Frequently Asked Questions
about Divine Openings

How do I get enlightened?

  • Spiritual enlightenment, or awakening, or deepening of it, cannot be achieved by reading, learning, studying, thinking, or any intellectual means; it's beyond the mind.
  • The easiest and fastest (although not the only way) is through the Grace of a teacher who has that gift. It is up to you to feel into who is the best teacher for you.
  • Don't let your mind make your decision, because it does not want enlightenment--it wants to avoid it at all costs and stay in control, while pretending to seek enlightenment.
  • Sometimes the teacher you resist at first is the best one for you.
  • Spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and spiritual healing are talked about by many teachers - but just talking about water doesn't quench your thirst. You need the real experience of drinking water.

    Lola Jones is a powerful vessel of Grace.

Don't I need to work hard to become enlightened?

  • No. Seeking and striving must actually stop for enlightement to happen.
  • The mind must be slowed down or stopped to make space and silence for the No-Thing of enlightenment.
  • Language, analysis, and concepts--those heavily defended and fossilized domains of the mind--get in the way of enlightenment. Divine Openings helps you get the mind out of the way, to make room for awakening.
  • Working on yourself is the old paradigm, it's long and frustrating, and it's OVER.
  • In the end your awakening feels like a gift, not something you "achieved."

What are some early signs of enlightenment?

  • Spiritual enlightenment is unique for each person, but there are some classic signs.
  • First you stop suffering and struggling. Suffering and struggle are products of the mind. After you experience Divine Openings for a while, you'll actually have trouble remembering or relating to how you used to suffer.
  • Emotions become valued messengers rather than problems.
  • Issues and challenges resolve quickly.
  • You develop an inner knowing that all is well, no matter what is going on around you.
  • Your experience of daily life, family, and loved ones changes.

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Don't I need a lot of healing work?

  • No, that's a spiritual myth at best. Divine Openings shatters the belief that there is something wrong with you that needs spiritual or emotional healing, clearing, cleansing, or fixing. That belief actually creates a a self-perpetuating cycle of things you need to heal, clear, cleanse, fix, and change.
  • Seeking/healing can become an addiction that actually prevents your arrival at spiritual enlightenment.
  • Divine Openings is intentionally designed to bring Heaven to Earth. When spiritual enlightenment is brought down to Earth, your human needs are met, not sacrificed.
  • Upon your awakening, your experience of reality shifts.You suddenly see you didn't need to work on yourself to pay karma, open your third eye, balance your chakras, do inner child healing, analyze, or relive your problems--or do any of that. All you need is to wake up and LIVE, and life is forever transformed.
  • Now thousands of people around the globe are experiencing spiritual enlightenment instead of just chasing it. Living and evolving, guided from within, naturally, in ease and flow.

What is Divine Openings?

Divine Openings is not a self-help program--it's a Grace-help program.

  • You wake up and remember who you are, and increasingly know yourself as the author of your reality, which equals awakening or enlightenment.
  • You begin get most of your answers from within rather than seeking them outside yourself. Your inner genius flowers, and you begin to develop gifts and talents you didn't know you had.
  • You're happy, even when things don't go as you thought they would, but things do go better in general.
  • You get to that place that other people called charmed, but you begin to call it normal.
  • You're in the flow of Life and Grace does most of the work for you.
  • Things show up when you need it.
  • Relationships, money, and health clear up and flow.
  • Many feel as though The Presence is literally moving them through life.
  • If your hearts desires it, Divine Openings helps you let it in.

Divine Openings is practical spiritual enlightenment.
Divine Openings is personal development and spiritual growth that works in daily life, as well as bringing spiritual bliss and oneness with The Presence. You don't float off and have trouble functioning in this world, you begin to thrill in this Earth Life. Your life works.

What are the two main pieces of Divine Openings?

The two pieces to Divine Openings make it different, complete, and more practical than paths that lack either piece. Both pieces are necessary for long-term success:

1. The Grace Piece - Grace does 90% of the work for you once you know how to allow it in.
2. The Conscious Mind Piece - Retrains your mind to use your Free Will productively. That's your 10% to do. You learn the keys to stay out of the way, and let go and let The Divine do the heavy lifting.

You Can Let Go And Let
The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting Now

What people are saying:

“I've had some extremely powerful reactions to your book and audios. (It) has the power of an atomic reactor. Incandescent internal light was flooding through me... beaming off enough light to keep the east coast lit up for a year. 'Who knew this Lola had such power... & from a recording no less.' " Love, Mark, New York

"Your book, "Things Are Going Great In My Absence, is very beautiful, clear, concise...and HELPFUL. Thank you for your kind assistance. I am enjoying the movement." Dave Chandler

"Hi Lola, I just want to extend my deepest thanks your book has made such a significant change in my life. Yes I am doing a one-man event on Dec 3rd--now that's a Divine Opening! Bless you my sister. Love, Light, and lots of laughter in your wonderful life! Semaj Williams    PS - wish you could be there!"

"While doing the Online Spiritual Retreats, that "everything is a blat" mentality, like my 21 year old daughter has, is coming back to ME!!!" Darci, Bozeman, Montana

What does Divine Openings actually do for me?

  • Divine Openings activates Grace to melt negativity, issues, problems, and limitations away without processing.
  • It puts you back in alignment with your Divine Self, by activating the light and intelligence within you.
  • It bypasses the long, arduous work of therapy and most spiritual paths. The Divine Openings begin to dissolve and melt everything that isn't you.
  • Lower vibrations are raised en masse, yet the process is usually gentle, immediately uplifting, and comforting.
  • Most people feel increased inner connection, peace, and relief from life's stresses after only one book or course. Many experience profound bliss.
  • Divine Openings does activate the flow of kundalini, without trying at all, but there is more to it than that.
  • Once you're plugged back into the flow of Life, life gets increasingly easier.
  • Your ease increases with each year and each course.
  • You're freed from the dominance and limitation of the mind and emotions.
  • Your small self takes a back seat, and your unlimited Large Self gets in the driver's seat. And once that happens, life gets really good. It continues to get better and better, easier and easier, without "working on yourself" -- at all!

Is it energy work?

  • Divine Openings is not energy work. It's a fundamental shift in consciousness that's more comprehensive than that.
  • "Energy work" tunes you up, but then you go back to the old pattern. Divine Openings effects are permanent, not temporary (although you will still have Free Will, and can choose to stay awake or go back to seeking and thus back to "sleep").
  • You are attuned to "a very high frequency information field" rather than receiving energy, although you may certainly feel energy moving.
  • Divine Openings flows a special type of Divine Grace that activates and supports this enlightenment process, so that you can let in all the good and Grace that is being offered to you every minute.
  • You can't put it in a box with energy work or anything else you know.

Aren't all spiritual energies the same?

No. They're all from the same Source, but not the same frequency. In fact, some are much more powerful than others. Like different radio stations that vibrate at various frequencies and play different styles of music, there are many different spiritual frequencies. Unlike popular spiritual modalities such as Reiki, Transcendental Meditation, or The Work, Divine Openings energy brings on spiritual awakening, relief from emotional or mental suffering, and resolves practical life issues like family, relationship, finances, and health.

Some modalities have different strengths of dilution. Meaning if Pure Source is a "100% concentrate", some modalities are a "20% tincture" of Pure Source, so are about 20% effective, leaving much to be "worked on", and that working on one's self goes on for a very long time.

Divine Openings is a very high concentrate of powerful Energy/Light/Intelligence.  It works quickly and en masse. The only variable is how quickly and thoroughly the person immerses, enjoys, and keeps going. It isn't how hard you're willing to work at it--it's how much are you willing to let go and stay out of the way!

How is Divine Openings different from energy work?

There are many types of energy work, so we can't address all of them specifically, but generally:

  • Divine Openings is an enlightenment initiation or deepening, not a "healing." You only need healing if you're sick. Divine Openings does offer a Divine Healing for physical issues, and your ability to self-heal increases, since all dis-ease is vibrational, and most is past trauma or stress related. Divine Openings dramatically reduces stress and trauma early on in the process without trying.
  • A Divine Opening affects you globally--all of you at once. Energy work is usually done to address "a particular issue" or fix something. Energy work drags on forever as there's always another issue, in that paradigm.
  • With energy work there are always more "issues" to deal with. It actually creates more issues by looking for them and focusing energy on them.
  • YOU can wander off (you have Free Will) but Divine Openings doesn't wear off. Energy work often wears off, or you return to the old vibration the healer changed for you. A healer can't take over your Free Will. You must learn to manage it, and Divine Openings shows you precisely how, and supports you while you master it.
  • Very often you have to keep getting other types of "healing work" forever. Not with Divine Openings. It puts you on the automatic upgrade program.  Some people want a teacher for life, and either way is your choice.
  • Divine Openings WAKES YOU UP rather than fixing you or healing your emotions. The issues aren't "healed" (they weren't a sickness,) they just fade away as you awaken more and more to the real you. The old issues just become irrelevant or unreal to you as you wake up.
  • Divine Openings operates beyond human consciousness. Energy work is often done by a practitioner who is getting in the way mentally.

Is Divine Openings the only way to enlightenment?

No, of course not! But it's the best, easiest, and fastest we've ever experienced. It not only works, but continues to expand automatically if you stick with it, so we're just not interested in seeking other stuff. Once you find your True Love, you stop dating (we hope!)

If you find a more comprehensive and easier path, let us know.

Who Is Lola Jones?

Lola Jones is a teacher with powerful God-given gifts. Lola spent 21 days in complete silence and solitude in 2006 and emerged with a profound gift to change people's lives. She lives a quiet life in the mountains, and doesn't tour or seek a large following; nevertheless her work spread to 150 countries through word of mouth.

Spiritual Enlightenment through Divine Openings with Lola JonesA powerful and tangible attunement is received just by spending time hearing her speak or being with her for a period of time. Many experience it as energy, tingling, vibrating in their body. You receive pure Divine Energy, not Lola's energy.

You've probably heard of saints and teachers like Sai Baba who channel pure Grace. Some call the gift bringing down the Holy Spirit, rapture, quickening, awakening, "darshan," or Christ Consciousness.

What you call it is irrelevant, as The Divine is The Divine is The Divine in any language, religion, or non-religion. The All That Is isn't picky about the titles and labels you put on it (big grin). Lola has even awakened atheists. Really! (bigger grin.)

Any powerful teacher just helps the student hold attunement to the higher vibration until the student can maintain it themselves.

How long till I see positive progress?

Most people notice changes in how they feel within weeks. Some light up quickly. Some take longer. It's all up to you how much you want to let go and release resistance to your Large Self.

Most enjoy the journey so much that they stop asking, "Are we THERE yet???" The more you relax, the faster it can go! Commit to whatever timetable it takes for you, and don't compare yourself to others.

The only possible way to fail to get it is to stop. Keep going.

Our goal is for you to become inner-guided as soon as possible. You are free when you can receive most of the guidance you need from within, and keep your vibration up consistently, and ride the waves when you do dip.

You'll know when you're free: the questions, suffering, and doubts in life disappear. If you're wondering if you're enlightened, or if you're all proud of how enlightened you are, you're not there yet. Relax and enjoy the journey. Every step of this journey is good!

Does it always work?

Yes, if you stay with it. The only variable is how quickly and thoroughly the student commits.

While Divine Openings is as close to miraculous and effortless as we have seen, you have Free Will. It is still up to you to commit, allow it in, and enjoy practicing the principles.

It is clear when you've reached mastery and have passed through Portal Five: life is great in all areas from relationships to money to spiritual connection. Most of your needs are answered from within. You are free of desperate seeking and the need to have someone fix, heal, cleanse, or clear you.

This is a process, albeit the easiest process we've ever seen. Gentle is good. You would probably not enjoy it if all your old conditioning, programming, and stagnant energy moved all at once, today.

Your evolution continues for life. The effects do not "fade" although you may still encounter contrasts.

What if I feel nothing?

It doesn't matter. It's still working.
There are several reasons why some do not feel a Divine Opening, or even feel the bliss soon:

  • Numbness. As the numbness is melted away, you begin to feel more, and get results.
  • Divine Openings may have to melt through a lot of resistance.
  • Some people have more difficulty letting it in. If they stay with it, it always works.
  • Divine Openings works on you at many levels, and many of those levels cannot be perceived by your human senses.
  • The flashy experiences some have do not mean they're getting more than you.

Read this if you've felt nothing during your Divine Openings

Who is Divine Openings for?

Anyone. Both the spiritually advanced wishing to go higher or who haven't found the practical life solutions--and complete beginners.

It works for anyone, of any religion or spiritual path, and those with no faith at all.

Do I have to believe in something or someone?

No. People of all faiths and no faith at all benefit. Lola has even worked with atheists, who can still have "an experience" of something within, even if they don't choose to call it God.

How is a Divine Opening invoked?

  1. Simply being in the room with Lola Jones is the most potent Divine Opening. Being with her on retreat for five days is life-changing.
  2. By hearing Lola’s audios, videos, or on webinars.
  3. Lola gives an even stronger Divine Opening through the eyes, in person, in retreats.
  4. From being in the energy vortex infused in the land where Lola lives or gives retreats.
  5. It is transmitted through the books, art, music.
  6. Across space and time by intention.

What does the Divine Opening do inside of me?

It initiates or activates enlightenment. The "energy and information" in the Divine Opening catalyzes changes in your entire being that eventually free you from the interference of the mind. When you are no longer run by the mind’s limitations, clouded perceptions, fears, emotions, interpretations and judgments, a natural clarity of perception occurs, with accompanying spontaneous feelings of joy, inner calmness and connection to the Oneness in everything. 

It has long been observed that the brain wave patterns of enlightened masters were different than those of other people. Regular people have, until now, struggled to try and sustain enlightened thinking and functioning. Now, through Divine Grace, it's possible for everyone to have that same type of brain function, naturally, without effort.

Over time, Divine Openings softens and melts away negativity, hurt, anger, fear, unworthiness, karma, old conditioning, beliefs, and any lower vibration that is not your true essence. You simply find yourself being, feeling, and acting different. At first it feels miraculous, but soon it feels natural -- because it is the true, natural you!

What might I experience after receiving a Divine Opening?

Experiences vary, sometimes very dramatic and strong, sometimes subtle, sometimes delayed until many days later. Occasionally, nothing is consciously perceived in the first few Divine Openings or beyond, but be assured that you are being worked on at a deep level. Changes may occur in your life in the weeks following. Some people require a number of Divine Openings to begin to feel it or see changes.

It often works underground before the effects show on the surface. Of course, many have profoundly obvious effects immediately. Part of it depends on your level of resistance, but "miles on the spiritual path" are no guarantee that your resistance has lowered at all! Divine Openings eventually melts even the strongest resistance if that is your desire.

Common reactions include tingling or vibrating sensations, bliss and joy, miraculous events, temporary headaches, heat, sleeping for a long time, bliss, laughter, becoming energized, emotions rising out of nowhere, then passing, and life situations coming to a head. Occasionally very strong negative emotions arise for no apparent reason. But if none of this is resisted, it all passes quickly, leaving you feeling great, and with new options opening up.

You're given all the tools you need to navigate the changes in the books and courses.

You can trust that the process is perfect --  designed by Divine Grace, uniquely for you, and will lead gradually (or sometimes quickly) to your Awakening. Some experience rapid enlightenment, while most receive Divine Openings over time for a more gradual transformation. You are unique.

The changes the awakening process brings are unfamiliar and can sometimes be perplexing at first, but with a bit of guidance and the teachings of Divine Openings, it can be quite easy. The book is indispensible to the process and is included with all courses. Learn more about the book.

Who can offer Divine Openings to others?

Divine Openings can be invoked by Lola Jones and those who have received the full training Divine Openings Guide Certification, training, and initiation. This prepares the Guide to handle the exceptionally intense energy that is invoked with balance and stability. They are trained to give the highest quality sessions and courses. They are psychologically, emotionally, and physically successful, and are spiritually prepared to hold the proper field of resonance.

How is this related to The Secret and the Law of Attraction work?

Divine Openings includes some Law of Attraction teachings, but much more in the conscious mind part of the course. Law of Attraction finally makes sense to you and works consistently for you. You finally feel in control of your life, yet unattached to the details and the "hows."

Divine Grace overrides Law Of Attraction, karma, and other forces, temporarily--this gives you a boost so you can catch your breath and get some momentum. People often say that they had difficulty with Law of Attraction working for them .... until Divine Openings. That's Divine Grace at work.

When you fully "wake up," you will simply walk away from the old realities. You'll reclaim your power to create your reality "outside The Matrix," beyond the illusions we've always been taught to believe, and that society continues to live by. You will see clearly how all your unwanted manifestations were created. You will learn precisely how to let in what you want.

For years before Divine Openings, Lola had been mystified by some of her own creations ("Yikes, I couldn't have created THAT!") and like many of us, had become skeptical of all the claims that we really do create our own reality.

For all the talk about "raising your vibration" has it seemed like there was no clear, sure-fire way to do it? Now there is a step by step process, and The Divine helps you. No more mystery about how and why things in life happen the way they do. The only mystery that remains is the beautiful Divine mystery that can never quite be comprehended by the mind, but can only be felt by the heart.

What about past life karma I must pay, or childhood wounds?

Divine Openings frees you from all of that. Karma is an outdated concept, similar to the concept that God is judgmental and angry. Divine Openings frees you from karma, completely, and all at once.

Childhood wounds are melted away with Divine Openings, without any work or processing. One looks back and shakes one's head at all the years spent working on "childhood and parent issues". Thinking that it takes a long time is a trick of the mind that keeps humanity in bondage. It happens very quickly with Divine Openings.

More on other "metaphysical stuff". Other programs, paths, and topics, and how Divine Openings does or does not relate.

What if I don't believe in God or anything "spiritual"?

It doesn't matter. It's still there whether you believe in it or not. Divine Openings works whether you believe or not, although you must allow it. You get your own evidence as you go. If you say, "I don't believe in gravity," the laws of the Universe still affect you whether you believe in them or not, so it's wise to learn how they work. Try Divine Openings with an open mind--but not so open that your brains fall out--there is a lot of metaphysical stuff out there that does not work.

Personal growth and development accelerates effortlessly with this direct experience of the invisible Non-Physical life at the source of our physical reality.

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