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Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year 2022!

01/01/2022 - 12:09 Submitted by Lola Jones

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Members of Portal 2, join us for a FREE Create Your New Year Webinar on January 18th. Of course, Portal 3 to 5 members can attend too, because you've done Portal 2! Check the Enter Your Courses page for the date, time, and how to log on.

Happy New Year 2022 to All!

A friend in Germany sent me the fabulous video, and it has the light-hearted spirit of the holiday that I'd like to share with you. Watch it full screen with the sound on! 

I'm appreciating 2021. We saw our grandaughter a lot and we're her favorite people to be with(!) -- we made PlayDough creatures last visit.

So many of you have had wonderful results and breakthroughs, and that makes me happy happy happy.

Gifted new teammates who love what they do joined our Divine Openings crew, while our brightest shining veterans stayed with us.

Appreciate everything you can think of about 2021, focus on that, and it lines you up for a great 2022. 

We've had a fabulous year and we're loving completing it with Mom here. We laugh a lot with her, and we have tons of inside, ongoing jokes.

We canceled our plans and are celebrating at home tonight. We didn't want to take my 86 year old Mom to the crowded club -- our super health-nut, vaccinated, 42-year-old, close male relative got painfully ill with you-know-what last week, and my cousin's very healthy, vaccinated, 52-year-old guy friend died of it Christmas Day.

I'm not worried for myself, but my mom and husband are more vulnerable. I trust that my exit from this life will be perfectly timed -- Mom and Scott have their own beliefs and preferences.  I believe in being considerate of others in situations like this.

Take the very best care of yourself and the ones you love. See you soon!

Love, joy, and Grace,

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