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How To Transform Your Meditation Practice


Sometimes we think we're looking for one thing, and the magic of Life leads us somewhere else - to the place we actually need to be. The reason you're here is to find a key to mediation. Well it isn't the right meditation method that makes the big difference - it's your state of consciousness. And your state of consciousness can make a quantum leap today.

Beginners to advanced meditators will find groundbreaking transformation here. So open your mind, drop your concepts, and read on!

I'm Lola Jones, and that's me at left blissing out on the beach at Encinitas, California, and at right in Nice, France. I live in Ojai, California and teach all over the world.

In 1985 I began meditating with a master teacher. I meditated absolutely without fail for an hour each morning for eleven years. Back then my goal was to become so awake, relaxed, and enlightened that I'd feel as good as when meditating -- all the time. That has happened. But let's begin with where ever you are now....

Meditation used to sometimes be more frustrating than rewarding. It could end up being an hour of sitting, with only a few precious moments of quiet mind. There were judgments of failure, anxiety about progress, and many challenges. That was before Divine Openings transformed my mind, and made it my servant rather than my master. Now meditation goes deep very quickly, and I rarely meditate for an hour, but get the full benefit as if I had.

Meditation used to be about "getting somewhere". Now it's about bliss. There is no "need" to meditate anymore. There's nowhere to "get to". It's all right here in the now. Now I do it for pleasure and enjoyment, to sit in the Fertile Void with The Presence, and enjoy the pure bliss of being.

All this is not because of some meditation technique. (I now need no technique.) It's because my mind now easily steps out of the way. Or I can meditate deeply, even when my mind is talking in the background, and it doesn't even matter.

It's because Divine Openings brought about a mastery of mind, and going deep has become easy, usually happening within seconds. Meditation becoming easy and blissful was just a side effect of that essential shift Divine Openings caused. I only noticed later how my meditation had transformed.

Advanced meditators, your meditation can become even more profound. It's beyond words of course, so you'll find out in the experience. It doesn't matter if you're Buddhist, Christian, Zen, Sufi, Unity, Science Of Mind, or any belief system.

Now thousands of people in more than 139 countries have achieved this, over the internet, (yes, The Presence has shown me how to use the internet and my book to awaken people). The best part is that it is easy. Grace does 90% of the work. I celebrate and smile right now anticipating your enjoyment and enlightenment.

Lola Jones

Read about how Divine Openings opens you up, initiates your enlightenment, and completely transforms your experience of meditation, with no particular meditation technique at all.

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Lola Jones