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Receive Grace from a Divine Mother Hug

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Receive Your Divine Mother Hug Here

The Divine Mother Hug at the bottom of this page is our gift to site visitors.

Lola Jones is a powerful teacher who can give Divine Mother Hugs, even online, that could alter your life. The Presence knows no limits of space and time. Lola gives healings and Divine Openings remotely to anywhere in the world.

To get the full benefit and keep yourself aligned and out of the way, read Lola's foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence (see it below.)

Divine Openings allows you to receive powerful Grace online.

Benefits of a Divine Mother Hug:
-- It doesn't accelerate energy like a Divine Opening does.
-- Soothes, softens, relaxes you.
-- Helps you feel nurtured and loved. If you never had a nurturing Mother/Father figure, this helps fill that void so you can mature.
-- Helps you release resistance to Grace.
-- Slows you down, yet helps you catch up with the acceleration that's already happened from the Divine Openings in the book.
-- Perfect for when you're too revved up.
-- Grounds you.
-- Softens your resistance to what has already been given to you in the Non-Physical, so you can let it into the physical.
-- There is no waiting time between Divine Mother hugs. Have as many as you want.

In this new paradigm, after reading Things Are Going Great In My Absence, you don't have to keep seeking and doing practices forever. There should come a day when you even stop receiving Divine Openings and just go within when you have a need. You can read the book again with or without doing the Divine Openings again. Tap into your Large Self, fly high, and feel good.

Be sure you accelerate only as fast as you can release resistance to it.

Resistance is like having your foot on the brake, and more Divine Openings put the other foot on the accelerator. You'll burn up your engine and your brakes! First release resistance, then accelerate a bit more.

If you’re still resisting feelings, not allowing change, and not letting go to the new energy, don't do more Divine Openings until you release resistance a bit. Do your 10% and use the tools in the Portals to soften, allow, and let go. In other words, get your foot off the brake before you put the pedal to the metal!

Relax, let go, and catch up with the acceleration that's already trying to move your forward. Let in the Grace that's already raining on you rather than asking for more more more. Have more fun.
spiritual retreat dates US, GermanyIn practical terms, to release big resistance to Grace: re-read the book, actually do the easy, fun activities (reading them isn't enough) and have more Divine Mother Hugs. I created this page so you can receive a Divine Mother Hug if you can't receive one in person at a retreat or on a webinar.

IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure Divine Openings hasn’t become work. It's all too easy to drag the old "working on yourself" paradigm into Divine Openings and dilute it without even realizing you're doing that.

Take steps toward your heart's desires, do what you're guided to do instead of holding back.

Eventually, you'll stop receiving Divine Openings. (Lola quit receiving them ten years ago.) You're awake. You just tap into your Large Self--that's the intended result of Divine Openings. Once you can tap in very powerfully on your own, you might never receive another formal Divine Opening.

Divine Openings taps you into that automatic upgrade program. You'll just keep evolving. Take the online retreat courses to give you something fun and vibrationally compatible to focus upon, to support you in your new reality, and to help you through particularly challenging things. Then this high vibration becomes your new set point, your new habit.

It's just seeking in disguise if you think you need a Divine Opening per week for the rest of your life to feel good. Let go of all that old paradigm stuff. At some point, everything falls away, and there is nothing to do except go within, let the expansion continue, stay out of the way, and live life.

Let in the help you need until then.


Your Divine Mother Hug

This photograph of Lola Jones carries the full intention of a Divine Mother Hug.
Gaze for a couple of minutes, then close your eyes and relax.

things are going great in my absence Lola Jones Divine Openings

Your Divine Openings Journey Begins Here

THE book: Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting


"I am so excited by the expanded awareness and vibration the online course content and audios give me. I only ordered it yesterday and I GET IT!!!!! WOOHOO!!!" Tracey


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