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How To Maintain Your High And Not Go Back To Seeking

Advanced Article: When You Can No Longer Feel The Bliss

by Lola Jones

The Early Rush

When a plane is taking off or climbing fast, you feel extreme G forces push you against your seat, but once you're at a steady cruising altitude, you don't feel anything at all! You don't even feel like you're moving, although you're going five hundred miles per hour.

Once your enlightenment is under way, and you get used to flying this high with Divine Openings sometimes you won't feel the G forces you felt when you first "took off" into your awakening.

The drama of big emotion moving, followed by huge bliss and relief, gives you big feeling jolts, and actually can feel like there's "more going on." But with Divine Openings, you soon smooth out and things just flow. It may feel like there's not as much going on even though you're evolving much faster than ever, and there's a lot going on.

Enlightenment Feels Smooth

It helps to know this, because some people will go off chasing that old first high, and end up seeking again, and they're back in the spiritual rat race, back on the hamster wheel of seeking, unhappy again.

Back to sleep.

This Earth dimension is all about contrast.

The contrast of a new, higher vibration compared to how you were vibrating before Divine Openings can be enormous-- the G forces felt exhilarating as your vibration rocketed up. Many of us who let it in in a BIG way felt like our toe was in a light socket for quite some time. But for me, this all now feels "normal." People asked me if I felt the huge energy vortex in Ojai when I came here. I certainly feel good here, but I was already feeling good--I was already high--so this energy is on that same wavelength I was already on, so the contrast just wasn't there. It does feel like a vibrational match for me. I was up to speed with it when I got here.

Before Divine Openings, most are not accustomed to feeling like your Large Self feels, so at first it feels really high to you to feel that way. After a while you'll BE your Large Self most of the time, and it is literally "no big deal" anymore. You're literally up to speed with it.

Humans "habituate" to any feeling, ecstasy or pain.

That's why Masters are not all laughing and giddy all the time--that feeling is just ordinary. Bliss or peace doesn't always show on someone's face, although I have had strangers stop me, asking, "You exude peace, who are you and what do you DO?"

Once you're out of suffering and feeling pretty good most of the time, or especially in more full blown Mastery, the contrast between the "everyday you" and your Large Self you is much smaller. There's much less contrast in your life, period. It's there, and you feel it, but it's milder. The range is smaller.

The human nervous system is wired for contrast.

Everything is heightened for you by its opposite. I suggest you consciously create adventure so you don't have to create drama to get your contrast.

You WILL have new highs, and amazing new spiritual experiences, but not from chasing them. Someone dear to me recently experienced her deceased grandmother coming to her in the flesh. They were able to hug. She wasn't chasing highs, she was loving life, intending expansion, staying awake--just saying yes to everything--letting go more every day. The more you chase big experiences, the more they elude you, because by making NOW not good enough, and wanting to be somewhere else doing something else, you lower your vibration, and actually repel great experiences and expansions.

Those fabulous experiences happen from staying awake, living fully, laughing and crying (feeling everything,) releasing resistance, letting it be easier and easier, allowing the expansion, appreciating, loving, and loving life as it is, or challenging yourself in life.

Rather than chasing bliss, relax and let it happen.

How Not To Go Back To Seeking

With Divine Openings you're on the automatic upgrade program with Divine Openings. As long as you do your ten percent and stay awake, allow it, feel everything deeply, and stay in alignment with the ever-expanding energies best you can, you'll keep evolving automatically--forever--without working on yourself ever again.

The Presence (Life) does the other ninety percent.

Life evolves. We either go along with the new energies or resist. If you're not moving--take your foot off the brake. It isn't mysterious.

While still on the hamster wheel, conditioned to run after something and work hard at your development, it's hard to even imagine this ease and Grace, so people can fall into seeking and working, imagining there's some hidden secret out there.
If you start making where you are not good enough, right enough, or high enough, that's resistance to what is, and there the trouble starts.
You might think if you do more modalities, and work at your evolution, you'll go higher. Life says, "OK, whatever you wish, Master, your life is not good enough," and you're back on the hamster wheel, seeking.

If you start working on yourself again, or looking for ways to make feelings go away, or force metaphysical experiences, you put yourself back on the hamster wheel.

Make where you are perfect. Happy now, open for more. Because it is what it is, and with Divine Openingsall the information you need, you can know by looking at your life. Be willing to allow expansion by intention rather than work. Be willing to feel and see what you need to. That's all there is to do.

The Feeling Game

Feeling ever more deeply is your most important key to a smooth transition to the new energies. Feeling is your Instrument Panel as you navigate. Continuing to expand into greater feeling causes deeper intuition, more sensitivity to guidance, and enhanced ability to interpret it effectively.

Sometimes people want complicated esoteric answers, but the big truths are very simple, and those of you who've been just feeling instead of seeking "answers" are in a very good place.

Resisting feeling can lure people back to seeking, looking for that magic bullet that will make feelings go away, or remove contrast from your life forever (dream on).

Note: I never said Divine Openings would make feelings go away! We embrace, value, and accept them... and reclaim your power from them.

Your Instrument Panel needs to keep working so you know when you are and are not in alignment with your Divine Self. Even I sometimes have a feeling and think, "Oh this is awful. This should not be happening. I shouldn't still feel this." Then I remember to appreciate it. You absolutely can make peace with all feelings.

This game, from the Portal 1 Online Course, will help get you in the habit, with humor, of "letting it all be," and not making it wrong.

Play this fun game, just to practice appreciating every Instrument Panel reading for the valuable gift it is. Say them out loud one after the other:

"I feel frustration. Yay, frustration! Contrast guides and moves me."

"I feel bliss. Yay! Feelings are fleeting, so enjoy it now!"

"I feel confusion. Yes to confusion! I love it, it's moving!"

"Yahoo, I'm sad and embracing it. It's moving, because I'm not running from it."

"Wahoo, I'm bored. I say YES to boredom!"

"Yay, I'm angry.... no, even better, I'm enraged!!!!"

"Hallelujah, I'm tired. Yes to being tired! I'll lie down and BE tired."

"Wheeee, I'm terrified. All feelings are fleeting. This too shall pass."

"Oh, boy oh boy, I'm depressed. Wonderful! It's moving!"

"Alright!!! I'm annoyed! YES!"

"I'm overwhelmed and embracing it! Yes!!!"

And top it all off with:
"How cool! Now I know exactly where I am, and from here I can get anywhere by using my Instrument Panel!"

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