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Awakening and Raising Kundalini: Safely, Rapidly, and Blissfully!

rasie kundalini, what kriyas are

Perhaps you've heard about the benefits of raising or awakening kundalini, or maybe you're reading books, taking kundalini classes or kundalini seminars, or you do practices with your lover, or maybe you even teach kundalini yoga. Maybe you're just curious to learn more.

Definition of raising or awakening kundalini:

Kundalini is an essential life force energy that rises up the spine, enlivening the body physically and spiritually. It's one element of spiritual enlightenment, but alone does not constitute enlightenment. It's more of a begining of awakening, an opening of the flow of energy up the spine and through the chakras or energy centers. It makes you feel alive, blissful, and supercharged if you do it safely--it's not painful or traumatic. If there is a radical opening, it passes quickly, in a couple of hours at most.

Rising kundalini brings a radiance to the body, aura, and spirit, and helps us age gracefully.

Your desire to raise or awaken your kundalini  has brought you here in perfect synchronicity. If you're still seeking kundalini activation, spiritual awakening, or trying to sustain your higher states, you've come to an auspiciously blessed place. It's been commonly assumed that practices are the main way to raise kundalini, but with Divine Openings practices are not necessary--there's an easier way.

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This Book Raises Your Kundalini Effortlessly

And it gives you so much more than that--it actively "works on you." It opens your third eye, attunes you to your Larger, unlimited self, helps you see beyond the physical, deal with negative energies from other people, take your power back from outside forces, and so much more.

You've been asking.
Life got you here.
Now let it in!

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Divine Openings awakens and raises kundalini energy effortlessly.

It often happens quickly, and always without effort or practices. Kundalini rising is just one of many effects or results of Divine Openings, such that we don't think of it as any big deal.

Some people experience flashes of fire-like heat, increased energy, or simply more pure aliveness. Their eyes might shine with an inner light, and they tend to activate others, much as a lit match lights other matches it comes close to. Eyes are not just light receptors. In advanced states of spiritual awakening, the eyes actually emit light.

Some describe feeling as if their entire being is lit up temporarily like a white hot welding torch, with accompanying feelings of bliss and peace. Everyone is different. For some it's very subtle, or more of a cool fire. Radical kundalini flashes are not necessary and are not meant to be sustained in any case. Our neurology is not yet evolved to sustain it for any length of time.

Sensual passion, love, or spiritual passion is usually increased. Which one you experience depends on your Large Self's plan for you, your own heart's desires, and stage of life.

With Divine Openings you can be sure that the kundalini energy will rise, without any exercises, and you can just use light kundalini exercises to keep your energy flowing freely.

Safely raising kundalini

The internet is full of scary stories about people having severe problems with kundalini rising. We simply can't address that, because we've just not had any problems with it with Divine Openings. We don't know what practices they're using, but kundalini rising is gentle but powerful with the Grace of Divine Openings and the subtle but powerful effect you get by reading the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

The rise of Kundalini  just happens at some point, without fanfare. It usually feels like bliss when most of the resistances to it have been burned off, but with Divine Openings it's usually so easy and effortless.

In eight years only a couple of people needed to email us to ask us how to smooth it out, and once we soothed them a bit they were fine. They didn't realize they were resisting it out of fear (usually fear of feeling.) Fear and resistance do cause pain in any endeavor.

Kundalini can and should safely rise.

It rises for many just from reading the book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. Others might require a live, hands-on Divine Opening or two, a retreat, or a course for a fuller awakening.

This is the age of acceleration and miracles, and nothing demonstrates this more powerfully than Divine Openings. One of the phenomena of Divine Openings is that it causes the kundalini fire to light and rise without effort, practices, or work. It does much more than that, but kundalini was your area of interest when you came to this page, so we addressed kundalini first. Now learn more about the many other things Divine Openings does for you, beyond kundalini, as you read on.

The effects of Divine Openings are powerful, so you would not need or want to do too much fire breath or strong kundalini practices with it--it could be too much. When you're already going warp speed you don't need to accelerate more! With Divine Openings you may get a bit over-energized at times, but you're given simple tools to soothe that, and it won't be difficult if it does happen.

You need never experience problems with kundalini energy spikes with Divine Openings, and you're shown how to stay out of resistance to it, which keeps it smooth.

Welcome to easy kundalini activation, and personal evolution that unfolds without effort. This new leading edge paradigm of human evolution is based on Grace. Through Divine Openings, Grace does for you what you cannot do for yourself.

Effort isn't necessary
when you open your heart and mind
and allow Grace in.

Divine Openings is different, so you cannot compare it to anything else. As you read, if your mind starts struggling to stuff it in some box with something you already know, like kundalini or shakti, you simply can't; it's unlike anything you've ever done. For example, your crown, third eye, and other chakras will open and balance, but we won't discuss, think about, or work on your chakras.

Major lifelong issues resolve, traumas disappear, patterns dissolve, spiritual channels open, karma is erased, and you won't even know how it happened. You won't analyze, work on it, or think about it. You won't do austerities or work at all in our online courses. Upon spiritual awakening, issues and limitations fall away, gradually for some, rapidly for others. This is spiritual awakening that works in practical life.

You do your 10%, and Grace does 90% of it for you. You learn to let The Divine do the heavy lifting. In addition to raising kundalini, Divine Openings initiates or deepens spiritual enlightenment, reconnects and upgrades your DNA, lights up your light body, wakes up your full power, ignites your Divine Intelligence (inner genius), and resolves your "issues" -- and once you are free, you don't ever have to go back. We humorously refer to it as getting on the automatic upgrade program of spiritual awakening. Once it begins, it keeps unfolding like a beautiful lotus, in every area of your life. So you see, kundalini rising is but one minor side effect of Divine Openings.

We do find kundalini yoga practices and classes balancing for our bodies after activation by Divine Openings. Don't let it become "work" or striving, as that always introduces resistance. Even a class once a week is helpful, with short practices at home.

Do it with an easy attitude, for pleasure, joy in your body, and the wonderful free, light, and balanced feeling it produces.

"These times" are exhilarating and miraculous if one is in the flow and non-resistant. These times are challenging only if one is not letting go to the accelerated energies they have asked for, flowing with change, and taking care of the body and mind that are trying to keep up!

We are so human, so be kind to yourself and nurture yourself in all ways you can. Kundalini practices can be nurturing, or they can be striving. Some teachers are taskmasters who think you have evils and ego to expunge (you don't.)

Intend nurturing and gentle balancing. Stop and rest if your muscles give out. You'll get stronger as you practice, and the rewards are great.

There is never anywhere to "get to."

If you work with a lot of people as a healer, teacher, or helper of any kind, kundalini helps you let go of things you might take on from your clients.

Despite our best intentions not to over-empath--again, we are human, and even the most exalted teachers can pick up energies.

Meditation and mental practices are not always enough to keep your body's energy flowing freely. The body needs physical movement to keep energy flowing freely, especially in these times of faster moving energy.

Kundalini yoga helps you keep your body free and your energy flowing.

If you've had Divine Openings, set your kundalini practice intention to balance and flow energy, not increase energy. After Divine Openings, you don't need an increase, you need release of resistance to the flow you've already initiated, and balance.

What are kriyas?

This term is used in various ways. In kundalini classes it means "an exercise." In yoga they call them postures, but kriyas are often more movements than static postures.

Kriya was originally a term for the automatic movements, twitches, or vocalizations that sometimes occur during powerful initiations. They can reoccur at a subsequent initiation.

They also can occur during unwinding of old traumas, or during the initial rise of kundalini. The person experiencing them has no conscious control over them. The Presence has taken over their bodies, or they have regressed to a time of trauma, and now that energy finally is moving.

Kriyas can take many forms, from subtle nodding of the head to the body automatically moving itself into complex and difficult yoga postures (even if the person don't know anything about yoga,) to dances, songs, and chants you don't know (possibly in a language you don't know,) to .

The movements were traditionally said to be clearing the karma, but we now know from Divine Openings that karma is an outdated concept--that karma is made unecessary by Grace. Grace and karma are mutually exclusive, as Grace wipes the slate clean.

Now we would say kriyas are symptoms of an unwinding vibrational pattern in the body, the body letting go of old stagnant energy, energy pathways opening up, and vibration being raised. We'd say that you are opening to your true self, letting go of what is not you, and letting your Large Self take over--not "clearing" negativity or karma.

Kundalini and yoga originated from observing people going through kriyas during spontaneous kundalini awakenings. People surmised that if they just reversed the process and did those postures regularly, their kundalini would rise and they would become enlightened. This flawed premise is similar to thinking that if you do the same exercises a rich person does, you will become rich. This "backtracking to enlightenment" method is unfortunately a very slow route to kundalini awakening and enlightenment, and there's no guarantee it will ever result in kundalini awakening or enlightenment, although it does feel good and is beneficial.

The most common types of kriyas are rocking, nodding, twitching, and shaking, and they range from tiny shudders to dramatic automatic movements. With Divine Openings we say Divine Presence takes over your body and does what needs to be done to free up your energy and open the pathways. As energy begins to move more freely, the kinks and blockages are opened up. Some people cry or scream and then don't remember doing it, because their Large Self took over their body completely for a short time in order to get the job done as fast as possible, by Grace.

We've seen people re-enact sexual abuse or drowning, and when it's done, the trauma has left their bodies. They usually do not care what anyone watching thinks--they're deep in The Presence, not in their mind.

The main thing is to let go and don't resist. The sooner you let go, the sooner the kriyas resolve and cease. Usually there's an inner feeling of safety while it happens. I've seen people laugh at it, and it stops immediately. If they get scared or upset about it, it seems to persist longer, but of course, what you resist persists. There's a huge sense of release afterward, and the energy pathways are opened so kundalini Life Force can flow freely.

Kriyas should not go on for long, nor should they keep happening. If they keep going on for more than a couple of hours, that indicates resistance to letting go to the initiation or unwinding. A person going through this should be laid down and left alone, but keep any eye on them (do not stare at them if you have a powerful gaze that is activating them further.)

It really doesn't matter whether kriyas are experienced or not, ever. They're not necessary, for spiritual enlightenment or anything else. Don't glamorize them or wish you had them. Some people experience kriyas more radically than others, most people never experience kriyas at all, or they're barely noticeable, like a slight nodding of the head.

Personally, I must have let go pretty easily during my biggest initiation, because The Presence just started moving me through my whole life with the greatest of ease. I felt literally like I was being moved around and led to do whatever I did or said.

Let The Presence decide how to move you!

Lola Jones and The Divine Openings Collective

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