Let Your Heart Break Daily???

By Lola Jones
An inspiration came to me to let my heart break more. You know me. I'm all about happiness, not pain. I'm not talking about drama and heartbreak or the loss and lack of love.

Shattered Heart
by Lola Jones

I don't mean suffer.

I mean invite, generate, and entertain so much joy, love, and appreciation that your heart bursts at the seams from the inability to contain it. It will have to crack and break from the stretching, and when it mends it has to be larger, stronger, and more expansive, just as muscles fibers tear when you work out, then grow back larger and tougher.
The very day I said this, it happened three times. As I went about my day, things were more poignant, a passing thought about a person who'd been troublesome in the past would bring on a gush of compassion and tears. A thought about a recent past partner had me overwhelmed with adoration. Oh, I adore all my past loves, but this was a glorious, gushing, tidal wave of love.
It's also a good way to break down any hardened heart walls that are holding love back or not letting more in.

This is not about trying to be a good person. The real you, your expanded Large Self, IS love, and withholding even a little of your love from anyone clogs YOUR pipes, jams up YOUR energy, and hurts YOU.
Spiritual enlightenment increases with an open heart.
What you know isn't so important as who you are and how deeply you feel.

Let your heart break often.

Divine Openings accomplishes this, and it just keeps opening over time.


Lola Jones


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