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Getting Grounded

Some may wonder, why would you need to be fully in your body?

Wouldn't it be nicer to be, as the Pink Floyd song says, "comfortably numb"?

Well, if numb was the only way you could survive once upon a time when you were young, it was a good temporary strategy. But to become fully enlightened, happy, inner-guided, and fulfilled, first get fully in your body.

The reason most people started numbing out or leaving their body was emotional or physical pain. If they were very, very sensitive, it was even more tempting to stop feeling.

Problem is, when you can't feel, you can't navigate, and you can't feel things coming in time to change your trajectory. That's why numb people, or people who only partially inhabit the body, are constantly being surprised at the things that happen to them--they couldn't feel it coming. Those of us who can feel know it's coming when it's still miles away.

Unfortunately the situation is worsened when spiritual paths help you do the "spiritual bypass"; that's where you try to transcend your feelings and ignore your body. That's why many spiritual people are sick and broke--they've stopped listening to the valuable signals that feelings and the body bring. They're trying to bypass feeling or make it go away, or feel only the high feelings, and think only the high thoughts. That is like taping over your car's gauges, so you never notice that you're out of gas or that the engine is overheating--it's trouble in the making.

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Is suffering noble? No, we think not.

Some paths make suffering noble, but that only creates more suffering, and the student rationalizes that suffering is good, and never rises above it. Divine Openings ends suffering while honoring feelings, the body, and the gifts they both are.


Liberation comes from feeling and embracing all experiences, and inhabiting the body fully. The unpleasant feelings are felt, appreciated, and they move. Each feeling and thought is valuable information that helps you navigate life, even if you don't like it. Simple. Divine Openings is simple, but to open up enough to be able to actually do it, and feel the Grace lift that Lola Jones foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence provides can be life-savingly valuable. That book guides you through several months of "experience" so it cannot be summarized in an article.


Getting in your body is an experience, not a concept you can achieve with your mind. As a matter of fact, if you usually try to figure everything out in your head and navigate by your intellect, that is the first red flag that you are not sufficiently in your body.

In Divine Openings we do not aspire to ascend out of the body and we don't make physical life wrong or even inferior; we bring The Presence more fully into the physical. Heaven is right here on Earth.

Your body is actually your naviagational Instrument Panel, and its readings guide you. When you're numb or not fully in your body, you can't read your Instrument Panel. Lola Jones foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence teaches you precisely how to read your Instrument Panel, and the Divine Openings in it actively open you up to feel more and deeper. It is a gradual experience, not a concept you can do with your mind.

Leaving your body is a form of abandonment. In Divine Openings "abandonment issues" caused by childhood wounds or being left by a lover disappear, so we never need to talk about it.

But if you abandon yourself, and stuff that aspect of yourself into a deep, dark dungeon, you are being cruel to yourself. That will inhibit your enlightenment and make you unhappy and dead inside. You want to "BE there for yourself" and in your body. This means valuing yourself, getting your worthiness, letting good in, letting love in, not abusing your body with food, substances, or unhealthy relationships.

Some say, "Oh, I feel a lot. A lot of suffering!" That is not the type of feeling we're talking about here. Once you are allowing all feelings to freely flow through you, all suffering stops. Once you stop resisting feeling, all feelings rise in frequency to a high vibration. It is the endless stories you tell about your pain and your lower vibrations that hold you in suffering.

Pain + resistance to feeling it = suffering

Once you consistently allow all feelings to freely flow through you, all suffering stops. Again, you cannot get this with your brain, you must take the ride, and have the experience. The place to begin is Lola Jones foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence

If you've read it and you are still not in your body, you must make a serious commitment to get in your body and feel, and it will happen.

Here are some ways you might keep yourself numb:

  • Getting hung up in the victim story rather than feeling the feeling without the story
  • Trying to figure it all out in your head or live in your thoughts
  • Wanting others, or the world, to change so you don't have to feel bad
  • Instead of feeling your own feelings, you eat (gain weight), drink, talk, or use substances, distract yourself, or focus on others
  • So much old negative feeling has built up you can't go there
  • Do a spiritual path that devalues the material world, or promises to help you ascend out of the body, as if that is a valuable goal

Those who are numb often go into helping professions to avoid feeling themselves, and so they abandon themselves. We're often surprised at how even very psychic people can't feel their own feelings but can feel other people's feelings. You cannot help enough other people to make up for taking care of yourself, and you may end up bitterly lamenting, "Why do I help so many and yet I'm not happy, healthy, and fulfilled?" That is why.

If others abandon you, it is only an accurate reflection of how you've abandoned, devalued, or neglected yourself. Start being there for yourself, which means taking care of yourself and choosing wisely for yourself, and watch the love gush to you from all directions.

Experience is more powerful than reading or thinking.
Do this activity if you want the results.

ACTIVITY: Six Ways To Get In Your Body

Before you do any of the activities below--first, compassionately acknowledge that you had good reasons to stop feeling, but do not think about or bring up the reasons. (If you get caught up in your mental story you will get lost in it and distract yourself from actually feeling). Thinking, venting, and analyzing is old-paradigm, it does not help, and it creates more low vibration.

Put a tiny smile on your lips, and intend love, softness, and sweetness to yourself.

Play with just one of these methods each day for a few seconds to ten minutes. Don't make it into "work" if you want to progress quickly. Make it a pleasure game so your body wants to live and feel!

With any of the methods below, feelings will arise.
That's the point. Welcome them!

Notice if you resist the feelings that arise. If you resist them, your progress stops. If you allow them, your liberation is underway now that the obstacle (your fear of feelings) is removed. The book and audios on this page teach you how to embrace and be with the feelings that arise.

1. The Iron Ball

  • Sit in a chair.
  • Imagine a big, heavy iron ball like a basketball inside your head.
  • Now, with a big slow breath, let it slide or drop it to the base of your torso so you feel weight down there right where you sit.
  • Imagine another big, heavy iron ball like a basketball inside your neck.
  • Now with a big slow breath, let it slide or drop it to the base of your torso so you feel even more weight down there right where you sit.
  • Imagine another big, heavy iron ball like a basketball inside your chest.
  • Now with a big slow breath, let it slide or drop it to the base of your torso so you feel even more weight down there.

2. Breath Method
Breathe in through the crown of your head, and out through the soles of your feet for about ten minutes. Relax and make it pleasurable and fun.

3. Feet Method
Recline in a relaxing position, and imagine Lola is holding both your feet. You may feel actual hands holding your feet and it will gently help you get comfortable being in your body again.

4. If you've read Lola Jones foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence you are probably tapped in enough to simply intend to get in your body, so keep it simple. Mean it with all your heart and it will begin to happen. Touch your attention to your first and second chakras every time you think about it, and they will respond with more presence, vitality, and grounded energy.

5. The Diving In Audio Set gently helps you feel, but it only works when you also absorb the foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.       
Read about it

6. If you find yourself very resistant to feeling, just getting on the Divine Openings path will begin to melt that numbness away. If you're really resistant you can always take the online First Aid Retreat for Strong Analytical Minds or the First Aid Retreat for Depression/Anxiety.

People often develop a strong analytical mind to avoid feeling. Or they go into depression, which is absence of feeling and a low, stagnant vibration.


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