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A Beautiful Mystery



My mom has been visiting me for a week at a time, and is awakening more each time. You can roughly gauge your awakening by others around you awakening. She now takes in stride the miraculous things that happen around here. Savor the delicious mystery in this story.

As I went to the door to let my dog Honey back in early this morning, I suddenly flashed to a time years ago when I found her bloody and ripped up by two neighbor dogs. How odd it was to think of that, but I smiled with appreciation that she's healthy and happy now.

Two minutes later, my mom walked in and said, "When I looked at Honey just now, I saw her back covered with blood! I know she's fine, I see that now - but I 'SAW' BLOOD all over her, and this feeling swept over me, and now I'm not so sad about your daddy's death anymore. I feel peace for the first time in a year and a half. I can't explain it." This is a woman who's been saying she can't go on living without her soul mate of 55 years.

Shivers ran head to toe. I nodded in silent understanding and she nodded back. We had no desire to explain it or talk. Giving her a big, long hug, I knew that somehow Mom, Honey, and I co-created this mysterious and magical event that brought Mom profound relief.

When Mom's here, I see absolutely no sign of the dementia the doctors say she has. Her mind is sharp. We play Scrabble. She makes funny and insightful comments. I had gently suggested she just try weaning off all of the many meds, and see how it goes. She says she feels better without them! She does still regress because she hasn't claimed her power and made her own decision to wake up. She feels better when she's with me.

She now completely accepts what the Divine Healings have done for her, where a few years ago, her mind wouldn't wrap around that. The memory of the healings would slip out of her brain very quickly, and she'd re-create the maladies. Surgery and drugs were, in her reality, the only "real" solutions.

Now Mom's getting that saying, "I have a bad back," recreates a bad back even after it's healed. She's saying, "It's getting better and better." She's allowing her reality to bend more. She's admittedly not a fan of change, so allowing for the new, no matter how wonderful, took a while.

More and more our conversation is the kind I'd have with any enlightened friend. Our relationship is 100% positive, and she appreciates and compliments me daily. We have infinite patience with each other without trying. We have a great time, and she's become the light of my life. It was nothing like this in the past for either of us. And it's still not like that with everyone else in her life. But that old reality is gone for me, and in my universe I now have the perfect mother.

It helped that I just loved her as she was and didn't try to fix her - I let go of my old reality and she just lined up with my new one.

This is a great opportunity to remind you that cleaning up your vibration about parents, and restoring the flow of love to them, living or dead, is more powerful for you than having a hundred genies at your service. You have no idea what it does for you until you do it. It's all in the book and the Level 1 Online, but it's the one thing people sometimes don't do on the first go-round.

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