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Let It Come From Unexpected Sources!

To create and manifest better, to allow Law of Attraction to work for you more effectively, let go of attachment to outcomes.

Three times this week, I've set my mind on something I thought would fulfill my heart's desires, only to have something better show up in a completely unexpected package.

In every case, it looked at first like I was not going to get what I wanted. In every case, something better than I had asked for presented itself very quickly. Fortunately I was open and willing to recognize the gift being offered, so it could come quickly. When we're too busy griping about how it isn't happening, we can't hear the solution.

Ask a question and Life answers it.... sometimes after saying "no" to your initial request!

Some very practical answers came just this week. My beloved dog Honey's teeth were looking really bad. Last time they put her under anesthetic to clean them, she had a reaction and nearly died. One vet was offering to do it anyway, at a very steep price, and that clearly felt bad, a sure sign to keep exploring. An inspiration came from within to just give her big marrow bones several times a week. I did that, she loves it, and her teeth and gums improved miraculously in weeks.

The next one was a tech challenge.
I called a software service I use, and asked for a change in my service. They said "No, we can't do that." At first I told them, "Well, I'll find another provider who can." This wasn't something I wanted to have to do, though, because the other providers are way more expensive.

But the wonderful customer service person told me some things I could do that would give me the result I needed, AND work much better than what I thought I wanted. Then she walked me through the process, showing me exactly how to do it. My disappointment soon turned to excitement at how much better it would work. Who cares how you get there, as long as you get there!

The third incident in that same week started when my horse Royal was acting up, tossing his head back and bucking as he went into the canter or gallop. Last time he threw such a fit, he broke my nose. Horse whisperer friends had helped some, but I was pretty fed up with his behavior. I let myself move up the scale from powerlessness, to anger, and then finally up to giving up: "I'll get another horse!" (I have another very steady, reliable horse, Tava, but Michael gets to ride her, since he's a beginner.)

Getting another horse didn't feel completely right, even though I was determined to have a change. I love Royal! Most solutions don't come in one giant leap. They're usually a chain of thoughts, feelings, synchronicities, and inspirations that lead to the result. So while I dreamed of  the nice relaxing rides I wanted, I let go and let The Divine do the heavy lifting.

Next day the inspiration came to call an animal communicator I know. She tapped right into Royal's needs. He had tightness in some deep musculature, and breaking into the canter hurt a bit. She did some long distance healing, and on our ride the next day, he did better... enough that I had renewed hope. Next session, she identified some "babyish" insecurity that made him throw a fit when we'd ride away from his mate, Tava. Alecia said to take control, cowgirl style, and be really firm with him, which I did. She showed me that there was a gift in it for me, to become a stronger leader. Sometimes "enlightened" isn't always all sweetness and light. Sometimes it's tough love.

Sitting out on the porch thinking back over the week, I mused that in each situation, I thought I knew what had to happen. But each time, a solution showed up that was so much better, and so completely different than what I expected. These are mundane examples, but it often happens with big things we ask for: relationships, financial needs, jobs, trips, health.

How many times have I thought someone else MUST change in order for something to work out? Imagine my surprise when my Large Self informed me that it was I who needed to change.

Whenever it seems I'm blocked, and can't get something done, or what I want just isn't happening despite all my efforts, it's a sure sign that Life is trying to spare me a mistake or lead me in a better direction.

If we can just get out of the way and let go of our mind's limited ideas, The Presence knows our true heart's desires, and our practical needs. If we can stay unattached, open, and willing to keep moving, the most delightful things can come. Easier, cheaper, more fun alternatives appear.

For me, inspirations come in the form of normal, mundane thoughts. There are no trumpets or angels. But when I follow them, magic happens.


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