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How To Navigate These Times

Divine Openings is very practical. It's not only about being blissed out or having spiritual experiences - it's about living a full and satisfying life. Didn't we get on the spiritual path to get peaceful and happy? And so, whether Divine Openings is new to you or you've been blessed by it for years, let's take a moment to focus powerfully.

Most people believe that it is important to accept "reality", to be tuned into what is going on in the outer world. So many believe that watching the media and keeping up with current events is necessary to know the things they need to know.

Now, some of you can look at outer reality and still keep strongly, clearly vibrating what you want enough to overpower that vibration of what you don't want. But as most people look at things they don't like, they get swamped in the emotional response to it. They begin to vibrate with it, and without meaning to, they align with that energy. Their attenton to it affects them emotionally, and the resulting charge on that "unwanted reality" gives that "reality" even more vibrational power, and more of that reality is created.

Most people simply can't give a lot of focus to a reality
they don't want, and still create what they do want.

I wrote a song collection called Watch Where You Point That Thing. It's a rousing inspirational romp about how you give energy to what you focus on, so you gotta watch where you point that thing. You attention and focus is a creative act. As you vibrate it, you create it. So watch where you point that thing. Watch what you give attention to.

Since it is so challenging to keep your vibration high while looking at awful things, I suggest to you, that until you become unshakable, that you turn your powerful attention away from things that bring your vibration down. Keep your focus, which is as powerful as a laser beam, on what you want. When Jesus said, "Turn the other cheek," it feels to me that it meant turn away from what you don't want, and turn your face in the direction you want to go. Turn your attention to what you do want. He was saying, "Don't bother pushing against what you don't want, or fighting what you don't want." What you resist persists.

Flip your attention from "Don't want this" to "Do want that". Notice how you feel and vibrate in each direction. Compare the contrasts of that. Which feels better? Which gives you peace of mind right here and right now? Focus on what you want rather than on what already is.

You may need to consciously flip a thousand thoughts per day until your mind is automatically trained to do this habitually, but this is important. My mind now automatically flips thoughts. They moment I experience something I don't want, my mind looks for the solution, for what I do want. And it comes quickly. Disrespect reality. Create reality rather than just being a consumer of pre-packaged reality.

Create reality rather than just being a
consumer of pre-packaged reality.

Ideally, here is what happens: we feel the discomfort of what we don't want, and then we reach even more passionately for relief, or a solution. For example, people feel the lack of money when the economy is slow. A fox feels more chilled as an ice age approaches. There is public outrage and concern about an oil spill.

The discomfort, the awareness of what isn't working, causes a powerful desire for relief, for something better. The Presence answers all those requests, and the solutions immediately begin to be offered. Those who get stuck complaining about the problem are just part of the problem. They're giving more reality to the problem. They will not only fail to help find a solution, they'll find similar things showing up everywhere in their lives.

Those who can stop focusing on the problem quickly, and start focusing on solutions, will more quickly be able to see the solutions. They are "letting the good in". Financial opportunities begin to form in the non-physical and then are soon experienced in the physical. Nature lets it in quite well, so the fox begins to grow a thicker coat. Nature always finds balance in the long run, and so she begins to handle the effects of the oil spill. Humans get a wake up call and begin to look more seriously for solutions about oil and alternative fuels.

This mechanism of discomfort, and response to it, actually works to move us forward, expand and evolve us. The completion of the solution may not happen instantly, but in this eternal universe, there is no mistake or fatal tragedy. Life goes on.

It is supposed to feel bad to feel limited. It's supposed to feel bad to be anything less than your powerful, Large Self. Whenever you feel less than powerful and uplifted, your Instrument Panel is surely guiding you, nudging you to move.

You Large Self is already waiting for you at the party you've requested to have. The food and drink and decorations are up. The how-to's for how to get to the better financial state are lined up. The thicker coat for the fox is lining up. The newer, better ways to find fuel and use it are lining up.

But until you get yourself to the party, there can be no party. You're the key element, the guest of honor. If you're the missing link, you're holding up the party.

So how do you get yourself to the party? You line up with the vibration of what you want rather than the vibration of what you see around you that feels so bad. Some things are supposed to feel bad, so that you'll want to expand, evolve, and get moving vibrationally. Then the physical will fill in to match your new vibration. But don't think about the end results unless you can stay relaxed about it. Focus on who you want to be and how you want to feel.

Important Points:

  • Don't make it wrong that things happen that feel bad. Can you see how it spurs evolution? Can you see that out of the American Depression came the most prosperity of any era in history? Can you see that oppression brings a desire for freedom? More people are free today than at any time in history. Kings used to rule everyone. Pollution brings a desire for clean water. Many rivers have been cleaned up due to that. Ecology and organic food are no longer fringe movements.
  • Mind your focus and your vibration first. It all begins at home with you. As you sit and focus on what you desire, you join the party, and The Presence does the heavy lifting. If you are moved to do something physical do it.
  • Take a long term view. Evolution sometimes takes a while. You are an eternal being. Step back, way back, from your Large Self view, and see that all is well from that perspective, even though you may be in the thick of a challenging adventure right now.
  • Change the way you feel about it. Then it doesn't matter that it takes a while to change the physical.
  • Think hopeful thoughts, even if they're tentative. "Things always get better. Grace is raining on us all. All I have to do is focus on letting it in, and stop taking score of what isn't here yet. All I have to do is rave about what good has already come to me, feel where I want to go, and put my powerful attention there. All I have to do is stay open and receptive to the answers that are offered."

A woman wondered how her life had taken a turn for the better, even back before she found Divine Openings and learned all of this. She'd been in an abusive relationship, and was very depressed. So she thought back to those days, and realized she'd often walk down the street and say to herself, "Anything can happen. I could run into someone today who could change it all. Something could happen that would change my life." She kept just enough hopeful vibration going, that one day, it did all change. She now lives in an idyllic setting on a tropical island, in a beautiful home, with a loving husband and kids.

If you're already doing Divine Openings, this is just a reminder.

If you haven't let it in, we invite you to do so now. So many of us are having no recession, no financial difficulty, are hopeful and happy, and are bringing a high vibration to the planet.

Oh, moving your body moves energy! We invite you to order and enjoy my music: Watch Where You Point That Thing and others. You might also enjoy this article: You're Manifesting ALL THE TIME!

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