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Level 1, Modules 7 & 8 Preview, Personal and Spiritual Development Online

Leading edge Portal 1 Online Retreat Course for Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

This is a plain text outline of Modules 7 & 8. They're both big modules.

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What did you notice last week? 

More blind spots: old patterns from childhood, and why you don't have to work on them anymore

Why you don't need ANY technical metaphysical information

Mental masturbation

Intention more powerful than action

Getting the mind out of the way

If the mind can grasp it, it has shrunk!

Your relationship with The Divine, non-physical you

Lose your fear and sense of limitation

I never ask people to have faith

How to shift into Larger perspective

Who we are, going deeper


Who you gonna call?

Your relationship with God determines how responsive God is for you

Did the God you grew up hearing about have ANY sense of humor whatsoever???

You can have it however you want it

You experience what you believe

In need and lack you will experience lack of response

How to get out of the way

It can only be done with your permission 

Who or What Is Replacing God?

What have you made into god? 

Things are not your Source


Time to talk just with The Divine within you

Notice if you get distracted

It's OK to gripe at God or even get mad at God

When you talk to your Large Self from the lower vibrations

If you don't "feel it," be with that

Don't take score

You are getting closer

In the silence

Go to the Member Forum and share your experiences

Choose from the large library of audios and videos

You'll hear new things each time you repeat them and new ones are added regularly

Just coming to this site is a vibrational tune-up, so visit often

Your Divine Opening

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