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Bending The Rules Of Your Reality

The best is at the end. Always ignore your mind if it says "I already know that". Divine Openings mantra: Don't believe everything your mind says. (It's only interested in its game, not in your liberation.)

Knowledge is one big booby prize, and our newsletters aren't at all about cramming more complicated and useless metaphysical stuff in your head! Feel and absorb the vibration and let the Grace give you its mysterious gift. The article about Mom at bottom is about a mysterious gift of Grace that bypassed "knowledge" and the mind's "understanding". The mind didn't participate at all.

I'm inspired daily by your emails. Just got this one from Gerrick, who attended the 5 Day Silent Retreat:

"Dear Lola, Yesterday linear causation stopped making sense to me. Physical and mental cause and effect, action and consequence began appearing as the complete illusions that they really are. I can now almost hear the snapping and unraveling of the tension cables supporting the tent poles that vault the dense canvas between me and the Light of WhoIReallyAm.... I'm so loving it that my Large Self has created Divine Openings to appear as the catalyst for my Awakening in this current theater of experience!" Love, Light, Laughter, Play and Ecstasy, Gerrick

I wrote back, "Yes, the rules change, and they keep changing... or disappearing. There are no rules! A little disconcerting at times, maybe, but - yahoo, cowboy up!"

We like some sort of predictable structure to our reality, so we all agree to rules, limitations, and structures when we create ourselves here: such as gravity, solidity of matter, the need to breathe air and eat food, non-permanence of the physical body, aging, death, etc., which are all of course illusions. We set up the game that way, and still reserve the right to amend it as we go.

We honor those rules of reality so much, it's funny how hesitant we are to break them, like it's cheating. (Of course some people are more rule-bound than others.) I admit I like knowing there's some predictable consistency to things, that he is he, and she is she, and that the floor under my feet is solid, and it's going to stay that way, not just change in a wink like Alice In Wonderland! How disconcerting would that be?

But think about it - knowing what IS can be very limiting for us, because we think it's the only reality there is. I'm fond of saying, "Oh, that rule isn't binding for ME!" or "That's not MY reality. I live in a different one."

I've done a fire walk, as many of you have. At a retreat many years ago, with a good facilitator, we all agreed we could walk on fire. And for some reason no one has ever quite explained, we all broke the rule that says hot coals always, always burn you. (We find support in community for whatever reality we choose.)

As consciousness expands, we venture to bend or break more and more of the old rules. The only limit to the limits we can bust... is us. I've said many times that the Grace of Divine Openings overrides Law Of Attraction. You get things you didn't have to raise your vibration to cause. You get an "advance raise". Grace gives you a free boost. I love the image of throwing a captive dove into the air.

The old rule of cause and effect, which is essentially the same as Law Of Attraction, doesn't have to be Law for you. Unexplainable things can happen, for no reason.

There's a well known phenomena that when something happens that's miraculous, or doesn't fit with the consistent reality, the brain tends to "delete" it. Too often, the brain deletes even the possibility of it before it has a chance to happen.

Stop a moment... and consider
how our comfort zone or need for "consistent reality"
might cause us to stick to old rules,
negative perceptions of people,
realities, and laws.

  Consider how much more
reality could bend
if we'd let it.


Stop Muddling In The Details!

On the last newsletter there were some technical glitches. I spent three hours trying to fix it on a Sunday when I'd rather have been visiting with my Mom. I got anxious thinking about wasting your time and causing frustration with links that mysteriously didn't work. All the things I fixed didn't fix it! I never call my assistant Crystal on weekends, but did this time. We talked about it, tried a few more things, and then she stopped, gathered her energy, took a big breath, and as she always does, brightly said, "I just see this getting resolved easily and quickly."

Having gotten a bit stressed (equals resistant) I stopped, and laughed, "Of course!" Within two minutes of chatting about something else (which allows our human selves to relax, release resistance, and get out of the way so our Large Selves can get the solution to us), Crystal had an insight. She said, "Clear the site's cache." I didn't even know what that was, but she told me how. It was one click! Numerous problems resolved with that one click. Done. Go play now.

We laughed that it was such a metaphor for Divine Openings. We can work and work on ourselves, and try and try to fix those all-important details in our inner and outer worlds, but we make one decision, let Grace in, and one click resolves many, many things in one fell swoop, at the macro level, with no work at all, by Grace.

Recently I realized that a client had been muddling in the details, thinking there was something to fix or heal, thinking there was something to do or "get" or figure out. She was working on her health, her mindset, her feelings, and was stuck.

Just One Click

Unworthiness is one of the "rules" many agree to play by on this planet, and it puts big limitations on your ability to let in Grace. She still wasn't feeling worthy. In a sudden insight, I saw she'd been working to try to find her worthiness, waiting to "feel her worthiness" as proof it was true.

She was astounded when I told her, "Look, unworthiness doesn't even exist in nature, it's made up by humans, and if you just decide you're worthy, you will be."

So she did, and now she is.
With one click, everything resolved.

Much love,

How could
you make choices
that allow your reality
to bend more
for you?

Some of you who are "primed and ready" for the next expansion will just let this in! If you aren't letting it in, my dears, it's up to you to place enough value in yourself, to prioritize you, and use your free will to let it in (no one else can). Read Things Are Going Great In My Absence (or again!) and avail yourself of the abundant resources at www.DivineOpenings.com.

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Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleyev worked long and hard to discover a coherent scheme for classifying elements, but the system which is now called the Periodic Table of the Elements came to him in a dream.
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