Imagine Going HIGHER!

by Lola Jones

We really have no idea of what "the next level" is, spiritually and personally until we are
THERE. It's hard to imagine things we've never experienced.

It's hard to see outside your current paradigm.
A fish doesn't know what air is.
What air?
It's hard to know what's beyond your current reality - beyond great, especially.

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For grins, try to imagine what life would be like in "another dimension" that is not physical,
where you could perceive things your senses can't now register, where there are colors you've never seen, and
aromas you've never smelled. Hard to conjure up, isn't it?

I just had an experience of opening up to new and unknown delights. Things have been flowing well. My work is expanding fast. Life is good. Gratitude abounds. Not much ripples my pool. Challenges are handled with grace. It's been a big fun game while making a huge difference in people's lives. During the recent 5 Day Retreat I led, I asked for my "next level" too, but, of course I didn't know what it would be like ..... until it arrived.

Then yesterday, at the end of the 5 Day Silent Retreat, most of the new initiates gave me a Divine Opening. Overnight, my world has opened up to yet a new dimension. The joy has multiplied -- it's a luscious, full-body sensation. Every cell is tingling with life. My senses are even more acute..... and I thought they were sharp before.

There's an unprecedented clarity of spirit, mind, and emotion.... and I thought I was clear before.

Those Divine Openings yesterday stimulated a night of intense unpleasant dreams parading by one after the other--old lower vibrational energies from 30 and 40 years ago moving onward and upward.
Then I woke to an even brighter new world today. It was that easy. That's Divine Openings. No trying to ascend or transcend, but living fully, enjoying life, and letting Grace carry us higher.

Ahhhh...... it is good.

5 Days In Heaven, With Thunderstorms
OK, so I cannot adequately describe to you where the 5 Day Silent Retreat takes you. It is always beyond current perception, yours or mine. But life gets richer and more wonderful than ever before.
Psychological issues literally disappear. Manifesting ability increases. Your relationship with God gets to be personal, like a friend -- not a vague, abstract, visualized, or distant concept.
The massive energy that flows has brought huge flooding storms at the ranch both times. On the last day, the sun shines. The elements seem to assist with making it gentle, and besides, (grin)
I love thunderstorms. Adds some positive, fun drama to my drama-free life.




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