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I am afraid of negative thoughts, predict my own future, L1 preview modules 3,4

This is just a plain text outline of the contents of Modules 3 & 4 (without the videos, audios, graphics, and illustrations.) If you found this first by accident, first see the full color, media-filled Portal 1 Online Retreat - One Week Free Trial:


Module 3
How to overcome "I know that already"

How to go to a deeper level of knowing and apply it experientially

How to make it work in the practical world

Knowledge is definitely NOT power

How to let go of everything you thought you knew

Becoming a beginner

Keeping it simple

Practices that blend with Divine Openings


Stopping the "seeking syndrome"

Putting your Large Self in the driver's seat

Free will is a double-edged sword

The small self has to have everything go its way

Small self is not at all interested in your happiness

Now, don't push against or judge the small self. That would create even more resistance. Just commit to let your Large Self lead more each day. Make a decision now that you are going to live your life as your Large Self.

If the small self grabs the steering wheel, just notice it, but don't judge it. Love it. It's a part of you. That said, let's move on. Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want.

Ask The Divine to help you

How to play up the successes

How to feel things coming, wanted or unwanted, from miles away

When you attract something that doesn't seem to be a match

Things you can do with your own mind.

Conscious choices and decisions that you can make to change your trajectory on any topic

Divine Grace supercedes Law of Attraction

Learn ways to override Law of Attraction

That's when you really gain steam, but for now, it's good to know how you've been creating your reality.

"Was I good or bad?"

Attract simply by vibrating

How to call on Grace to help you override your vibrations

"What was I doing to attract that?"

You'll be able to complete sentences like these with great insight:

  • I attracted my dog getting killed by
  • I attracted the spread of my work by
  • I once attracted an emotionally insensitive partner by
  • I attracted my current fabulous healthy relationship by
  • I attracted the cooling off of some friendships by
  • I always attract a slowing down of clients when


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Module 4

It's not about "doing"

Just let it in

What did you notice last week?
Stillness and ease

The reality we see around us

Objective truth?

Today's reality is a product of ......

Be very deliberate about what you call "true....."

"This person IS this way."
"My finances ARE that way."

You created it, then made it your almighty God

Go to the blog and read "Reality: Some DIS-Assembly Required".

The end product of vibration

See things coming miles away, predicting your own future before it happens

Don't get scared of every negative thought

What manifests for you isn't always a literal match, it's a vibrational match

Worry can manifest as .....

Plenty of time buffer

Your manifesting ability speeds up with advanced law of attraction

How To Let This Great Feeling Last

Tell it like it is, Texas style
It's not my Source, but it came FROM Source

When the questions stop and don't come back, you are stabilized

Until then, the small self is still driving

Sometimes the small self can pitch a giant fit

Is your small self "wrong"?

Divine Energy slowed down

Your 10%

Pitfalls and how to avoid
Enlightenment is not insurance against poorly chosen focus

Practice flipping thoughts

Just because your mind says stuff ....

The conditioned mind

You might dip

People who go back to seeking

Whose who wander off before they stabilize

Go live and play!

Becoming unsinkable

If you have a life-threatening illness...

It's easy to give that power away to something or someone outside yourself

You could explode into full body bliss six months after your last Divine Opening

Let it be pure and simple

Need to feel everything

Merely think something and have it happen

This is about ease

Intention sent the healing after I forgot to send it

Arlo Guthrie said his job as a folk singer was to
"comfort disturbed people, and disturb comfortable people."

A little tidbit from this course:
The truth is always simple. When I "send" the preparatory energies during the 16 days prior the the 5-Day Silent Intensive, I "intend" for it to be done, and I don't "do" anything further. I never think about it again. My entire body vibrates during that 16 days, and it's a lot like having my toe in a light socket that keeps amping up, so there is NO doubt that it's happening. Michael experiences it too. (We both feel the same things at the same time.)

The mind thinks it must be harder than that. But it isn't hard at all. Your Creator spoke the universe into being, and you're growing up to be that Creator.

People often say Michael and I come work with them in the night. We're not intending to, but our Large Selves do all kinds of things on other levels that we don't know about. Work is something the small self invented. But our Large Selves obviously are doing the heavy lifting for us while we sleep. We take it pretty much in stride, but with gratitude for the ease and the gift.

You are tapping into ease, magic, and Grace. This is your NATURAL STATE. So don't give your power away to any modality, system, incantation, diet, person, meditation, or healer .......including me or this course. It's great to be grateful, and it's great to honor and support a teacher, but don't give your power to me. It's yours.

Once you've done a number of Divine Openings, the enlightenment process has begun, and you will continue to expand and unfold no matter what. Still, it's easier, faster, and more fun if you keep it simple and stick to Divine Openings for at least six months to a year. By then you will be so unsinkable... you probably won't be interested in seeking. What for? Michael and i get invited to famous people's seminars for free. We look at each other and grin. Why would we want to go? You'll understand when you get there. You'd rather play with your dog, or do a project, or garden.....

In all fairness, there must be other things that work as powerfully as Divine Openings, and that do as much, with as broad a scope as this has. But folks, I just don't personally know what they are! I do know that Divine Openings works, so of course, I'm going to say stick with it.

After a while if you still want to add other things, you'll be CLEAR, and not needy. And anything you add will work twenty times better for you than it did for others, because of the ability to let it in that you gained from Divine Openings.

I will celebrate with you the day you say, "I am there. I have no more questions. I am living instead of seeking. Happy trails, I may not see you again, but I'll send my friends so they can have this too!"


Attain full freedom
Navigate skillfully

Make your heart sing like a bird!
Feeling a lower vibration or emotion
How to honor your Instrument Panel

Play this little game to REALLY appreciate lower vibrations.....

"How cool! Now I know where I am!"

Surf waves of ecstasy

Crests, troughs, 50 foot waves, tsunamis, fun ones, scary ones, beautiful ones, ugly ones, you can enjoy them all.

They all move now

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Listen again and hear new things each time!

Your Divine Opening - From A Work Of Art That's Not In The Book
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