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Healthy holistic spiritual bliss vacation retreat California, Europe, Germany



Spiritual bliss AND practical life solutions--natural results of Divine Openings retreats in California and Europe.

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This spiritual retreat is more pleasurable than any vacation.

  • What if 'healthy' wasn't boring?
  • What if spiritual and personal growth was pleasure, not hard work?
  • What if what you get stays with you for the rest of your life?
  • Or even expands?

Well, that's just how Divine Openings retreats work!

Beyond a Spiritual Path ~ It's a Holistic, Pleasurable Lifestyle

Too often vacations and retreats "wear off," and all that's left is the credit card bill. This spiritual vacation is never over, you take it all home with you. Many healthy retreats are austere, the food tastes like grass clippings, and the activities are drudgery, or downright embarrassing. Not this one!

This profound 5-day silent retreat feels like a holistic vacation, but unlike ordinary vacations, the effects last a lifetime.  It's an investment in yourself that keeps compounding.

We luxuriate in the powerful Grace vortex Lola Jones evokes, enjoy deep ecstatic states, laugh, enjoy amazing music, and feel free as you felt when you were a child.

You'll eat delicious gourmet food that is surprisingly healthy, move your body in the unexpectedly pleasurable ways, swim (at the California retreats.) You might walk by the ocean or in the woods, do Tibetan Rejuvenation, non-habitual movement, or other gentle, fun exercise, and ... well ... we like to pleasantly surprise you so we don't reveal all of it. No one has complained, but many have fallen in love with this new lifestyle.

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Bathed in a vortex of Grace

You're bathed in a vortex of pure Divine Grace every minute you're here. There's lots of resting and relaxing to help you assimilate the powerful energies. Your biggest decisions are likely to be whether you'd enjoy a nap, a walk, or a swim more. Your overworked mind gets a complete and total rest.

Meditation gets easy. You stay at the quiet, peaceful retreat center surrounded by pristine nature and wildlife the entire time, walk the peaceful grounds, take hikes if you like, and eat delicious food three times a day, indoors or out--your choice.

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Basic Travel Planning


Basic travel planning

Once you register you get every detail you could possibly need, even a packing list. And a roster of attendees to coordinate flights, rides and car pools.

It IS miraculous what can happen when you get completely out of the way for five days, focus on peace and pleasure, and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. How does that play out in practical terms? See what people write to us

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"Dearest Lola, Thank you sooooo much for the love you showered on us! The retreat far surpassed all of my expectations! I'm feeling an effervescent excitement of what's to come! You're the BEST!"  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,

"After the incredible 5 day silent retreat I am amazed that the flow just continues. The 5 day retreat not only lifted me to a higher vibration that seems so steady, wonderful and easy--I even lost weight, and wanted to continue those energizing, invigorating, pleasures afterward. That was a big surprise for me."

"I never realized how easy life can be... and enJOYable!  I really can just let go and let the Divine do the heavy lifting as you say.  WOW!!!  I'm excited every day to see what the Divine has in store for me and I just want to open more and more.  Life has never been better and the best is yet to come.  I am sending you all my thanks and love and I am so grateful to you for providing this space for me to meet my Divine Larger self and fall in love."

"I got a new job today. Woo hoo! And not just a job, but a career! I no longer need to take my thyroid medicine. Lots of miracles going on in my life now . . . now that I'm willing and able to let them in. And I got there by taking a spiritual vacation with The Presence and treating myself to more pleasure?!? Thank you for the wonderful work you do!"

What happens for people after the 5 Day Retreat?

They're so busy feeling good and enjoying the freedom and new, more profound and effortless inner focus, they're surprised at what happened while they were simply "out of the way." Without seeming to have "done anything" or "processed anything" they go home and discover revived relationships, unexpected money, new jobs or rejuvenated careers, increased power and ability to make a difference in their old careers, resolved family problems, remission of serious diseases, and many other blessings, all from the blessing of Grace.

You experience this new and different reality directly rather than just seek it, talk about it, or read about it. You get the tools and support to sustain this wonderful state of being and continue to unfold and expand. Then you go home and continue on with your Bliss Maintenance Online Retreat, included free to support you in this new joyful, pleasurable, healthier lifestyle.

Amazing things happen for you when you go home this lit up, invigorated, and refreshed deep to your core in body, mind, and spirit. 

Some take the 5 Day Silent Retreat just for their own personal and spiritual development.

To unlock their own Divine Intelligence and talents to apply in any career or walk of life. Others do it so they can heal their own or others' physical illnesses, and some continue on into full training to be a Certified Divine Openings Guide--to catalyze dramatic transformation in people's lives on all levels. Some do it just because it's heavenly. If you're already a holistic healer, teacher, or counselor, becoming a Divine Openings Guide changes your personal world and your work. Help people with less stress on you-- people get better faster, easier, and tell lots more people. The way Divine Openings spreads by word of mouth is astounding.


Photo from the deck at Lola's former home in Ojai, CA, up at "hawk's eye level."


The 5 Day Spiritual Retreat isn't "work"

With Divine Openings, we don't work on ourselves, but we evolve rapidly through pleasurable practices and JOY. The retreat opens up your pipes to let more Grace and good in effortlessly, and it puts you on the "automatic download program" so you don't have to work at your spiritual and personal development anymore--you just do your small part to stay on track and your life keeps expanding and evolving.

Even those who've been on spiritual paths all their lives find elevation, expansion, new JOY. They find a new ability to bring their spiritual enlightenment down to earth in their relationships, families, finances, careers, inner guidance, daily decisions, creativity, happiness, health, and more.

And yes, they find deep pleasure--often for the first time.

Spiritual enlightenment Cyndi

Spiritual awakening happens or deepens even for beginners, reach expanded states quickly in this delicious healthy pleasure retreat. Get off the hamster wheel of endless seeking and begin to ground your spiritual enlightenment in your body, and then watch it affect your practical life.

You don't have to be at any certain level--it's for all levels, beginner to advanced. You can register and read Lola's book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence as you prepare to come, but you must finish the book before you arrive.

One desperate woman's life was falling apart and she was addicted to painkillers. She did this retreat just after reading the book, and one month after her retreat her entire life had changed, and she continues to expand and evolve.

Another man recently was barely able to walk, on crutches, and in constant pain (he had a motorcycle accident in which he broke four vertebrae eight years ago.) He was dancing with us by day two. He walked out pain free.

Experience more peace, harmony, prosperity, clarity, creativity, vitality, youthfulness, fulfillment and happiness just through basking in this vortex of Grace--without working on yourself. Divine Openings is not a dogma, and it's more than a spiritual path--it's makes possible a joyful, balanced holistic lifestyle, and this retreat starts you living it NOW.

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