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But here are a few as gifts to you!
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1. Keys to Worthiness, from a 5 Day Silent Retreat. 
The best ever on this subject. Lola channels very cleanly when she does sessions, and these audios capture it. It is as if she's speaking to you if this is what you need to hear.

Lola Jones - Keys to Worthiness

2. On the July 22nd Group Session, we talk about deep debt and finances, and helping family, although the larger context is always enlightenment and spiritual development.

Of course the Divine Openings at the end is very powerful, so be sure you have the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence before receiving it. Turn the audio off at that point if you don't have the book.

Lola Jones - Group Call July 22 - 65min

3.  Lola was interviewed by Suzanne Eder, 35 minutes, one click streaming.
Lola Jones interviewed about spiritual awakening with Divine Openings - audio


4. Lola interviewed by Saskia, a student who ghost writes personal development books for famous authors, on Saskia's own radio show. 

Long Interview with Saskia

Short Interview - Lola's Guru Secrets

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Lola simply cannot stop creating, we constantly add new audios and videos for you, and the spiritual energy gets higher and higher all the time. These courses never stop gaining in content, new leading edge material, and value.

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