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Divine Guidance Or Wishful Thinking?

Are "Signs" Reliable Guidance?

Sometimes. It gets tricky because there's our human interpretation involved. It depends on how clear you are and how advanced you are in your spirituality. A woman wrote me that she thought a man was "the one" because some amazing synchronicities occurred between them. Then he proceeded to evade her, confusing her and making her feel "betrayed" by the signs. A little spirituality can be just enough to get you in trouble.

A man friend of mine once thought that a string of absolutely astounding, miraculous synchronicities between us were "signs" that we were meant for each other. I interpreted them as signs we had a soul connection with profound significance (which turned out to be true) but I didn't feel romance. I even tried a few times to feel that, but it wasn't there for me.
Whenever money, romance, self esteem, or other high stakes are involved, the interpretation of your signs can easily get bent or slanted.
Signs are fun to receive, and yet they're "outer guidance." I prefer the inner kind. Outer signs need some inner backup. Becoming exquisitely fine tuned to how you feel is a much more reliable way to guide your choices and actions. Use your inborn Instrument Panel (how to's are thoroughly detailed in the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go and Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting by yours truly.)

Your feelings are your direct line to The Universal Intelligence, once you get your pipeline clear and understand how to read your Instrument Panel.

My interpretation was more accurate than my friend's, I believe because I was more in touch with my feelings and less "in my head" than he was. He made those signs fit his foregone conclusion rather than to feeling and exploring the very unusual spiritual relationship they heralded.
Guidance is usually moment by moment, step by step. Sometimes a sign just says, "Come this way," or "Don't go that way." That doesn't mean it's the final answer of answers and points to the end of your quest. Repeated visions of California may not mean to move there, it might just mean visit. Again, faulty interpretation can take you off track. It could just be a nudge to take one step in a particular direction, then the next bit of guidance could branch off, taking you down a completely different road. For example, you might meet someone on your visit to California who directs you to your dream job in Oregon.
People will say, "Take the leap of faith." Again, maybe. Check your instrument panel before you jump off the cliff! If your reading is "fear," and you leap anyway, you could splat. If your reading is "belief", you will fly. Raise your vibration until you get a reading that feels good before you take leaps of faith off very high cliffs.
Feelings never lie, although we may lie to ourselves about them. Here's what wishful thinking is: when you feel something in your gut, but you ignore your gut feeling and act counter to it. I always recommend believing your fantasies. Just make sure you really believe them, and that it's not just wishful thinking.

Next time you receive a "sign," ask yourself:

Is this open to misinterpretation?
Have I checked my Instrument Panel reading on it?
How do I feel about this? (What is my vibration on it?)
What do I need in order to raise my vibration on this subject, and so assure a positive outcome?

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