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Two Articles: 1. Don't Give - Overflow 2. It's Not Real!



Our readership is so varied, I decided to do two articles each issue, one more basic, and the other from a more advanced perspective. It can be rather annoying when your home is being foreclosed or your health is bad to hear that none of it is real, but at certain levels of evolution with Divine Openings, you will know that none of it is real and it will change!

So enjoy the parts you can use today. Wherever you are is good!

Don't Give -- Overflow!

When you are stable, happy, & prosperous, you give just by being.

Before you go about giving, get good at moving energy, get secure in who you are and where it all comes from. I don't mean in a theoretical kind of way. I don't mean "learn more metaphysical stuff". I mean KNOW who you are - get it, feel it, know it down to your toes. Then you can give with clarity.

Divine Openings leads you to KNOW and increasingly experience your unlimitedness, not just work on it or read about it. Some of you got there very quickly. (Different people do release resistance at different rates, and there's a new page where those who are still struggling, in any department of life, will find inspiration. People tell us it helped them a lot!)

When YOU are full, happy, secure, feeling good, in the flow that supplies all needs, ful-filled, then you naturally begin to overflow more .... and more. Giving from fullness and clarity is the easiest, most natural way to give.

Then people are uplifted just by being near you.

Some states of consciousness are NOT as productive for giving:

  • Giving to try to be a good person - This vibrates "I'm not a good person", so it will never give you the "I'm good" vibration you seek. Guess what? You ARE innately good, even if you don't give! Are you living the illusion that you are not God in physical form? You might want to stop that! (grin)
  • Giving to find favor with God - This demonstrates unworthiness and separation from God. Unworthiness is an invention of the human mind, and exists nowhere else in nature!
  • Giving to relieve guilt for having too much abundance - God doesn't judge you  for anything, although you or other humans might. Guilt is at the bottom of the Instrument Panel, so for that reason alone, move that guilt on out! The more prosperous and happy you become, the more you overflow that vibration to others around you.
  • Giving to try to fix or save someone, or the world - This is a razor's edge, and a complex subject that requires more than this newsletter can give. It's covered in depth in my book and in the Live and Online Courses. You can actually disempower people and perpetuate their victim vibration by saving them. Empower them, see their Large Self, and give them a way to help create what they need. When you're feeling "something is wrong or broken" or "you can't do it" you add to their helplessness.
  • Giving to meet someone else's standards, or because you're supposed to -
  • Do what feels right for you, in your own heart, instead.  

Give From Your Large Self:

Give from overflowing abundance and joy - Then giving is easy. (Sing "Summertiiiiime, And The Giving Is Easy"). This eventually comes naturally with Divine Openings. Keep raving, relaxing, & filling yourself up.

Empower the receiver and help them discover who they are. Then they don't need anyone to fix or save them. Tell them about Divine Openings, or send them the Divine Openings free ebook sampler.

Find your way to feeling better - Feeling better is first stage that comes from doing Divine Openings -- then the material manifestations naturally come as that better feeling out-pictures more and more into your physical reality over time. At a certain point it really begins to snowball.

Know that more always comes - This knowing also increases with Divine Openings, as the primitive, fearful, judging mind gets in the back seat and lets the Large Self fly the plane. It's the ultimate security. That can come in ten minutes from Divine Openings, or ten months, depending on your ability to let go. But it always works if you let it. There is no rush in this infinite Universe, but it is nice to get free as quickly as you can!

Be unattached - It comes back to you from many mysterious directions in addition to the ones you might expect.

Advanced Article: It's Not Real!

We can get caught up in the physical world and make it our god. "What," you might ask, "Make it our god???" Yes, whatever you make most important and give your power to becomes your god -- literally. If the physical world grips you and controls you, it's your god. If money grips you and controls you, it's your god. If fear of losing your lover grips you and controls you, he/she has become your god. If your health obsesses you, it's your god.

Interesting realization, yes?

The physical world can get so distracting and seem so real, it's easy to give it more power than is necessary. I'm a pragmatic person, and I'm here to play the physical game -- full out. I always pay my bills on time, walk around open manholes, and brush my teeth. I drive, ride a horse, take a plane, or walk to get from place to place (I don't teleport)... but the physical world is my creation and my playground, not my god.

Nothing in it is real in the ultimate sense, but the game requires that it seem real and operate as real. If it didn't seem real, it just wouldn't be the same game. It would lose it's passion, richness, and urgency. I've actually been out there where it's absolutely clear it's not real at all, and I've chosen  repeatedly to dive back in and play it as if it is real! That's what we came here from the non-physical for. It can get far easier, though, and you can break free from the constraints of "reality".

The ultimate giving back to Life is your overflowing of good vibrations. You are a veritable power plant of energy vibration -- energy emanates from you constantly. The only question is: what kind of energy is radiating from you?

Energy/light/intelligence is the only durable commodity in the Universe. All else passes away.

As you open, expand, and live more as your Large Self, you emit higher vibrations naturally, without trying or working at it. This creates a "reality" that is different from the reality others right next to you are experiencing. You may share a physical space with them, but your reality is as different as if you were living on another planet. You ARE living in another dimension. There are many realities. In my lifetime, I've experienced many realities. It seems like "many lives in this body", and looking back with bemusement now, the old ones are simply inconceivable to me.

Live more and more as your Large Self, and your energy shifts. Your past may still be back there, but you're not! You've en-lightened into a barely solid, vibrating assemblage of light. If your old karma did come to visit, you wouldn't be there. You've moved to a new address.

You don't have to worry about anyone else's energy or the world's energy. Align yourself with your Large Self and you are the master of your Universe. Health, love, money, joy, the ability to make a difference all fall into place over time. Generate the energy you want, deliberately, and your reality follows that flow.

It is a journey, not a destination...
but what else do you have to do for eternity?

All people, things, and events in the physical world, including your body, are merely creations of your Larger, unlimited aspect -- your God Self. Want more or different? There's an unlimited supply where that came from. This is one rich and generous Creator. There is no shortage of love, friendship, money, security, or anything when you know who you are.

If you'd like to explore farther out beyond "the old reality" and begin the process to get completely free from it, take the 5 Day Silent Retreat.

"Lola! Lola! Lola! It's now one month since my 5 day experience of preciousness and... Holy Guacamole, there is no real world! It's all made up! I am the Divine Presence that is creating it! I reclaim my spectacular, magnificent power now! While I had been doubting without, Grace has been doing within! Everyone and everything in my life is transforming and expanding in ways I could never have expected. What looked so dark turned out in a blink to be so very bright! Infinite Energy is busting out above and beyond the grid! There is nothing now but hope where there once was only desperation!" Yeeehaw, You know it! Gerrick (after the 5-Day Retreat)


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