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Healing + Vibration Raising, LIVE with Lola Jones

Lola Jones spiritual healer

Healing + Vibration Raising, LIVE with Lola Jones

February 8 & 10, 2022, 10 - 11:30am Pacific

Tuition is only $299.
You get the BONUS $199 Health Course FREE.

The Health Course alone is $199 value when registered separately, but you get it FREE with this webinar! The course has all the media from the past Healing Webinars in addition to the media from this one.

It's your treasure trove of resources to heal yourself and stay healthy and revitalized.

If I can get the media in the course, why take this webinar live?

Because being in Lola's vortex live is super powerful. She addresses your specific needs, feels with you, helps you move energy using her own body, works with you in the Non-Physical between meetings, and personally counsels all who need it. 

Measurable results.

Lola has you rate your issue at the start, as you go, and at the end, and she makes sure you get what you need. We used to do 3 meetings, but everyone was satisfied by the end of the 2nd meeting.


From Participants

"I had dislocated a vertebra, which is now back inside, without the physiotherapist. I no longer have back pain. Almost nothing hurts me now. My body became smaller, my energy bigger. Great, great, great. Thank you!!!!" Katrin H

"I wanted to do more dancing, and now I can -- no more back pain!" Gabi Tachakor

"I saw a huge chunk of family patterns disappearing. I feel completely different! There is now clear access to my own Energy." Bettina v

"I am so in bliss. I want to laugh all of the day and I have to giggle a lot." Stephi F

"...nice to see and feel the energies moving. It is really important to realize again and again that we are made of energy and can "play" with it. I felt better already the first day, and today I didn't need pain pills and diarrhea medicine." Ute S


Kordula's Healing Story

People have healed of all sorts of things, and many others have taken the Healing series to feel younger, more vibrant, and more energetic. That's what happened for Kordula when she attended an event with Lola, and she didn't even expect it. Just being in Lola's energy is healing.

Lola Jones retreat deutschland

NEW! Healing Webinar Series Registering now

Receive live healings. Lola has had recent increases in healing ability.

Lola works with you between meetings, in the Non-Physical, and even beyond that if you need it. 

  • We waived the Portal 1 prerequisite so everyone is eligible for this Healing Webinar Series.
  • But this IS a life path, so if you want full life results that last and keep expanding, Portal 1 is essential for your conscious mind retraining and foundational knowledge.
  • Great for people feeling very heavy and resistant, too, as long as you are immersed in the Divine Openings path and doing your 10%. If you are modality mixing, please do not attend. That blocks your progress and confuses your energy.

Lola is so excited to share her new developments with you in this live event.

Other important information: 

  • Lola creates new leading-edge material in each series.
  • Audios and videos are posted for you to enjoy again. 

Register, then click My Account at top of website > Webinar Access.

Why webinars instead of sessions?

These small, intimate webinars work so well--even for big issues -- that now Lola rarely needs to give sessions anymore. And she mostly only gives sessions to those in the Mentoring Program.

In these webinars you'll get fresh new, leading-edge methods and techniques that aren't in any course or book. Lola is guided to do just what you need. Having the spotlight off you allows you to relax and get out of the way.

Often you'll feel shifts on the spot, but much of the magic happens between meetings.

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