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It Sneaks Up On You


The waterfall rushed over my head, flowing around my ears and over my shoulders. The cool turquoise water blissfully soothed & exhilarated simultaneously.

Then a broad smile lit up my face.

Another waterfall!

During my June 2008 teaching trip to Bozeman, Montana and Yellowstone National Park, I had said one of my heart's desires was to see waterfalls. Rains swelled the rivers to near-flood levels, so indeed we saw two dramatic waterfalls, in addition to riding their little sister rapids down the Gallatin River. I stood and stared for an hour at one waterfall, enjoying the power, the awesome beauty of it. What a metaphor for the abundant flow that comes to us constantly!

Two weeks later, as we prepared to head for the Toronto area, our hostess Jo-Anne Eadie, Divine Openings Giver in Canada, who knew nothing of my waterfall mania, said, "Niagara Falls is nearby. Would you like to see that?"

"Oh, YEAH!"

It was stunning, almost unreal in its awesome scale. I had difficulty wrapping my mind around it... so again, I just stared into it for hours.

Then we set out for Jo-Anne's horse farm, where she had set up and filled for us an intro evening, a 2-Day Intensive, and a 5-Day Silent Intensive.

Words cannot express the beauty of her farm. The new video of the Canada 2-Day course will be posted in the Online Self Paced Course soon, and it will start with a travelogue of the farm's green rolling hills, ten grazing brood mares with their five rollicking colts, flowers everywhere, and us swimming and playing. What a way to walk the spiritual path!

But it wasn't until all the seminar participants and I were in the pool one day that I had a sudden recognition -- I'd never seen a single large waterfall in person before this summer. Just one month after asking, they were showing up regularly. Now my Large Self had created a fourth waterfall for me, and I was standing right under it.

Then it got even better. I'd been saying another of my heart's desires was to do some courses at resorts. I didn't even realize that request had been fulfilled till I was right in the middle of it at Jo-Anne's.

My Large Self had sneaked up and surprised me with a resort atmosphere for all of us, with no effort, and with no resort expense to me or the participants.

The food, cooked with such love by Jo-Anne and her friend Fran was beyond resort food.

Divine Openings Giver Leann came up from Pennsylvania and gifted everyone with her Divine Facials, which are like being given a Divine Opening while being caressed by the hands of the Divine Mother. Again - beyond any resort I've ever heard of.

Ask. Let go.
Play and forget about it. It comes.
Sometimes it sneaks
up on you while you're not
worrying about when
it will come.


To me that's Divine Presence constantly surprising us with little presents, things only it knows and remembers that we wanted. Like the most thoughtful of lovers who look for just the right thing at just the right moment to please and delight you. Your Large Self knows how to fulfill your heart's desires better than you do.

Those of you who are reading my book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence and doing Divine Openings have probably already begun to experience this. If you haven't yet, you will. You're going along, experiencing your experience, when you suddenly snap to the fact that something you wanted has shown up all around you, with no effort.

I could tell you of many more that have happened just recently, but better than that, sweetly anticipate and dream about your own. Rave about them when they come, or when you notice any progress toward them at all. That speeds it up.


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Lola Jones