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Level 1, Modules 9 & 10 Preview - Online Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

Leading edge Portal 1 Online Retreat Course for Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

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This is a plain text outline of Modules 9 & 10, and the last outline we have for you.

What did you notice last week?

By now you are experiencing more stillness and ease. 

Be very deliberate about what you call "true." 

"Disrespect reality!"

Physical manifestations are the end product of vibration, and they are "real" for all practical purposes. 

Why you don't need to get scared of every negative thought. 

What manifests for you isn't always a literal match, it's a vibrational match.

How To Let This Great Feeling Last

You are at a pivotal point. 

When the questions stop and don't come back, you are stabilized. 

Sometimes the small self can pitch a giant fit.

Don't make your small self "wrong".

From lots of up-close experience watching people do this work to varying depths, I can share with you some of the potential scenarios you might encounter, so that you are not derailed at a crucial time in your budding empowerment:

Small self can get you to focus on what is not working. 

The mind is a wrong-seeking missile.

If you seek for something you lack...

Take time every day to stop and appreciate the heck out of everything you can think of!

Enlightenment is not insurance against poorly chosen focus. 

The conditioned mind tries to discount the miracles, gains, amazing experiences, and insights you've had. 

You might dip, and "forget" that it is OK to dip.

If Your Bliss Seems To Fade.

Look at the 30 Ways To Raise Your Altitude.

People who go back to seeking...

You are now very powerful.

You could explode into full body bliss six months after your last Divine Opening.

There can be a hesitation to just let it be pure and simple.

You still need to feel everything. 

Divine Openings begins to open you up to your ability to merely think something and have it happen.

Can you let in that kind of ease?

The truth is always simple. 

You are tapping into ease, magic, and Grace. This is your NATURAL STATE. 


Go within and feel The Divine Presence. 

Savor all your gains, celebrate your progress, dive deep into the joy within you and multiply it.

Rave about everything.

Do things that make your heart sing like a bird! 

Don't work at anything. Play, even at your work!

Let It Be!


"I feel anger. Yay, it's moving!"

And top it all off with: "How cool! Now I know exactly where I am, and from here I can get anywhere!"

Surf Your Emotions

Those Darned Other Beings

Other beings don't always do what we wish they would.

If you feel anger, it can end up being a far bigger blessing than you ever imagined.

Feeling while sitting quietly is often not enough by itself.

The anger dance to move energy.

If you do the old spiritual bypass...

You can always trace difficulties back to their origin.

Unwanted or "not quite there" outer manifestations do help you.

You can make it or them wrong and lament, or you can welcome the messages.

Not productive to resist.

Back to Basics

As we get more responsible for our reality...

"I forgive you for creating this."

Choose audios and videos that attract you from the Level 1 library. New ones are added regularly. Listen again and hear new things each time!


This is the last outline we offer. You get the idea by now!



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