I feel so much more relaxed!
    11:02:46 From Sabine Wieser to Everyone:  feel so in peace and opened up to all the good
    11:02:46 From Stefanie to Everyone:   Everything. Totally fresh slate.
    11:02:55 From Regina Baumgart to Everyone:   feel fulfilled!
    11:03:06 From Milena to Everyone:   Endless happy ?
    11:03:08 From Lynda Collins to Everyone: Amazing sense of possibility…anything and everything ?
    11:03:11 From Bettina von Roell to Everyone: so much wider
    11:03:12 From Donna Lashley to Everyone: Anything and Everything!!!
    11:03:21 From Michaela Thimet to Everyone: expansion
    11:03:25 From Melanie W. to Everyone: I feel wide open, anything is possible - anytime!
    11:03:27 From Gabi Tachakor to Everyone:  fresh, expanded, full of love down to every cell
    11:03:38 From Annette to Everyone: easy and empty light
    11:03:44 From Lola Jones to Everyone: Anytime we focus on the NON-Physical and energy we get high.
    11:03:52 From Gabi Tachakor to Everyone:  fulfilled and high
    11:04:04 From almiramuric to Everyone: more and more expansion
    11:04:28 From michelle to Everyone:  Full of love
    11:04:35 From Melanie W. to Everyone: I feel touched In a very powerful way by my large self
    11:05:43 From st malo to Everyone:
        I really felt the vortex
        best Meditation ever, my lovely Lola
    11:08:26 From betina to Everyone:
        it went so deep. Thank you so much Lola.?
    11:09:13 From Kordula Packard to Everyone:
        Beautiful Guidance. Thank you Lols

Portal 2 is all about expanding into surfing life in ease and flow!

Each module has something for those of you who are still dealing with a few challenges (contrast is good and goes on forever) and something for those of you who are soaring "onward and upward."Surfer on Blue Ocean Wave

You could spend 2 weeks practicing the Keys in this module!

headphonesSome time into this audio, there's great inspiration that will get you surfing life and hanging ten, as well as other uplifting topics. It's from a LIVE webinar series with Lola. To register for a webinar series, go here. They are giving results more powerful than sessions, so Lola is doing them regularly instead of giving sessions!


Update Your Concept of God and Make it More Powerful with These Actions!

Your concept of God makes a huge difference. Refresh it now, even if you don't think you need to! 
Audio: Do This if Your Concept of God is not Powerful Enough

Dein Konzept von Gott macht einen großen Unterschied. Aktualisiere es jetzt, auch wenn du nicht denkst, dass du es brauchst! 
Audio: Tu dies, wenn dein Konzept von Gott nicht kraftvoll genug ist - EN-DE

How to Make Contrast Your Friend!

Key: Ebb and Flow, and Surfing

 We actually came here to enjoy choice, even to enjoy the ebb and flow. How delicious is it to return to bliss after even a slight ebb away from it? The Biblical story of the prodigal son tells how our Large Self sees it -- how ecstatic our Large Self is each time we return from our wanderings.

Ever notice how good you feel after you've had a cold, and then you feel fabulous the day after it's over? Or how when you've gotten really grimy, you feel so good after a shower? How good it feels to return home to a loved one after a trip?


You don't have to feel bad to appreciate feeling good, but nevertheless it does feel exhilarating to crest that wave after a trough. There is more contrast, more G-force, more thrill.

Learn to savor the contrasts, and the ebb and flow, and you are free. 
There's a huge power and freedom in coming to savor the surfing of all feelings and experiences, even the contrasts.

surf it

So you're an amateur surfer? Not quite there yet? So was every surfer, at one time. I was walking the beach, watching the surfers. The best surfers spend more time paddling out, waiting for a good wave, and falling off than surfing, by far.

Fortunately, the Grace of Divine Openings makes it a LOT easier than that!

Feel it .... as you surf the crest .... as you move toward your Large Self and bliss...... and then feel the troughs between the wave crests as you move away from your Large Self.

When you can surf any feeling, you find, much to your surprise that you can actually enjoy feelings that you used to resist. It's all experience, and your Large Self loves it all.

And once you not only don't resist, but savor the feelings, they rise up the Instrument Panel more rapidly.

A sailor or a surfer knows that waves have both crests and troughs. Enjoy both!

You'll always feel more dramatically high feelings as a new acceleration is happening. When you're taking off in an airplane, the G force is strong, and it feels very exciting. But once you get up to flying altitude, you can't even tell you're moving, though you're going 500 miles per hour!


 Key: Enjoy Challenge and Contrast

Admit it! You love contrast! You go to see movies about it.

You don't like movies with no drama. You push boundaries and seek out challenges when life gets boring.

Contrast is a major element of the design of this particular Universe. In the non-physical you didn't have that wide and varied contrast, and so created a whole amusement park of it here.

Contrast pushes you to grow, and it is your friend. The quicker you soften, allow, accept, and appreciate the contrast, the quicker it resolves. The faster you befriend the lower emotions, the faster they move up the Instrument Panel. Making any feeling wrong makes it last much longer.

FUN ACTIVITY: Watch the movie Surf's UP! from a Divine Openings perspective.

Key: YOU Create Meaning from Events, and in Life

Remember the stories in the video above, where Scott embraced the city noise, and Lola thought the garbage smell in Thailand was romantic. 

What happens actually has no meaning until we create it. Meaning is wonderful, but are we creating it deliberately and productively, or unconsciously?

This fun graphic shows how we humans create meaning out of objective events that actually have no meaning.

What happens can be observed neutrally - "it is what it is" - OR we can create a big story around it, give it more meaning, and amplify it.

Witness your mind generating meaning, and consciously decide if it's helpful or not! You can create a meaning that works for you.

Summary and Application

  • How will it be when contrast is your friend?
  • List 6 blessings you experienced from the pandemic of 2020.
  • How has contrast served you in other ways? List 5.
  • How nice will it be when you enjoy the ebb and flow of bliss and good things rather than judging them?
  • How wonderful will it be when you're not resisting contrast, so the road is smoother?
  • What meanings have you created that you could let go of?
  • What can I appreciate right now about how far I've come?

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