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When Taking Score... Cheat!

It's important to focus where you want to go, not on what's wrong. Forgive yourself for mistakes and try again. Making yourself wrong holds you back. Here's a more fun way to remember this.

"When you're taking score of how you're doing -- cheat."

I never take score unless the score is in my favor. It makes me a very unpopular Scrabble partner, but it's great for living a happy life.

If something goes well, I take score. "Point counted!" I rave about it, pump it up, celebrate it, talk about it, and make it a big, big, BIG deal.

If something goes south, you'll probably never hear me mention it.

If the "point" is not in my favor, I don't count it. Some say I'm denying reality. And their point is?

Talking about something is not just DESCRIBING reality, it's CREATING reality.

So why would I want to create more stuff that's not in my favor? Your speaking is a form of creativity.

That person who gives you a hard time for ignoring "hard facts" may not realize that they often delete facts too. It's often the good stuff they're discounting and deleting!

You make the rules.

The game of life does have rules, but the more you receive Divine Openings, the more you realize you're making up the rules.... you're even creating your own game.

My rules say I don't have to count it if I don't like it.  I get unlimited "do-overs."  Remember those from your childhood? I've extended my childhood indefinitely. Michael occasionally poses as my "Ambassador To Reality" .... but you know, my reality works really well! I use my creativity consciously, knowing that every time I speak, I'm increasing a certain vibration.

So next time something happens that you don't like, just don't take score. If something hasn't arrived yet that you want, don't take score yet. Delay taking score, and you speed up its arrival (by staying out of the way and not reversing its progress.) Say, "It's on its way. The Divine is doing the heavy lifting."

If something you didn't want happens, don't take score.

Say "I don't have to count it. I'll give it as little attention as possible."

If you're still alive, the game's obviously not over yet.

How do ya like those rules?

More Fun...

Reader Pamela Russell sent me one of those wonderful emails we get several times a day telling me what's happened for her since she's been reading the book and receiving Divine Openings from it. Then she shared the most delightful idea!

She says, "Something that helped me "tip the nose up" is that every time I started to feel myself sliding backwards, I smile.  Whether it was an outward smile or just an inside smile... I smiled.  Whenever there was a hint of me going someplace I knew was my small self.... I smiled.  It works great."

Thank you Pamela for that wise, witty, playful suggestion. It's the simplest and most joyful things that work, especially now that working on ourselves is OVER, thank God! And of course, once you've had Divine Openings, every little thing you do works easier, more powerfully, and with less efforting.

Congratulations for taking time out of your busy day to read this and smile.
We give our time to so many things in daily life without asking if it's really valuable, or uplifting.

Witness your thoughts and words and get picky about how you take score!



PS - Divine Openings' 5 Portals of Awakening gives you all you need to keep your vibration high and getting higher. All you need to allow a happy, successful life. 

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