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Is It Working? or How to Kick the Seeking Addiction

Is It Working? or How to Kick the Seeking Addiction

04/10/2020 - 14:31 Submitted by Lola Jones

Is It Working? or How to Kick the Seeking Addiction

by Lola Jones, creator of Divine Openings
Edited by Melinda Gates, former Divine Openings Mentor

Here’s the million-dollar question: is it working?

Whatever you’re doing, is it working?

Does your life flow with ease and Grace most of the time?

I’ve always been prone to question what everyone else accepted. Many years ago, it became glaringly obvious to me that there was a pervasive addiction in the spiritual community that was stopping so many of us from becoming awakened or slowing down our full awakening.

I first recognized this addiction in myself twelve years ago! I realized I had become a sheep of a seeker. Sure, there are some good things out there, and being open-minded is a good thing--but come on, don’t let your brains fall out. So much out there simply does not work, but I was doing it anyway.

Modality of the month, serial modalities. Doing multiple modalities at once.

Whoa. I’d gotten caught up in an epidemic in the spiritual community: the addiction to seeking. This was the major turning point in my life. If I'd kept seeking I shudder to think where I'd be today.

A very skinny hamster I suppose.
It was kind of embarrassing to admit it at first. But I had to.
It wasn’t working!

Divine Openings regulars, you probably don’t need to ask yourself this question--I'm preachin' to the choir. You’ve found what works, you’re applying it, and you’re flowing along great. Perhaps you can apply this question to another area of your life.

But those of you who’ve not really jumped into Divine Openings “with all four feet," or those of you who have not gotten the big results of Divine Openings.... if you're still modality mixing and it's not working..... this could be a turning point in your life. All you need to do is ask yourself:

Is It Working?

Seeking addiction keeps us in struggle and suffering and actually prevents us from experiencing the very freedom and peace we’re seeking. Once I was able to recognize and quit my own seeking addiction I became a powerful spiritual teacher and helped a hundred thousand others around the world get off the hamster wheel of seeking.

I coined the term seeking addiction back when people seemed to not notice they were doing it. Think of it this way: if you met your soulmate, but kept dating, what would happen? It’s the same when we know our inner lover is right her inside, but we keep seeking it outside! It negates our union.

The first step is awareness—what I call witnessing, which is you seeing yourself clearly but with compassion--as your Large Self sees you.

Kicking any addiction requires witnessing. It helps to have true desire, willingness, and determination. There are things to do (and not do) that help or hinder our progress. But without a change in thinking, trying to quit an addiction can be like pushing rocks uphill: it’s harder than it needs to be.

The Best News: all addictions are vibrational habits that can be changed much more easily than we’ve been led to believe.

We set things in stone when we diagnose, label and chain ourselves and others to problems or maladies, so as a teacher I don’t do that anymore. It just adds weightiness we don’t need. Psychological diagnoses, physical illnesses, personality traits, and addictions, at their root, are always vibrational in nature. And when we understand how vibration works, over time we can learn to more deliberately manage and impact our vibration—with far more ease than we may have thought possible.

The habit of spiritual seeking usually begins innocently enough. We seek relief from our pain and discomfort from outside sources, only to find that the relief is short-lived. Nevertheless, just like a drug, we become increasingly dependent on these outer things to feel better.
Once a habit is established, its pull is immense. Now we do it just because we did it. Law of Attraction causes us to do more of what we've been doing, until we decide otherwise.
So how exactly did I quit my addiction to spiritual seeking?

Well, first of all, I was ready to stop suffering and struggling. All addictions make us dependent on outside things and sap our freedom. The good news is that the contrast of being enslaved to anything creates a huge desire for freedom.

First, I witnessed it wasn’t working. And boy was it expensive. We humans are funny, though—we don’t always admit it’s not working. I accepted where I was and asked The Presence within what to do. The answer was stop seeking!

The desire for greater awakening instead of dancing around it had grown quite strong in me! Now I was able to stop looking for answers outside myself and go within. I went into an extended period of silence where I looked only within. No outside influences, no sessions, no spiritual books. Sounds horrifying if you’re on the hamster wheel, addicted, doesn’t it?

Leaping off that hamster wheel of sessions and seeking and endless work allowed me to start reconnecting with myself instead of grasping desperately for cures outside.

There was an emotional component. After all, most seekers primarily want relief from feelings they don’t want. The drive to feel better is enormous, and all kinds of addictions get started while seeking ways to feel better. At its core, all emotion is vibrational energy. Feelings exist on an emotional continuum—they’re all the same divine energy, just vibrating at different speeds. Uncomfortable feelings vibrate more slowly than feelings that feel better.

In a curious, free-flowing inner-environment, uncomfortable feelings simply indicate slower-moving vibration that wants to move. We don’t make them wrong but recognize they need the balm of our allowing and acceptance so that they can move.

When I was able to soften and accept whatever I was experiencing, and find acceptance for that moment, I felt better; there was more spaciousness, ease and flow. Softening opened space so energy had room to move, and that felt better!

I created a powerful method for diving into feelings that has helped people all over the world to move old, dense, slow-vibrating energy and rise in vibration.

As I learned to soothe and show up for myself, the need to avoid and resist uncomfortable feelings lessened.

When I lost my fear of feelings, I was free.

For the decades I was seeking, freedom and awakening eluded me, because it really was right here and right now! I just needed to remember how to slow down, focus inward, stop chasing it outside, and simply claim it for myself.

Seeking is an addiction that holds us apart from our power. It soothes the mind to understand why this is. As we become more fluent in the language and practice of witnessing our vibration, we can quickly reclaim power, and we develop new vibrational habits.

Playing at the deeper level of vibration, it’s easy to experience how fluid things are. Nothing is set in stone! Everything is just vibration, and vibration is always changeable.

Savor this possibility!

Lola Jones emanates a powerful vortex of Grace that changes lives and liberates people. She is an international best-selling metaphysical author and teacher who has created one of today’s most influential spiritual teachings. Divine Openings™ guides you beyond the endless cycle of healing and seeking to spiritual empowerment and helps you have a wonderful, awakened life on earth here and now!

Submitted by Gundi
04/14/2020 - 01:51

Liebe Gabi,

gratuliere zu dem gelungenen Artikel.

Frage: handelt es sich bei der o.g. Divine Opening Mentorin Melinda Gates

(editiert und beigetragen von Melinda Gates, Divine Openings Mentorin )

um die Frau von Bill Gates?

Freue mich auf Antwort.

Liebe Grüße





Submitted by Gundi
04/14/2020 - 02:34

Dear Gabi,

congratulations on the successful article.

Question: Is the above mentioned Divine Opening mentor Melinda Gates

(edited and contributed by Melinda Gates, Divine Openings mentor)

about Bill Gates' wife?

I look forward to hearing the answer.


Submitted by Gundi
04/14/2020 - 03:21

Warum wird meine Frage nicht hier in deutsch angezeigt, sondern wechselt automatisch auf die englische Seite?

Liebe Grüße Gundi

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