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It's Okay to Feel BAD!!!



Our all time #1 most popular newsletter article

 by Lola Jones

You can always count on a cowgirl guru to tell it to you straight.
I just have to say it...

It's okay to feel BAD!

The popular personal and spiritual development movement has given us the erroneous expectation that one day we'll get to a place where we never, ever again feel bad--that one day we can escape feelings and challenges, and all we'll hear is angels singing and birds chirping.

That will never happen--but not for the reasons you might think.
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The ability to value, use, read, and flow feelings fully turns out to be one of the major keys to the full flowering of your spiritual enlightenment, being financially successful, having great relationships, it’s key to everything. I regularly see it limiting the ascension of people who have done tons of spiritual "work" on themselves, even those who have had high flying spiritual experiences.

Here's an invaluable gem: talking about lower feelings doesn't usually move them on through you, it usually increases them, hopelessly tangling you in the story.

Good, spiritual people who can't pay their bills, who have health issues, conflicted relationships, depression, anxiety, fear about the world, and other challenges are amazed that once they learn to correctly interpret and fully flow feelings, it changes their life.

The "economy" doesn't affect you once you get this (you make your own economy). Relationships miraculously renew without a single discussion once you get this. Health improves once you get this.

Life gets great.

Really great.

"I've been working with Abraham - Hicks for 15 years, but have never been able to find my way into the freedom I longed for until Divine Openings. This is a new way of looking at the Law of Attraction, and not working on but transcending the negative mind merry-go-round." Marie

How to tell if you've already mastered feelings?

Look at your life! If every area of your life works beautifully, and with ease and Grace, not excessively hard work and toil, you've mastered it. Your happiness, fulfillment, relationships, prosperity, and well being are perfect mirrors of your stage of mastery. If everything’s not working perfectly, it’s still good news. You can use that information to get where you want to go, if you know how to use it.

Your spiritual awakening, and your bank account
have everything to do with your feelings.

Look at how you deal with feelings: do you love and appreciate and use them all? Or do you process endlessly trying to perfect or get rid of ones you don’t like? We know people are “there” when they tell us, “I love ALL feelings now. It's all valuable. It's all guiding me.”

With good intentions, many paths and modalities teach things that inhibit or slow your liberation:

  • Venting to a counselor or friend (sometimes for decades.)
  • Journalling about problems and feelings.
  • Trying to get to the place where all you have are good feelings (this is as silly as ripping the Instrument Panel out of your airplane and installing a meter that says your fuel level and altitude are always perfect.)
  • Analyzing feelings (getting stuck in the story about them) instead of just feeling them fully.
  • Looking for things to clear, fix, or heal, which never ends (ah, you've noticed this!)
  • Having a healer "heal your emotions or issues." It just makes you dependent on them. I mean, get help if you're about to leap out a ten-story window, but long term, don't you want to learn how to soothe yourself and tap into your deepest Divine resources? No one can do that for you.

The "spiritual bypass" has you fake that you don't feel something negative, put on a smiley face, or do a nice affirmation. Have you noticed how often those don't work? Divine Openings explains why. Or you might meditate to forget it temporarily, but then, darn it, it comes back.

With Divine Openings, you get very happy, free, and successful in the practical material world. This powerful Grace does 90% of the work for you, but yes, there are some things for you to unlearn. Yes, much of what we learned wasn't working. That's why you were seeking and found your way here.

We're not seeking anymore. (We get outside help occasionally.)

It's wonderful.

You've prayed, you've pleaded.
The Universe responded.
The only question is, "How quickly will YOU let it in?"

You'll reclaim the power you don't even realize is tied up--without years of processing. You'll actually get to happiness and enlightenment rapidly rather than seeking it forever. You'll be free to live in the now. You'll finally have the direct experience of what Eckhart Tolle is talking about rather than just reading about it.

You'll come to feel better than you've ever felt, more of the time.
But you'll still feel. You won't spiritual bypass lower feelings. You'll value them.

You'll have a whole new relationship to feelings, and you'll know how to make optimum use of every one of them.

  • You’ll learn to "bounce off of" unwanted feelings long before unwanted things (accidents, losses, health issues, problems) have a chance to materialize. If they do materialize you’ll know what to do to recreate that situation.
  • You'll stop wondering, "Why did THAT happen???"  You'll know why.
  • Your feelings will warn you long before unwanted things show up. More and more you'll know how to change course if you don’t like what you feel is coming.
  • Puzzling things from the past will suddenly make total sense.

Things quickly begin to get better in your life--and you don't have to work and work on yourself, do endless healing sessions and seminars, process ad nauseum, and struggle.  It's the end of all of that, and the beginning of joyful living instead. The reason you started seeking was to find joy, not to seek it forever-- remember? Remember???

Remind yourself: what did you want when you got on the spiritual path? How did you want to feel?

The Portal One online course along with Lola's foundational book, Things Are Going Great give you the complete owners manual for happiness and success in this life (not the next one.) Things you've wished you could be, do, and have -- are possible. You are on the way to practical enlightenment.

Yes, The Divine does the heavy lifting, but you do have to lift one little finger and click. You must use the Free Will you were given to say yes and let Divine Openings in. Or, hey, pick anything that actually works, but let it in

You've asked the Universe for this.

Here it is. Let it in. 

Dive in and get started NOW on a more amazing life.

PS – If you need to work up to letting it in, visit our site often. Sit in that field of resonance and let it work on you. But let me tell you plainly, you are not going to get to freedom and happiness by reading anyone's newsletter, and that includes ours.

Divine Openings will take you to Heaven on Earth very quickly, but your making a powerful decision and taking action is the only thing that can start the process.

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