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Ruthless Magnificence

Because I have more projects than New York's lower east side, this article will be short. Seriously, I have more going on than I can track in my head. Since The Presence in me woke up, the creativity steadily increases in volume and velocity. I'm happy to say I'll die (deliberately and consciously, by the way) with a huge undone project list. It's that long.
Just edited ten new videos, which you'll enjoy in the online courses. People are saying I'm glowing in them, compared to past videos in that identical setting. That is the light body amping up, and is partly due to the new energies I mentioned in the last newsletter. There's nothing to do, and nothing to work on. All you have to do is let them in.
I see many of you glowing.

Ruthless Magnificence

by Lola Jones

One sign of your enlightenment is your growing knowledge of your own magnificence.

In my singing lessons, my awesome coach, Guy, says, "Be ruthless! Be fierce! Grimace, frown, don't be sweet, double over and growl, put some gravel in your voice, don't be too NICE! By freeing yourself, you free your audience." We adore musicians and actors because they express so outrageously. We admire those who aren't shackled by convention, who are fiercely, uncompromisingly authentic, speak their minds and hearts, and are fearless to say unpopular things.

The Presence that puts the words in my mouth during Divine Openings sessions with people is ruthlessly kind. It cuts through the useless junk -- mercilessly carves away the influences of society and old outmoded ideas and habits -- insisting that we wake up and experience life directly, purely.
It reminds us to live not holding back, joyfully, lovingly -- and fiercely! Beneath it all, the depth of love can be felt so powerfully.
You are a magnificent being, Divine Presence in a physical body. Are you willing to shine brightly, outrageously, authentically? If it's too much for some, just tell them to put on sunglasses.

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