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Level 1, Modules 5 & 6 Preview - Leading Edge Online Spiritual and Personal Development Retreat Course

Leading Edge Level 1 Online Retreat Course
for Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

by Lola Jones

If you found this in an Internet search, go here to see a full sample of the massive multi-media materials:

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Many people begin with this book.

This page is just a dry, plain text outline of the leading edge teachings in Module 5 and 6:

  • It smooths out over time
  • The lows get higher, and the highs get higher
  • Member Forum to share your experiences
  • If anything gets too difficult, give it over the The Divine. 
  • You might change your practice often
  • Going within and being with The Divine Presence...
  • What adds resistance to your mix
  • Letting The Divine do the heavy lifting
  • If there's something you need to look at...
  • If you must DO something...
  • It won't quit, leave or fade
  • Out of vibrational range of The Divine's voice
  • How to get back in range
  • There is always that place of peace
  • Casual, friendly, easy, natural....
  • It doesn't speak in words
  • A true mirror of your vibration
  • A woman in class once said, "God says to me, you are so stupid and resistant. I can't believe you do that!"
  • I said, "Honey, that is not t
  • The pure voice of God
  • "You speak so soothingly."
  • Terrorists
  • Soothe yourself.
  • You Are The Power That Creates Worlds
  • Stop and change your focus
  • Raving
  • "I'm in a chair, up in the sky!"
  • What does your happiness depend upon?
  • Your Large, expanded self is unconditionally delighted all the time
  • The small self is conditional..... everything depends on outer conditions
  • The Large Self is unconditional.... free from conditions
  • You are free


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