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Lie To Yourself?


Take score only when the miracle you asked for happens.

When it doesn't, just delay taking score.
It's obviously not over yet.
You don't need a 100% success rate right this minute to know
the direction you're going is right.

When "bad" news or events happen that are the opposite of what you want,
people typically go one of two ways:

  1. Downward spiral. The "hard facts" get you down. You give "current reality" too much permanence.
  2. A huge burst of energy erupts from you and you declare, "I want something better!" and then you get better than ever because of the wake-up call. Large Self says, "It's temporary. It's an opportunity. It birthed this huge energy for change. Anything is possible. Now you know so clearly what you don't want, and what you do want!"  And this opens you to new receptivity to answers you might have been ignoring before.

If you use that energy to blast you upward, change can happen very fast. It has for me on many topics in the past -- money, health, relationship, work, practical daily challenges.
Know that any "negative" manifestation also causes you to send out a powerful call for something better. A money setback, a child needing something, or high gas prices all send out a huge call from each of you for change.
A breakup makes the heart call out for a higher love. Conflict increases your desire for inner peace. Health crises send out a call for more vitality. It's all in how you use the energy spike of a "crisis". Do handle your vibration first before taking rash action.

The help comes in many and diverse forms, physical and spiritual. Let it in, and go for it! The whole key is to choose your view of it. People give "serious diagnoses" and disastrous events way too much power, reality, and weight.

I say this a lot: Disrespect reality.

Let that powerful blast of energy fire up your desire and blow you right up the Altimeter into a miracle. People say to me, "So you want me to lie to myself and tell myself
some bogus story that isn't true until this miracle comes?" I laugh out loud. "Do I want you to lie to yourself? Like you don't already?"

You do it all the time!!! You say, "This isn't possible, and that isn't possible."
You say you have this or that limitation, and that this awful fact is reality, and that there's no other way ....... and those are all lies. You made it up.

So if you are going to lie to yourself, at least make up something
that works FOR you. Make up something that gives you inner peace.

People are dumbfounded when I say that.
It stops them in their tracks.
They know it's true.

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A wise woman told a suffering man to say every morning and night for a year, "Thank you for everything. I have no complaint whatsoever."' He returned in a year still suffering. He asked her, "What do I do now?" She said, "Thank you for everything. I have no complaint whatsoever." He was instantly enlightened.
Lola Jones