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Love and Soothing

You know I usually don't write about "what's happening on the planet", preferring to keep it practical for your daily lives, and focused on what we can control--ourselves. I focus on helping you keep your own center aligned with your Large Self, your Unlimited Self, on helping you get your own life working optimally, and thus add your high vibration to the world. So this will be unusual for me to refer to what's going on in the collective. And yet it will all come back down to you -- to keeping your center!
The main reason I'm addressing this is the emails I'm getting from some of you, friends of Divine Openings.

Some of you are flying and flowing, and if that's you -- good for you! Your resistance is low, you are letting The Divine do the heavy lifting, so, sail on! If you are feeling physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or financial difficulties of any kind, and they are worse, not better, here are some things that will help you tip the nose up and then stabilize.
The main thing I find to be essential right now is to make a conscious decision to let go of things you might pick up from the collective consciousness that are discordant, or fearful. Several people have told me they are having panic attacks or anxiety, and they have no reason to. That is always a tip-off that you are picking up vibrations that are not yours, per se. They may be from the collective consciousness -- the oneness that you are a part of. There are also "sub-onenesses", smaller collectives within the collective. Your family is a collective, your company is a collective, your Divine Openings community is a collective.

You can be "open and intuitive" without being "vulnerable".

I strongly urge you to become transparent -- that is, not resisting negativity you happen to "catch", but feeling it quickly and letting it flow through you like a sieve. In fact, to keep your power at the maximum, don't give your power away to anyone or anything. Claim your right to ultimately choose your state of being. There is no magic technique to this. Just decide, stay awake to how you feel, and stick to or renew your decision moment by moment.
The collective of the United States, at least, is feeling the mightily accelerating vibrational flow, and depending on how you look at it this is "good" or "bad". Let's let go of that polarized view and say, "It's shifting. It's time."

If you stay tapped into your Large Self you will always be OK.

If you hang on every news story, you risk being swept up in any panic that comes along. Stay tuned to your inner news station instead. I moved money around and made some adjustments months ago when I felt all this coming, and asked for guidance on what to do. Your feelings are your Instrument Panel, and if you have the owners manual to that Instrument Panel, you are flying guided, not blind.
To stay in my center, avoid being programmed, and maintain emotional balance and happiness, I don't look at media AT ALL -- no newspapers, radio, or TV news. I hear about things from friends, but prefer not to include all that pollution as a regular part of my healthy daily vibrational diet.
Those of us in the upcoming 5 Day Silent Intensive are being shaken to the core even more. We signed up to come out here on the leading edge! But we know that any shake-ups are good and that we're going to come out clearer, more powerful, and lighter when all the old energy that is leaving us now is a forgotten memory.
Many of you understand what you're feeling as that energy accelerates. You don't resist it, you let it flow. You exercise, dance, paint, sing, walk, laugh, and facilitate its movement through you. Energy just wants to move, that's all. Resisting it, or trying to slow it down or stop it causes suffering.
Things are shaking up. Let them shake, but you don't have to shake. You can maintain your emotional balance.
I've had some very unusual events happen all at once, but they resolved miraculously quickly because I kept my center. My sweet older dog, Honey, was chewed up by two big neighbor dogs, and required surgery to reattached a severed leg muscle, and many stitches for torn flesh. She healed, I swear to you, in 24 hours. She is going to be less of a victim after this. She's had quite a defensive victim vibration all her life.
Some of the newest batch of books were defective (email us if yours is), and at first the printer didn't want to pay for our expenses in addition to replacing the books. But they went the extra mile in the end.
A pipe burst in my yard, and although for a moment I panicked and got into the story about this string of stuff and expense, I let go of that swelling "story", and felt the feelings fully as I gave it over to The Presence, the Unlimited Source. I let The Divine do the heavy lifting, and within minutes, actually ended up blissed out, before I even took the eighth-of-a-mile walk up my driveway to the road, to turn the water off. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and a cool breeze ruffled my hair. Within minutes a name came to mind -- Lalo, a worker at my local feed store, who does handyman stuff, came out the next day and dug it up and fixed it for 1/6 of what a plumber charges.
I happily spent those 24 hours without water and without showers, thinking how fortunate I am when hundreds of thousands of people have no running water at all -- ever. People in Houston are still without water and electricity a week after the hurricane, bless them all.
So I'm not saying I'm not affected by things "out there", but if I keep letting go and keep letting go and keep letting go, it all moves very quickly. When it's happening, it's real, but how long it stays real is up to me, and you. Ultimately it is not real, but that's a very advanced subject we won't go into here. That comes after Divine Openings Levels 1 and 2.

I actually cherish being affected by feelings.....

So I'll also share this article:

Daddy's Girl

I want to share a touching experience with you. My dad is apparently feeling movement too. He's been a quiet, repressed man as long as I've known him. I suspect he's unbearably sensitive inside, although very stoic and cynical about life on the outside. He's a good man, a great father, and I always knew he loved me, even though (grin) he never seemed to hear a word I said. No matter who he was talking to, he had an almost autistic habit of talking as if the other person wasn't there. He'd talk about things he saw on TV or other impersonal things, in a one-way conversation. He didn't acknowledge, or seem to hear anyone else.
This became OK with me after one big awakening I had 20 years ago. I always knew he loved me.
He's been disabled and bedridden since a stroke 15 years ago, and has had increasing health challenges. Michael and I would send healing, he'd heal, then get something else.
Last night my mom told me he broke down and cried on the 15 year anniversary of his stroke. She said he just doesn't understand why a good person would be given a stroke and such bad health.
My dad doesn't cry. He didn't cry when his mother, whom he adored, passed on decades ago.
But his tears must have broken something loose, because when we talked on the phone last night, he asked what is going on in my world for the first time ever, and listened and commented on what I said. He engaged in a two way conversation. Then he asked, "What else is going on?" and listened intently.
I don't know if I can convey how huge this was for him -- (it's not about me at all. I have loved him unconditionally and needed nothing more from him.)
Tears streamed down my face after the call last night, and then I melted down and cried to a depth I have not experienced since my 21 days of silence. I'm crying now. It is so touching, and I love him so much, and yet I cannot begin to explain to him, in his current state of consciousness, why such all these things have happened to him.
I want to help everyone who is suffering, and yet I must do what I can, what they will allow, or can accept, and let go, seeing the beauty and the perfection that IS.
I love him, and let The Divine do the heavy lifting.
I love you all so much,

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