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Law Of Attraction Works Every Time When You Have The WHOLE Secret

The plain truth about manifesting: You're always manifesting in every waking hour--you can't stop manifesting. Most people are not consciously in control of their manifesting, though. They don't realize how they created the manifestations they do not want.

With Divine Openings™ we think of manifestation as "a side effect" of awakening. As you truly awaken you don't have to work on manifesting. Moreover, trying too hard gets you in the way and slows manifestation down. We don't work on anything with Divine Openings, yet life expands and unfolds miraculously, faster than ever before.

Whatever you want, you can have at least the essence of it. We know, you've heard that before--but hang in with us a bit longer--this is very different. When you have all the pieces of the puzzle in place, and truly master Law of Attraction, you claim your Divine power. Then you attract the love, money, and the experiences your heart desires. But you'll get even more valuable "gifts" you might not have expected in the process...

He got out of prison

One man Lola counseled had used incomplete Law of Attraction information from The Secret movie and book to manifest the life of his dreams (dream job, money, family, wife, happiness) only to lose it all. He sunk so low after that as to end up with a woman who got him in big trouble. He was sent to prison for life on a false charge.

Then he read Lola's book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, and felt bliss, direct oneness with his Non-Physical self right there in his prison cell. Then during a live Divine Openings session with Lola, by phone from a prison pay phone, he realized his own particular missing piece: a feeling of unworthiness had made it hard for him to allow that much good in, and so he unconsciously brought that perfect, successful life crashing down around his feet. You see, if he'd been truly one with his Larger, Non-Physical Self before all this good came to him, he'd have felt worthy of all of it.

Within five months of that session, his sentence was overturned without mounting any appeals. Several lawyers have told him they'd never seen it happen before, that it was absolutely impossible--a miracle. But it happened.
Now you know you're always manifesting in every waking moment. With Divine Openings the first order of business is to become more conscious, first and foremost. But most people will remain unconscious of how they're creating the mysterious events of their lives, and how their vibration is affecting their manifestations. Too often, they manifest things unconsciously. They lament, "I'm a good person, so how did this happen to ME???"
We think of deliberate manifesting as just one nice side effect that occurs naturally in your awakening. Your first priority is to get your vibration up. Then you're happy. Authentically happy--not pasting on a fake smile happy. "Truly happy." We don't have to work on manifesting, because that comes naturally once we get happy.
We don't work on anything.

If Law of Attraction or The Secret movie and book hasn't seemed to work in every area of your life it's not your fault. It's because you weren't given all the necessary tools--you weren't given the whole secret. Most people teaching Law of Attraction leave out the most vital and powerful Non-Physical piece entirely, or they don't understand it enough to be teaching it. Some don't even know about the Non-Physical element at all, or aren't in touch with it.

The movie, The Secret, opened new doors for the mainstream, yet left many others frustrated, wondering why it didn't work for them, or why it only worked some of the time. The Secret movie was made by people who were very excited about The Law Of Attraction, and who had some rudimentary understanding of it, and who used it well in some areas of their lives. The supreme irony of the film was that the most important secrets remained a secret to the public even after watching The Secret film and getting excited about the possibilities! They still didn't have the deepest most important secrets of Law of Attraction.

Law Of Attraction's main original popularizers, Jerry and Esther Hicks channeling Abraham, were in the first version of The Secret movie, but later asked to be removed from it when the final cut of the movie failed to accurately convey their complete teachings, and indeed left out the most vital and fundamental element: that you are first and foremost a Non-Physical being. When Law of Attraction teachings don't include that most essential piece, Law of Attraction doesn't work well at all.

Divine Openings keeps it simple, but is profound and powerful. Our aim is to help you tap directly into your inner power. The best news is you don't need to learn numerology, names of angels, do any complicated rituals, search for magic formulas, magic numbers, magic potions, study complicated, esoteric, secret keys, or visit power spots for "the answers". (Those will actually distract, delay, and ultimately disempower you.) Divine Openings is a simple path of joy and ease to fulfill your heart's deepest desires, claim YOUR power, and know the answers that are within you.</p

How Your Spiritual Awakening Increases the Power of Law of Attraction

Most Law of Attraction material focuses too much on using your mind and limited human self to manifest. That is upside down. It's hard work. 
Why not let your Non-Physical Self do 90% of the work for you?
When the big inner awakening comes first, Law Of Attraction isn't so frustrating, and it works so much better. Divine Openings gives you the awakening, a leg up, an instant Grace lift, an infusion of happiness. That gets you out of the way so your Non-Physical Unlimited Self can do 90% of the work for you.
I'll show you what your small self's 10% is to do. In the 5 Portals of Awakening you learn step-by-step how to use Law of Attraction to manage your vibration and create new habits of thought and feeling so you can do your small part to sustain that vibration. That naturally affects what you manifest.

The 5 Portals of Awakening reveal it all. No more secrets withheld.

You'll get deep inner connection, which you cannot fathom until you've experienced it. Your mind doesn't even know you want this, but it's everything.

Money and financial ease

If you seek money, here you'll find an inner security that soon makes money a non-issue, which takes the resistance off of it, and so magnetizes more money or resources to you.

What makes us happy?
  • We've seen over and over that learning to manifest material things, or status, or the partner you desire does not bring happiness in itself, while awakening to your Larger Non-Physical Self does bring happiness, plus the manifesting ability.
  • Studies show that above having your basic needs met, increasing your material wealth does not increase your happiness. Divine Openings open you to who you really are, which is astoundingly powerful, and shows you how to live a happy life first. Then if you want to, you can manifest material things with Divine Openings; it just happens, but it's icing on the cake by then.
Inner first...
    • And so it goes, the inner transformation happens first, then the outer materialization follows.
    • Once you have the inner feelings you've always thought those things would bring you, the things you wanted are truly just icing on the cake. And you find out what real fulfillment is, which you don't realize when you're only chasing outer world goals.
    • Love, money, freedom, happiness, all you desire is possible for you. But what you'll get is so much bigger than that.
Most Law of Attraction programs focus exclusively on material gains. With Divine Openings, you get the material gains too, but mastering the emotional and spiritual foundations comes first. If you don't do that, the material gains are empty, and ultimately dissatisfying.
Divine Openings gives you a direct experience of your all-powerful Non-Physical Self that you haven't seen anywhere else, not even in the Abraham work. Grace gives you an instant uplift through Divine Openings, as well as the tools to sustain it. Unlike many Law of Attraction programs, this one isn't all "do it yourself." That miraculous, unfathomable Grace does most of the work for you.
We help you lay a solid foundation first: the practical steps to open up, be fully conscious, and get happy, then it becomes so much easier to manifest material things. Plus being happy is the most important manifestation of all.
As spiritual awakening blooms, you stop struggling in life, money can become a non-issue, relationships appear or renew, and needs and wants you'd given up on fulfill literally without effort as your vibration shifts.

Divine Openings is Law of Attraction with a Grace boost.

It was a start...

Our thanks to The Secret movie for taking some good introductory ideas to the mainstream and preparing them to be receptive to the more complete teachings. There is so much more to Law of Attraction than the very superficial The Secret movie reveals, but the public was not yet ready for all of it. Esther Hicks and the Abraham work of course influenced Divine Openings, but Divine Openings has powerful Grace elements that give you a boost beyond what you can humanly do for yourself.
Divine Openings encompasses Law Of Attraction, and yet is much larger in scope.  Divine Openings is out on the very edge of the leading edge--a miracle-producing phenomena that you perhaps didn't know existed. But by Grace and synchronicity you found it. Your intention to get free and to live in more ease and flow, and not have to work so hard for your growth, success, evolution, and prosperity, has attracted Divine Openings to you. Divine Openings contains powerful elements in addition to and beyond Law Of Attraction.
The greatest of these is Grace. Most people have heard the word for years but don't know what it actually means. The simplest and most profound definition is: Grace does for you what you simply cannot do for yourself. Grace gives you a boost, a leg up that you don't have to earn.

Grace tosses you into the air like doves at a wedding, launching you, lifting you, helping you take flight.

 "I'm so excited to tell you all the wonderful things going on in my life! It is ALL due to what I have learned from you! You were an angel, a giver of Divine Grace to me when I was ready for you. I'm getting married!... I manifested the exact man that I wrote about a year ago into my life.... But you know what else is even more amazing? I know that NOTHING is too big to be manifested in my life." Marie, Texas 

The Grace boost of Divine Openings gives you a direct, personal, inner experience of your Unlimited Larger Self that is always happy, and that takes Law of Attraction to a new level of effectiveness for you. You can finally master Law of Attraction in your spiritual awakening with Divine Openings. You expand from living as a limited human to living as your already happy, unlimited Larger Self more of the time, in true happiness and fulfillment. Some call this spiritual awakening. The label doesn't matter.

Have you ever tried to think positively about something, or raise your vibration, or visualize it like you want it to be, and you just can't? We know--we've been there too.

Divine Openings gives you that Grace boost that helps you get there. Grace is beyond human understanding. After Divine Openings, many people just wake up happy one day and don't know why, and then we show them how to sustain that happiness. That is Grace. And then of course, Law Of Attraction works for you to bring more to be happy about.

Things begin to go better as you receive more Divine Openings, and you didn't do much to make it happen. That is Grace. Your vibration rises, and your personal and spiritual development accelerates without working on yourself. That is Grace. You stop doing therapy, seminars, practices, trainings, reading books, and trying to improve. And you just get better and better, happier and happier, and then things go better and better, according to Law Of Attraction. Miracles happen. That is Grace.

Because of the Grace it showers on you, Divine Openings supercedes
Law of Attraction, karma, and the laws of physics.

When you get into Divine Openings, we'll talk about spirituality and God, but don't get hung up on words or put Divine Openings in some spiritual or religion box. We're referring to the force that animates all Life, and it doesn't matter what you call it, or if you're not 'spiritual' at all. Spiritual has become a rather amusing word to me now. To put it in a box separate from Life now seems just silly. We're talking about rich, juicy Life Force here! We're talking about the force that created Law of Attraction. It's THE power behind Law of Attraction, so let's not leave it out!

As consciousness unfolds, our perspectives on life change so radically. I've been on a miracle rocket-ride since Divine Openings began. I used to teach motivation, effectiveness, and productivity in companies like IBM, and was damn good at it. Now the idea of teaching motivation is ludicrous when I can just wake people up to the complete miracle of who they are. Boundless energy and drive are liberated in them. The Universal Intelligence is so awake and active in me, the question is more often now how to stop the gushing flow and take a break! Who needs motivation?

Money can become a non-issue despite the 'economy.' Lola and many of our Divine Openings students have experienced steady yearly business growth during the "recession". Recession is simply not a part of our reality. Creating your own reality is more than just a nice theory or a metaphysical buzz phrase after Divine Openings, and miracles can become commonplace for you. You can actually live it, not just seek it or strive for it. It becomes a matter of fact.

It's super easy to get started on your new life with Divine Openings.

"Anything is possible! The 5 Portals online courses were the key for me. Now I'm living everyday in awe! Happiness is a way of life for me now! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you my dear Lola! I know it was up to me to do what I learned from you and apply it, but it was YOU that gave me the greatest gift! I want to give back to anyone that is around me. It definitely shows in me. My intention is that the Divine uses me in anyway it can to better someone elses life. Like you did for me! What a blessing you are to this world of ours. May you continue to shine as bright as possible and continue to give to others as you have to me." Lots of love and hugs, 

"Dear Lola, I tried it years ago with The Secret, but I did not understand. Something was missing in it and I was sad. But I thought ok, maybe is not the right time for me. 2 years ago I bought your book at Priyanka's bookstore. And she said, this is the best gift for yourself.
And she was sooooo right. YOU write and tell it so wonderfully understandable. Sooo easy to enjoy and full of Grace, which I feel. Thank you for sharing with all of us." PS: I love your Today's Message's. THANK YOU."

Divine Openings is different, so you cannot compare it to anything else. If your mind starts struggling to stuff it in some box with something you already know like Law Of Attraction, you simply can't; it's bigger than that. It's unlike anything you've ever done. For example, you'll rise in vibration without any effort, and things will begin coming to you without working on yourself at all.

Major lifelong issues will resolve and you won't even know how it happened. You won't analyze it or think about it. You won't work on anything in our spiritual retreat courses or online courses, but things change and get better steadily. As your spiritual awakening progresses, issues and limitations fall away, gradually for some, rapidly for others. This is spiritual awakening that works in practical life.

You'll just do your 10%, and Grace does 90% of it for you.

You learn to let The Divine do the heavy lifting. Divine Openings activates, reconnects, and upgrades your DNA, lights up your energy body, wakes up your full power, ignites your Divine Intelligence (inner genius), initiates or deepens spiritual enlightenment, and resolves your "issues" -- and once you are free, you don't ever have to go back. We humorously refer to it as getting on the automatic upgrade program. Once it begins, it keeps unfolding like a beautiful lotus, in every area of your life.
Lola Jones and the Divine Openings Team

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